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2. INTRODUCTION 3. Problem statement:Prelims: Shoot the balls through the rings.Knock out :Collapse the shown structures. The structures will be similar as shown in the figure.Grand Finale:Collapse structures so that eggs are not broken which are placed alongside. If eggs are broken penalty points will be awarded. 4. PRELIMSRULES AND REGULATIONS: a. Rings of different diameters b. BOT Should not CROSS marked line c. Time limit2 minutes d. One ball should be projected at once. e. A total of 16 teams are selected for the knock out on the basis oftheir points. f. No. of balls passing through the same ring shouldnt exceed three. 5. Maximum height of stand = 100cms , minimum range of shooting =115cms, Rings of variable diameters. 6. KNOCK OUT ROUND RULES AND REGULATIONS:-a.Limited time is given with limited no. of balls.b.Bot shouldnt cross the marked line.c.Team will be penalised for breaking eggs.d.4 teams are selected for the finals on the basis of their points.Similar Rules apply in the Final Round 7. KNOCK OUTLength = 250cms,breadth = 30cms,height = 100 cms.. 8. GRAND FINALELength = 250cms,breadth = 30cms,height = 100 cms.. 9. DIMENSIONS & FABRICATIONS The bot should be fit in 20x20x30 (lxbxh)(cms) at any point ofevent,which will be checked before event. The potential difference between any two points in the bot shouldnot exceed 12 V and battery must be on board. Size of the ball will be as of the Standard table tennis ball(approxdiameter = 40 mm). The machine shouldnt exceed 5kg of weight. The structures are made up of light weight hollow boxes 10. General rules: Violation in any of the given rules will lead to disqualification. A team may consist of maximum 4 participants. The event is open to all colleges in india and there is norestriction on the number of teams from any given college. The event organizers reserve the right to make modificationsto any rules if necessary and their decision in any situation isfinal and binding to all.