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  • Asma has extensive experience and qualifica-

    tions. Her BA Arabic from Hashemite Universi-

    ty, Amman, Jordan was impressive: the top

    grade in her final year and a place on the hon-

    ours boards of the university. Since then she

    has enjoyed wide experience, teaching at the

    United Nations School, Amman, before moving

    to Abu Dhabi, where she has taught in various

    schools across the curriculums. Her most re-

    cent post, a four year stint at British Interna-

    tional School Abu Dhabi, has seen her promoted

    to Arabic B Co-ordinator, and she has taught

    across the age ranges. Asma has an enviable

    track record of courses attended, and she loves

    to engage in creative teaching methods, reflec-

    tive of the very latest teaching and learning

    strategies available within the British curricu-


    Asma writes: My name is Asma Zabin. I was

    born and raised in Jordan. I hold a bachelor de-

    gree in Arabic language from the Hashemite

    University in Jordan. Besides being a native

    speaker of Arabic I have also acquired excellent

    teaching skills through extensive University

    study from an outstanding university. I have

    worked for two years with the United Nations

    schools in Jordan and four years with Taleem

    Schools in UAE and lately I have worked with

    Nord Anglia schools for three years. I am an ex-

    aminer for Higher Level Arabic for the Interna-

    tional Baccalaureate Diploma course.

    English has always been one of my strong skills,

    and this enables me to teach further subjects

    such as Special Arabic and Special Islamic


    Communicating with students and helping

    them with their problems is a talent which I

    have developed through experience; it was also

    Asma Zabin Arabic Teacher

    an area of special focus during my stud-

    ies at the university.

    I am married and have two daughters

    and one son. My daughters are two flow-

    ers in my life and my little boy is very

    funny and smart. My family brings hap-

    piness to me and to my life. My favourite

    hobbies are reading, swimming and trav-

    elling. I dream of travelling around the

    world. I am looking forward to spread-

    ing the Arabic language all around the

    word and celebrate it everywhere.

    I am very excited about joining Cranleigh

    School because I know that Cranleigh

    School in England has a world wide-

    reputation for excellence. I want to play

    my part in ensuring that Cranleigh

    School, Abu Dhabi soon enjoys a similar


    Arabic & Islamic Studies

  • Married, with four sons, Eman was born and

    grew up in Amman in Jordan and graduated

    from the University of Jordan, with BA in Art

    and Literature specializing in Islamic Studies

    and English language. She has worked in both

    Amman and in Abu Dhabi and is joining us from

    Al Yasmina. Outside of the classroom, Eman

    has taken a leading role organising events such

    as National Day, which is thoroughly enjoys.

    Eman writes: For the last four years I have

    worked in Al Yasmina School one of Aldar

    Academies as a teacher of Arabic language as a

    second language and an Islamic studies teach-

    er . I was an ACTL and got a promotion to be-

    come a head of Arabic Department and Curric-

    ulum Team Leader for Arabic , Islamic and So-

    cial Studies . I have a long and rich experience

    which I am enthusiastic to share with my col-

    leagues at Cranleigh, I feel proud that I could

    take the Muslim children to the deepest of the

    Islamic values and ethics .

    I taught Arabic for non- natives which I enjoyed

    very much and could make it as fun as I could

    aiming to make non- native students able to

    communicate in Arabic language regardless to

    their mother tongue language or the time they

    spent in the UAE, and I am an Arabic GCSE ex-

    aminations conductor .

    My flexibility, self -confidence, and being open-

    minded are my best qualities that make every-

    body feel happy to work with me.

    Eman Al Zubaidi Arabic Teacher

    Due to my long experience and attending

    professional development courses and

    the tests that I did with excellent results

    like Cambridge TKT tests, I have ac-

    quired many new teaching skills which

    made me updated with new teaching


    Living in Abu Dhabi for long time and

    playing the leading role in arranging the

    celebrations of the National Day in dif-

    ferent schools made me understandable

    of the Emirati culture and very apprecia-

    tive of this rich culture and very enthusi-

    astic to pass it to my students.

