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The efficiency of ajax

Analyzing the efficiency of AjaxLiang

Evaluation criteriaBandwidth consumed for the entire taskTime spent waiting for data to be transmittedTime spent completing a particular taskTestingTesting environment A computer with a Intel Pentium M 1700MHZ CPU and 1000MB Memory running Windows XP SP2 as server machine, the client machine is similar. There is one wireless router between these two machines.Testing toolMicrosoft Web Application Stress ToolDynaTrace Ajax EditionSample applications

Socket StatisticsAjax version applicationTraditional applicationSocket connects812530Total Bytes Sent (in KB)386.11386.11Bytes Sent Rate (in KB/s)6.366.36Total Bytes Recv (in KB)1658.031658.03Bytes Recv Rate (in KB/s)27.3227.32Socket StatisticsAjax version applicationTraditional applicationSocket connects3216906Total Bytes Sent (in KB)1410.14648.53Bytes Sent Rate (in KB/s)22.9410.61Total Bytes Recv (in KB)1258.991591.33Bytes Recv Rate (in KB/s)20.4826.046 Ajax Traditional 1.80KB 3.13KB Ajax Traditional 0.39KB 1.76KBTime to first byte(in milliseconds)Ajax version applicationTraditional applicationAverage345.5132.26Min2.802.7725th Percentile212.453.7450th Percentile222.895.2875th Percentile358.2412.30Max12822.393056.93Time to last byte (in milliseconds)Ajax version applicationTraditional applicationAverage411.831679.15Min197.101224.9725th Percentile214.561468.3350th Percentile224.531494.2575th Percentile362.811706.01Max13878.916226.26Time to first byte(in milliseconds)Ajax version applicationTraditional applicationAverage282.6022.80Min5.612.8925th Percentile201.303.8850th Percentile216.895.7075th Percentile245.9314.61Max12822.393008.00Time to last byte (in milliseconds)Ajax version applicationTraditional applicationAverage1845.362909.70Min230.251340.8225th Percentile1471.192726.3550th Percentile1503.672776.8175th Percentile1770.072948.52Max9120.466331.80ApplicationAverage TTFB (ms)Average TTLB (ms)Average Transmission Time (ms)Ajax version application345.51411.8366.32Traditional application32.261679.151646.89ApplicationAverage TTFB (ms)Average TTLB (ms)Average Transmission Time (ms)Ajax version application282.601845.361562.76Traditional application22.802909.702886.90

Ajax may slow down the browserAjax enable us to fire request off excessively

Many JavaScript running time slowThe DOM operation is known to be slowMany other JavaScript is slower than Java/c#, and php.

Test result on Google Search

Another issue revealed by the experimentAjax enable us to fire request off excessively


Ajax reduced the number of data transmittedAjax saved the transmission time remarkablythe use of the Ajax should be on a case by case basisReferences

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