amir hannan, ed jude, jean eades, richard fitton, quesir mahmood

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  • Amir Hannan, Ed Jude, Jean Eades, Richard Fitton, Quesir Mahmood

  • Identified our patient population and their management to dateIdentified staffs confidence with managing diabetes and potential interest5 sessionsEach session to last an hourHealth passports to be producedFolders for patients to help them look after their own healthICP also happening that the practice is a part of

  • Who are we going to target ?Severe complex patients at high risk of an eventPatients with impaired glucose tolerance

  • Create a patient-centred programme for.Develop an internet resource to support the programmeReview some of the material we have collectedCare plans orother more acceptable Intranet for staffInternet for patients and familiesHealth Passport for staff Research paper to describe what we do

  • When do we want / need to startWhat help is thereFrom pharma companyFrom Ed JudeFrom AmirFrom jean Eades(From Richard Fitton)What are we going to doWho is going to do itNext steps?Next meeting

  • Each session lasts about 1 hour 30 mins

    1st session (Ed Jude)Who are youWhat is diabetesHow many people can check their BP, weight, BMsWhat knowledge have they got alreadyCompliance and concordanceWhat are the targets we should achieveAre we asking the right questionsBring your own machine

    2nd session (Richard Fitton)What is wellness and health, illness, fitness, disease and deathPrevention, managing diabetes, reduce risk of complicationsHeart attacks, blindness, kidney disease, neuropathy, stroke, PVDDescribing where you want to be 10, 20 or 30 years from now and then plotting how to get there

    3rd Session (Jean Eades)Lifestyle changes what is it, what is available and costs nothing, PCT health improvement plans and help available, walking buses, getting off bus 1 stop early, parking car further awayLocal sports activities, clubs etcdietary advice, smoking, alcohol, drugs, getting the best from clinicians to help achieve these goals (doctors, nurses, pharmacists, podiatrists, others including extended family, friends, colleagues)

    4th session (Amir Hannan)Information is power, records, records access, role of IT to support lifestyle changes and monitor own healthWhat tools are needed to support lifestyle changes, improve concordance and get the best from your healthcareultimately help shape a healthier lifestyle,

    5th session (All of us)What was good, what was bad, do you want to know more about anything that we talked about or go over things that you would like to be remindedPresenting the data patients have measured and what they have achieved over the 5 monthsWhat are the next steps now and how to encourage others to start the programme

    Need to ask patients to do something alone and do something together, Assessments (key pad) give people tasks to doPre-confidence knowledge, skills and attitudes and then repeat post course

  • Give the programme a nameNeed a Mission StatementDetermine aims and objectives and resultsDetermine knowledge, skills, attitudes, practice and experience Pre-consultation validated test and then post testEach speaker to produce what they plan to do / raise, research to find out what they are going to doDetermine what patients should do before the session, during the session and afterwardsProduce a care plan with pictures for patients and showing what their targets should beConsider differences between IGT group and Diabetes groupPatient passport needs to be developedIntranet website with information for staff (consider for patients too)Determine monthly appointments starting in 3 months timeNeed to determine date of next meeting and one more prior to starting the session