anicipating difficult endotracheal intubation-xray soft tissue neck a valuable guide

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  1. 1. Anticipating Difficult Airway-X Ray Soft tissue Neck (A Reliable Guide) Dr Shrikant Phatak Head of ENT Department Choithram Hospital & Research Center Indore
  2. 2. Anticipating Difficult Airway-X Ray Soft tissue Neck (A Reliable Guide) ENT surgeon & Anesthetists share a common airway X-Ray ST neck A-P & Lateral views provides a reliable guideline to anticipate intubation & post extubation difficulties.
  3. 3. Subcutaneous Air Obscuring Landmarks Surgical emphysema Surgical emphysema
  4. 4. Thyroid Swelling Shifting Of Airway Patent Airway In spite of Shift
  5. 5. Epiglottic cyst
  6. 6. Epiglottic Mass Obscuring Airway
  7. 7. Mass Aryepiglottic Fold
  8. 8. Stenotic Narrowing Supraglottic Narrowing Subglottic stenosis
  9. 9. Stenotic Narrowing Narrow Trachea Narrow Trachea
  10. 10. Supraglottic Mass Obscuring Airway
  11. 11. Supraglottic Mass Obscuring Airway
  12. 12. Retropharyngeal Abscess A-V Malformation
  13. 13. Retropharyngeal Widening Retropharyngeal Widening
  14. 14. Abnormalities of Cervical Spine Block Vertebra Ankylosing Spondylitis
  15. 15. Discaimer The information contained in the presentation is based on the personal experience and cases collected at Choithram Hospital Indore over the last 20 years. It is intended for the use of Medical students Anesthesia & ENT post graduates. The views expressed are purely on personal opinion. viewers can make their own opinion. For any confusion please contact sole author. Everybody is allowed to copy or download the material best suited to him. I am not responsible for any controversies arising out of the presentation. For any suggestions or corrections you may please contact
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