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CloudStack European User Group24 November 2016Giles SirettChairman, CSEUGGiles.sirett@shapeblue.comGiles@Apache.orgTwitter: @gilesSirett


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Introduction & CloudStack news roundup, Giles Sirett (13:30-14:00)The Digital Possible: The digital platform evolution, Maurice Nettesheim (14:00-14:30)Building an Infrastructure as a Service for Voice platform, Len Bellemore & Tulio de Souza.(14:30-15:00)BREAK 15:00-15:30:00The Hitch-Hikers Guide To CI/CD in Cloudstack, Paul Angus(15:30-16:00)Fast, automated landscape provisioning based on CloudStack, Ingo Jochim & Andre Walter (16:30-17:00)17:00 onwards - drink in pub for questions !

Todays Agenda

Collaborative environment for: all things CloudStackRelated tech: ecosystem products, hypervisors, storage, etcTechnical deep-dives, issues & best practiceCase studies & ideasTo showcase complementary technologiesNo pitching !Membership database on LinkedInThe aims of this group

How we fit inApache CloudStack ProjectDevelopment, Governance & decisionsCSEUUGCloudstack Silicon valley UGCloudStack India UGCloudStack NYCCloudStack Brasil UGCloudstack Japan UG

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CloudStack news

Recent ReleasesReleaseDate4.929 July4.9.0.124 Oct4.8.115 AugCloudmonkey 5.3.320 Nov

Out-of-band power management of hosts through IPMI, iLO, DRACUser defined security rolesEnhancements to CloudStack networking model including deeper integration with Nuage VSP SDNMore than 180 minor enhancements and issues fixedBase branch for LTS release 31 Dec 4.9 Release

Support for shell historySort auto-completion suggestion based on namesImprove CSV output and error handling

Cloudmonkey 5.3.3

In progress4.10.0.0 (December 2016)System VMs on Managed StorageBackup of Snapshots to Managed StorageVMware Nested VirtualizationImprovements to the virtual router

In progress4.11.0.0 (February 2017)Robust, generic high availability serviceKVM Host HA with IPMI-based Recovery and FencingvSphere 6.0 and 6.5 support*XenServer 7 support*

Hypervisor supportIn 4.9.x LTS and 4.11vSphere 6.0 and 6.5 SupportXenServer 7 Support

Cloudstack collab

Google Cloudstack montreal for videos

EUUG Berlin

Huge effort in increasing automated test suiteNow automated build & test pipelineMoving towards distributed testing

Community activity


Ecosystem news

Cloudstack Container Service open-sourced last weekWill move under Apache governance

Cloudstack container service

Based on the model offered by Google and AWSCaaS offering within existing IaaS environmentsNo disruption to user experience or businessUsers deploy and orchestrate containers within their IaaS infrastructureUsers pay for the underlying VMs / infra.

Built on established technologiesApache CloudStackKubernetesCoreOS

Cloudstack container service

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UI/API Plugin functionality for CloudstackOrchestrates the deployment of Kubernetes within VM clusters to manage containersCreates secure access to theKubernetes endpoint and dashboardAllows pass-through to kubernetes environment for toolingActs as a control plane

Cloudstack container service$ kubectl config view # Show Merged kubeconfig settings.

# use multiple kubeconfig files at the same time and view merged config$ KUBECONFIG=~/.kube/config:~/.kube/kubconfig2 kubectl config view

# Get the password for the e2e user$ kubectl config view -o jsonpath='{.users[?( == "e2e")].user.password}'

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New APIscreateContainerClustername : name of the clusterdescriptionzoneId: zone in which cluster to be launched. zone to be of 'advanced' zonenetworkId: network of 'shared' typenodeCount: number of node instances in the cluster used for launching the containersserviceOfferingId: uuid of the computer offering that shall be used for launching nodes, and master k8s VMstemplateId: UUID of the template for creating the VMs


deleteContainerClusterid: UUID of the cluster to be deleted

CCS components

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Uses Docker engine by default but can choose rkt by CoreOSUsers can choose the container networking solution they want, the current default is flannel


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Currently implemented K8S, but framework can be used for other cluster based platforms in the future:



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CloudStack container Service

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The Digital Possible: The digital platform evolution Maurice Nettesheim

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Our sponsors: BT, ShapeBlue ,Steve, Neil & KuldipMaurice, Len, Tulio , Paul, Ingo, And now..Thanks