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  • 1. Ages & Stages Questionnaires Cheryl Bulat

2. Basic Instructions 1. Did you message me with your age of thechild you will be observing and receive theAges & Stages for that age? 2. You will have to print off the document andfill it out and then scan it and send back or putit in my mailbox or send it through the mail. 3. Make sure to include a page where youhave written 3 next goals and activities thatyou would do with your child. 3. Scoring Sections 4. Summary Page 5. Summary Page 6. Summary Page 7. Next Developmental Activities For the last part of this assignment you needto add an extra page and pick 3 things thatyour child cannot completely do and figureout an activity that you could do with the childto help them complete that goal. Look at therubrics connected to this assignment. 8. Need Help Questions, call or email me!


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