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  • Anaplan for Workforce Planning

    There’s a new way to work and plan Leverage the combined power of technology and people to make the most of natural connections that already exist in your organization.

    Connected Planning ensures that your strongest people use the best available data to make better- informed decisions.

    It’s Dynamic – Change as the world changes…or even faster

    It’s Collaborative – Involve all the right people in decisions – even your customers

    It’s Intelligent – Leverage internal and external data to unlock predictive insights

    Key Benefits • Ability to design forward-looking talent

    strategies that are aligned with business goals, present and future

    • Scenario planning and trade-off analysis based on various business drivers, market trends, talent needs, compliance requirements, and other factors

    • Equitable distribution of responsibilities, and collaborative decision-making, across HR, finance, and business units

    • Lower labor costs, better employee experiences, and improved business results


    With Anaplan integrated with its HR systems, this large telco now has granular visibility into the employment lifecycle of 8,500 people in 38 countries. Staffing plans for a three-year horizon are faster to make and consistent across the company.

    CHALLENGES Great workforce complexity, with 8,500 employees in 38 countries Staffing is the company’s largest single expense Only able to forecast staffing on one-year horizon

    RESULTS 100% visibility into staffing costs for all employees Faster, more accurate staffing plans Three-year staffing forecasts give visibility into long-term staffing costs “Anaplan helps us make better decisions that contribute to a healthy cost/revenue


    General Manager, Human Resources

    Workforce Planning with Anaplan enables professionals in human resources, finance, and the business to collaboratively build forward-looking strategies that drive the future of their organization.

    By seamlessly connecting these groups, organizations can identify the needs of the current workforce and the investment plans for the next. This alignment can lead to more impactful business outcomes, more agile decision-making, and better competitive advantages.

  • About Anaplan Anaplan is driving a new age of connected planning. Large and fast-growing organizations use Anaplan’s cloud platform in every business function to make informed decisions and drive faster, more effective planning processes. Anaplan also provides support, training, and planning transformation advisory services. To learn more, visit

    Key Features

    Talent Strategy and Planning • Connect annual operating plans, and forecast

    skillset needs across the enterprise • Understand trends in talent requirements,

    sourcing and compensation • Proactively create competitive strategies for

    recruitment • Build dynamic plans to adapt quickly

    Organization Structure and Locations • Optimize structure of organization, including

    capabilities, capacities, and spans of controls • Identify talent-driven strategic locations • Evaluate trade-offs for employee hiring and

    development plans

    Cost and Quality of Hire • Accurately estimate total cost of acquisition,

    including agencies, marketing, and overhead • Identify profiles of top talent, sourcing

    locations, recruiters, processes, and more • Utilize insights in preparing recruiting

    schedule, capacity and plans

    Modeling and “What-if” Scenarios • Create “what-if” scenarios to assess potential

    changes or competitive situations • Optimize plans and instantly view the effects • Measure potential changes before rolling out

    Planning at Scale, Enterprise-grade scale with a cloud native platform and patented in-memory Hyperblock™ engine.

    Voice to Your Data, One location for all of your planning data that is trusted, connected, and the latest.

    Runs Your Business, Unmatched flexibility to model any scenario for the business and by the business.

    A Team Sport, Engaging, collaborative, and actionable user experience.

    Safeguarding Your Present and Future Robust protection through: user access, identity management, and data encryption.

    Your Competitive Advantage Embedded intelligence and optimization to drive insights that matter.

    Key features of the Anaplan platform

    Risk Modeling and Mitigation • Predict attrition, identify risk areas, and

    analyze the impact on the business • Design preemptive incentive programs for

    targeted retention • Identify skill gaps, critical roles and top talent • Create reskilling, succession, and

    personalized development plans

    Diversity & Inclusion • Track and report on diversity KPIs by gender,

    ethnicity, pay parity, and other demographic attributes

    • Create plans to improve employee experiences aligned with workplace goals

    Workforce Mix Optimization • Optimize resource plans across different

    drivers, including profitability, resource availability, and strategic priorities

    • Evaluate and model a multitude of employee types, including exempt, non-exempt, flexible, contingent, and more

    Collaboration and “what if” analysis • Integrate various HRIS, Talent, ATS, CRM,

    and ERP systems with available connectors • Provide a single shared source of information,

    eliminating version control issues

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