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Where in the World is Cinderella?

By Ms. Angel Petersons ClassWhere in the World is Cinderella?

Jeremy Wells (JW) - Students Favorite Fact:

That the name Cinderella mean Little Cinder Girl and that its about a girl the escapes to marry a prince .The kids were happy they got to watch the movie after learning so much.

What would happen if another character told the story of Cinderella?

The students decided they really likedthe way the story was told and the one other person they wanted to hear the story from was the Prince.


What would happen in a modern Cinderella story ?Would she live in a castle?

Would a Prince come sweep her off her feet ?

Do you believe in Fairytales?

What are some of the personalities portrayed in this fairytales and who are the main characters?The class believed that the attitudes of the characters is what makes the story so fun.

What did we LeaRN?

That goodPeople have good things happen to them.That its good to work hard and Be prepared good things will come.Although the girls In the class already Believed in happilyEver after the boys Now believe too.

The End