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This is a slide I used at WordPress Meet-up in Bagnkok. It explains how WordPress and Plugins work together.


  • 1. an easy start guide for Plugin Development WordPress Meet-up! on 2014/05/29! in Bangkok, Thailand! by Shinichi Nishikawa

2. about Me (Shinichi Nishikawa)! Lived in Bangkok for half a year! themes plugin Building themes and plugins for customers! WordPress WordPress Events . I write blogs with WP, I write books of WP, I ran WP events 3. Challenge plugin I will try to explain how to make plugins as easy as possible.! Dont hesitate to ask questions any time!! presentation codes Presentation and codes online will be uploaded. 4. Menu plugin Plugin basic! WordPress How WordPress works! plugin WordPress How plugins work together with WordPress! plugin3 You will see 3 example plugins and understand them 5. After session plugin You can make a simple plugin! plugin You will know what plugins do! WordPress You will be more interested in WordPress core 6. Enquete WordPress Theme Anyone who can make WP Theme?! Plugin Anyone who can make WP Plugin?! php Who knows php? 7. plugin What is a plugin? 8. What is a plugin? Tool to extend WordPress functionality! Without changing Core codes! Over 30,000 plugins at 9. What do we need? 10. What do we need? a WordPress Get a clean install of a WordPress. 11. What do we need? php, html, css, js Plugins are written in php.! ! Many plugins have html & css.! ! Some plugins have Javascript. 12. php / basics variables! $a! $hubba! $posts functions! function my_func() { do_something(); } others! if! foreach! array 13. php / template tags the_title()! the_permalink()! the_date()! the_content() wp_title()! body_class()! get_post_thumbnail_id()! wp_nav_menu() 14. basic 15. wp-content/plugins/easy-plugin.php WPplugin. WP knows its a plugin. This comment is called plugin header. 16. wp-admin/plugins.php WP shows the plugin Plugin Name: comes here. 17. More Plugin Header