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  • 1. CloudStack Meetup! Hyderabad Chapter Speakers: Sadhu, Talluri, Jayapal and Kishan

2. Agenda Whats a Cloud? Introduction to CloudStack CloudStack Networking Community Involvement Q&A Announcements 3. Whats a Cloud? ON demand providing Any Thing(resource) As A Service. Cloud computing has a variety of characteristics On Demand Self-service Shared Infrastructure Rapid elasticity Broad Network Access(desktops,laptops) Measure Service 4. Cloud Computing/Service models 5. Types of Clouds 6. Introduction to CloudStack - SrikanteswaraRao Talluri Email: talluri@apache.org 7. Turnkey open source orchestration platform for delivering IAAS clouds Can be used for private/public/hybrid cloud What is CloudStack? 8. CloudStack Highlights Hypervisor agnostic Secure, Multi tenant Network-as-a-Service Built for large scale Highly available Choice of interfaces Web UI, command line, REST-based API an API that's compatible with AWS EC2 and S3 9. A Very Flexible IaaS Platform Network Network Type Isolation Load balancer Firewall VPN Network & Network Services Storage Local Disk iSCSI NFS Fiber Channel Swift Block & Object Compute XenServ er VMware KVM Oracle VM Bare metal Hypervisor Primary Storage Secondary Storage 10. IaaS 11. CloudStack Infrastructure Overview Zone Pod Secondary Storage MySQL Cloud DB Management Server 12. What can you do with CloudStack? Create, start & stop virtual machines Create virtual machines from templates Create networks and various network services like firewalling, load balancing, static NAT, VPNs and auto scaling Create/Manage Domains, Accounts and users for Tenants 13. CloudStack UI-Login Screen 14. CloudStack UI-Dashboard 15. CloudStack UI-Infrastructure view 16. CloudStack UI-Infrastructure view 17. CloudStack UI-Instances tab 18. Creating Virtual Machines via offerings 19. CloudStack End User UI Admin UI MySQ L CloudStack Clustered CloudStack Management Server Domai n Admin UI CS Admin & End-user API Cloud user {ec2 API client } ec2 API CS API vSphere Cluster Primary Storage vcenter XS Cluster Primary Storage XAPI KVM Cluster Primary StorageJSON NetConf Nitro API Juniper SRX Netscaler Console Proxy VM Console Proxy VM JSON Cloud user HTTPSAjax Console VNC Sec. Storage VM NFS Server NFSSec. Storage VM HTTP (Template Download) HTTP (Template Copy) HTTP (Swift) NFS Router VM Router VM Router VM JSON {Proxied} SSH Cloud Interactions 20. CloudStack Networking Understanding basics of CloudStack networking -Jayapal Reddy Uradi Email: jayapal@apache.org 21. CloudStack network types Isolated networks, VPC Adv zone Shared networks Basic/Adv zone For understanding consider Adv zone isolated network 22. Physical NW vs CloudStack NW Router/Firewall device - LAN interfaces - WAN interfaces Virtual router - Guest interface - Public interface(s) - Control interface 23. CloudStack Network with VR 24. Networking in Hypervisor vm vm VR VswitchGuest Vswitch Pub PIF 25. CloudStack Network VR and VMs network connectivity Guest network subnet, vlan isolation Public ip addresses Hypervisor PIF connects to public network. 26. Virtual Router VR is debian linux based VM which act as router and firewall VR networking is linux based implementation Cloudstack programs necessary configuration into VR 27. CloudStack network CloudStack offers network as a service. User can select Network providers for the network services 28. Network services Firewall, Source NAT PF, Static NAT and LB VPN etc Network offering - create offering for the network by selecting services and providers - create network using the offering 29. Network offering 30. Demo Creating network and launching VM in network 31. Community Involvement & How to contribute ? Apache Community is about individual developers/Engineers like you! Its not just about code! As Community Member you can engage in Discussions: Design, Use Case, deployment issues Bug reporting, feature requests Code reviews Build, tools, infrastructure Helping out on the IRC Documentation Submit bug fixes, feature 32. Community Involvement & How to contribute ? Project Website http://cloudstack.apache.org/ Mailing Lists http://cloudstack.apache.org/mailing-lists.html To join the users mailing list email users- subscribe@cloudstack.apache.org. To join the dev mailing list email dev- subscribe@cloudstack.apache.org. You can contribute! http://cloudstack.apache.org/contribute.html 33. Next Meetup? Looking at a Tentative date of May 8th Venue : ? Topic: ? We have a CloudStack Evangelist in Hyd 34. Sebastien Goasguen Apache CloudStack committer and member of the CloudStack Project Management Committee (PMC) 15 years of experience in distributed systems, virtualization and scientific computing Cloud Computing Evangelist in the Open Source Office at Citrix Coordinates Google Summer of Code projects in CloudStack