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Presentation given at Apache CloudStack Collab Conference 12 on Properly Monitoring CloudStack


  • 1. Transforming IT Operations Apache CloudStack Collab ConferenceFloyd StrimlingVP CommunityNovember 30, 20121

2. Agenda Introduction, Whats a Zenoss? Clouds Effect on IT Operations / Monitoring Monitoring Today Zenoss Basics Brief Demonstration Questions and Answers2 3. FLOYD STRIMLINGVICE PRESIDENT COMMUNITY Email: floyd@zenoss.com Twitter: @platenreport Blog:http://blog.zenoss.comhttp://platenreport.com3 4. Zenoss at a Glance Transforming IT Operations Founders lived the pain of legacy platforms at pioneering cloud providers New approach to both technology and business Leading Commercial Open Source Player in Category Large Global Footprint: 2.5M Downloads, 30K Organizations, 175 CountriesCool Vendor in Large Active Community: 100K MembersIT Operations 2010 Rapid Innovation & Lower Costs Fastest Growing Enterprise Management Software Company 2010 and 2011 Inc 500 2011 #22 on Deloitte Fast 500 Growth across key segments: Enterprise, Web, Federal, SMB, Service Provider Most Widely Adopted Cloud Management Console Largest install-base of any cloud-capable management product in the market Unifies physical, virtual & cloud monitoring Enables public, private and hybrid cloud scenarios Best Monitoring Tool Strong Business & Team for the Cloud Rapid growth with new customer acquisition and retention Annapolis, MD & Austin, TX & San Jose, CA4 5. What is Agility? The power of moving quickly and easily;nimbleness: exercises demanding agility~Dictionary.comIn preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable. ~Dwight Eisenhower5 6. What is Chaos? A state of utter confusion or disorder; atotal lack of organization or order.~Dictionary.comChaos is a name for any order that produces confusion in ourminds. ~George Santayana (Philosopher)6 7. What is Cloud?+Image Credit: Image Credit: MrFourFingers.comAllAboutDogsandCats.com7 8. Whats The Effect on IT Operations ? Image Credit:proliberty.com/observer/20090704.htm8 9. A WORD FROM THE ANALYSTS9 10. Complexity AccelerantsSource: Forrester Research, Inc. 1010 11. Whats The Effect on IT Operations ?Source: Gartner11 12. IT Infrastructure Stack Cisco UCS-MM anagement VMware vCenter HypervisorsVirtualization Nexus 1000v Cisco UCSCompute Fabric Interconnect Cisco ASR, Nexus N etwork & Security 7000 Cisco ACE, ASA Cisco MDS Storage N etworking EMC, NetAppStorage Others12 13. Journey to the CloudCloudConverged InfrastructureVirtualization13 14. MONITORING TODAY14 15. The Reality TimelineDatabase ApplicationStorage ServerN etwork15 16. The Reality TimelineDatabase ApplicationStorage ServerN etwork16 17. The Reality Timeline VirtualizationDatabase Application StorageServer N etwork SDN17 18. The Reality Timeline VirtualizationDatabase Application StorageServer N etwork SDN18 19. The Reality Timeline VirtualizationVDIDatabaseSynth Trans Application StorageZFS,CephServer Q oS N etwork SDN19 20. The Reality Timeline VirtualizationVDIDatabaseSynth Trans Application StorageZFS,CephServer Q oS N etwork SDN20 21. The Reality Timeline Virtualization VDIDatabaseSynth Trans Application StorageZFS,CephServer Q oS N etwork SDNCloud/Programmable Data CenterImage: http://www.mediabistro.com/fishbowldc/kurtz-hammers-fncs-hemmer-on-fair-balanced_b1996021 22. FrankenMonitor22 23. Single Pane of GlassImage Source: http://www.freeimageslive.co.uk/free_stock_image/shatteredglass2950jpg23 24. Its All About Perspective Image Credit: eyetricks.com24 25. The Anatomy of a New IT Ops PlatformAnalytics AutomatonService Construct Dynamic Model Integration Legacy Eventing Elemental ConstructCollection25 26. ZENOSS BASICS26 27. Zenoss: The BasicsLinuxRed Hat, CentOSStay TunedMySQLZopeRRDEvents Model Performance27 27 28. Zenoss Core 4 ArchitectureWeb CLI MobileUnified Presentation Layer Common MessagingPlatformService CatalogIntegration ProvisioningZenoss Core 4REST AMQP CMDB JSON Orchestration Service Desk ResourceCollectionDiscovery & Collection Notification &BillingModelModelingCollectionControl Other ManagersCommonMetricsExtensibility Framework"ZenPack"Agentless Multi-protocol SNMP WMI TCP SSH WIN-RPC JMX ICMP HTTP REST SMTP/POP SOAP WEBMSMS ODBC CloudStack OpenStackCloud Foundry28 29. DEMO29 30. Where to Get Zenoss?CORE Software http://community.zenoss.org http://wiki.zenoss.orgAdditional ZenPacks http://gitub.com/zenoss30 31. Things to Think About Rationalize current IT operations tools Success vs. unsuccessful vs. failure Cross domain involvement IT, Customer, Executives Beware of vendor lock-In Open vs. Closed or Open Source vs. Proprietary Past, present, and future Static, Dynamic, Cloud, ? People, process, and tools What are you and/or the customer looking to solve? Be open to new paradigms Test and verify31 32. THANK YOU QUESTIONS & ANSWERS Email: floyd@zenoss.com Twitter: @platenreport Slides Available: http://slideshare.net/zenoss32