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Sistema Seguro de Administração e Validação da Terapêutica/Medicação junto da cama do paciente Modular, substituível e Seguro, para qualquer necessidade no Circuito da Medicação.



    Safe medication administration at the patients bedside

  • The AMiS medication module: modular structure and also suitable for exchange with the pharmacy thanks to the removable concept.

    The medication module is the innovative solution for the safe

    administration of medication according to the closed-loop

    principle. In this way, the COW gains an additional function.

    Particularly on nursing wards, the combination of the COW with

    medication is an ideal solution and makes the big old medication

    trolleys redundant! The AMiS is compact and manoeuvrable and

    can be easily rolled up to the patients bed to work with and to

    administer the medication.

    Bins may be subdivided with different types of divider.

    Thanks to the AMiSs intelligent power supports, the medication module is simple to exchange.

    The medication module is available in various configurations. You determine the height, width and the number of bins for up to 20 patients.

    Closed Loop Medication: Safe administration of medication starts with the AMiSCorrect route

    AMiS supports various logistic processes for distributing and administering medica-tion. The medication module can be easily removed so that it can be returned to the central pharmacy for refilling. The distri-bution of medication in the AMiS with the medication module from department stock is one of the options. The medica-tion module can be flexibly divided and its automatic electronic security lock ensures that it is always safely locked during unsu-pervised moments, such as during trans-port and on the nursing ward.

    Right medication | Right dose

    Administration recording with barcode. The care provider initiates the administra-tion of the medication from an administra-tion work list that is presented on the dis-play. The care provider is logged in and scans the patient, opens the correct medi-cation bin and takes out the medication that corresponds to the planned time of administration. The medication is checked visually and by barcode for the correct composition and dose. The AMiS care sta-tion features technology, storage space and optimally supports the care provider in this process.

    Right patient | Right time

    A medication management system on the AMiS COW and AMiS medicine distribution trolley supports a safe medication proce-dure. The process starts with the medica-tion order that is entered into the AMiS by the doctor at the patients bedside. The pharmacy validates and deploys the order after which the administration procedure starts. As a medicine trolley, the AMiS is compact and manoeuvrable and can be rolled right up to the patients bed where the administration procedure can begin.

    Modular, exchangeable and safe medication issue

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    Innovative and user-friendly

    Auto-relock functionMedication is always behind lock and key with the smart auto-relock function. An adjustable timer locks the medication module automatically when inactive.

    Compact, large capacityThe medication module has a very large load capacity in an impres-sively compact box housing. The bins may be customised with interchangeable dividers. There is enough room for ordinary Baxter rolls.

    Hygienic in useIts rounded corners, smooth surfaces and the use of durable plastic make the medication module very easy to clean.

    Different bin typesWhen assembling a module, different types of bin are available. From a single patient bin up to a wide or double-height bin for medication as needed and phials.

    Different heightsThe medication module may be constructed in different storeys, with a minimum of one storey for four patients to a maximum of five storeys for 20 patients.

    Easily removableThanks to the AMiSs intelligent power supports and the handles on the sides and top, the medication module is ideal for exchange with the pharmacy.

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