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  1. 1. All You Need To Know About Cheaper Car InsuranceCheaper car insurance is an area of motoring that needs a great deal of attention.Car insurance is mandatory by law and travelling in a car without valid insurance is apunishable offence. Car insurance is meant to protect your vehicle from accidentaldamage and theft. You can claim insurance in circumstances like accidents, theftsand fires etc. How are cheaper car insurance companies helpful? In a nutshell,cheaper car insurances cover anything and everything related to your car. Forexample, if you hit a person on the road with your car, then the insurance companysettle the cost.There are two types of insurance, comprehensive and third party. Basically thirdparty only covers any other drivers involved in any accident because of your actions.This is a cheaper option but does not cover you or your car in the event of a seriousaccident. Comprehensive insurance protects your vehicle completely from certainaccidents, theft, and fire. It covers all risks in the Motor Vehicles Act plus any otherdamages caused to third partys by the vehicle.There are many cheap car insurance companies in the market. Many of thesecompanies come up with various discounts and provide cheaper insurance policies.When searching for cheaper car insurance you need to always read into policies asthese insurance providers oftern do not cover you fully with discounted deals. Makesure you get the best deals for the cheapest price available.Buying cheaper van insurance isnt easy, it depends on several key factors like themake and model of the car, price, where you stay and also where the vehicle is keptover night. If you have no previous claims and have been involved in no accidentsthat can bring your insurance premiums down in price as a discount to better drivers.Having no penalty points or driving convictions is like having bonus points in theworld of insurance, your monthly installments can be greatly reduced. Discounts varybetween different companies allthough most companies will reduce the price if youfall into that category.