    I like to spend my free time sewing,

    reading, baking and cooking, travelling,

    playing table tennis and chess. The most

    interesting thing for me is visiting differ-

    ent countries with different cultures

    such as Malaysia and Thailand in the east

    to Italy in the west and some other coun-

    tries like Turkey with its rich cultural

    sites and most of the Arab countries .I

    feel this fulfill my openness to the other

    cultures which makes my enjoy working

    in a school like Cranleigh where children

    come from different and diverse back-


  • Ghazwa graduated in 1992 with a Bachelor of

    Education majoring in Arabic Language and Lit-

    erature from the University of Balamand in

    Lebanon. Highly experienced, Ghazwa has

    been teaching for 15 years in the UAE and will

    be joining us from The British School of Al Khu-

    bairat where she has been teaching Arabic

    across both Primary and Secondary ages.

    Ghazwa writes: My work experience includes

    teaching at Cert Higher College of Technology,

    Khobairat School, Abu Dhabi International

    School, and Rawafed School. My teaching duties

    include teaching Arabic as a first of as an addi-

    tional language to students ranging from grade

    7 to grade 12.

    Watching children and youth develop socially

    and academically has been the highlight of my

    teaching career. I am forever amazed with the

    many different learning styles that my students

    have. Knowing that their learning style is differ-

    ent than mine. I learned that by changing my

    teaching style to meet their needs, I was able to

    help them develop to their full potential.

    My best lessons in writing were the ones where

    I co- constructed criterion for assessments with

    my students. They were able to take many risks

    and wrote with fluency.

    I enjoy travelling the world and being intro-

    duced to many different cultures. Reading and

    writing poetry has been a passion of mine for

    many years.

    Ghazwa El Kadamani- Arabic Teacher

    I am very excited to widen my scope of

    teaching experience, and to continue to

    develop professionally by using the most

    updated technology that will enhance

    the quality of teaching performance at

    Cranleigh School. I feel that this new

    endeavor will enrich my teaching experi-

    ence. I am also looking forward to meet

    many inspiring students, teachers and

    most importantly community members.

  • Mai has a degree in Arabic and Islamic Studies teaching from Al Hosn Univerity. She has expe-rience in private as well as school related teach-ing within a local Abu Dhabi setting and her charming demeanour has established her very quickly within the Cranleigh community. Mai writes:

    Hello, my name is Mai Abdullah. I am 22 years old and from Jordan. I was born here in Abu Dhabi and have always lived here with my fam-ily. I went to Al Manhal Private School and I graduated from Al Hosn University where I ob-tained a Bachelors degree in Elementary School Education. Previously I worked as both an Ara-bic and Islamic Studies teacher at Deiyafah School in Abu Dhabi.

    I have always been passionate about teaching Arabic and Islamic Studies and I enjoy working with children and opening their eyes to differ-ent cultural experiences. In my spare time I like to go swimming at the beach, watching movies, reading news, go for camping trips, fishing and cooking. I especially enjoy making cakes and deserts.

    I am very excited about joining the Cranleigh family. I am hoping that in return for my hard work I will gain valuable and enjoyable experi-

    Mai Mahmoud Abu Ghoush Islamic Studies

    ences and will become an even better teacher in the future. I am also very ex-cited about being part of the Saadiyat community and witnessing the develop-ment of this incredible island.

  • Nahed is passionate about providing education to

    the highest possible standards using a stimulat-

    ing and exciting curriculum. She has worked

    hard to make her teaching up to date and in line

    with the latest methodologies. Having qualified

    with a BA in Arabic from Hashermite University,

    Jordan, she has since completed her MA Educa-

    tion (in Teaching and Learning) from Liverpool

    Hope University. This commitment to excellence

    in the classroom has seen her enjoy a highly suc-

    cessful career in schools within Jordan and the

    UAE, most recently at the British International

    School Abu Dhabi, where she is Arabic B Co-


    Nahed writes: My name is Nahed Tuffaha, born

    and raised in Amman, Jorda

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