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  • 1.Architecting Business- SOA & IT Infrastructure Jim Baty Distinguished Engineer Vice President, CTO GSO

2. Agenda Next generation business highly distributed,dynamic applications based on 'services' Design / Architecture Patterns provide re-useand accelerated development Infrastructure virtualization and refactoring improves business agilitySun Proprietary Page 2 3. Next Generation Applications 4. A Shift in IT Today's reality IT reacts slowly to business requirements, hasunpredictable reliability, inefficient IT is a cost center IT organization owns IT strategy Tomorrow's vision IT detects/acts in real time to business, reliably, with costscorrelated to business priorities IT is a profit center, providing value based business services,that drive business, focussed on business strategy How can we save money and enable new business? We need a roadmap and specific technology injection points?Sun Proprietary Page 4 5. Next Gen Business Models- new apps from integrated services FactoryDistribution Transportation StoreInventory Category Manufacturing Warehousing Logistics & LocationManagement ERP & MRP II SCM Fleet Inventory &Foundation Process Control ManagementMerchandise LogisticsApplicationsManagement CRMReal time inventory tracking from manufacturer to customer shelf.Next GenerationeFactory IntelligentSmart Vehicle Smart shopping Applications Factory & Supply ChainWarehousingTelematicscarts & shelvesTipping Points Cost of sensors, micro actuators, and GPS/wireless devices triggers widespreaddeployment Sun Proprietary Page 5 6. Next Gen Business Models- exposing core apps as business 'services' CRM services Enterprise network services from BT and AT&T. Amazon & eBay e-commerce services used in collaboration with core enterprise apps. CBDI JournalSun Proprietary Page 6 7. Applications evolving as Graphs of ServicesSun Proprietary Page 7 8. Shifting to the Network Enterprise- Dynamic Mapping of Applications & Infrastructure Applications are assembled (via co-ordination / orchestration) of distributed services Application was: webserver / database, now Application is: No one writes the whole application, components delivered, imported The computer is assembled from heterogeneous compute & storage & network resources This requires a real-time approach to architecture XML XML XML EJBJSP cache/Midlets SQL AppWebfilterJ2ME 6 LDAP X 10 DB Dir MSG SLASun Proprietary Page 8 9. Using 'Patterns' to Architect Services 10. Services Oriented Architecture (SOA)- a shift to 'business' programming Loosely coupled, Coarse-grained, Process coordinated, business aligned, Network-based shared services SOA as an architectural style may best berealized using Java web services But how do we Refactor and map business processes to coarse grained SOA processes? Architect re-usable services & systems?Sun Proprietary Page 10 11. Patterns provide architecture re-use at multiple levels A pattern describes : a problem which occurs over and overagain in our environment the core of the solution to that problem,in such a way that you can use thissolution a million times over, withoutever doing it the same way twiceBuild Patterns Structural Architecture Styles implementation Abstract common architectures & requirements Micro-architecture Describe sub- Design Patternsarchitectures Used to express detailed functional designSun Proprietary Page 11 12. Foundation of J2EE Design Patterns " Core J2EE PatternsSun ONE Patterns " PresentationBased on Web ServicesIntercepting FilterUse CasesFront Controller " Create ServiceComposite View " Assemble ServiceView Helper" Deploy ServiceService to Worker" Register ServiceDispatcher View" Discover Service " Business" Consume ServiceBusiness Delegate" Authenticate ServiceService Locator" Authorize ServiceSession Faade " Monitor ServiceValue Object " Measure ServiceComposite EntityValue Object AssemblerValue List handler " IntegrationData Access ObjectService ActivatorUser Workflow Integrator(candidate)Sun Proprietary Page 12 13. SOA patterns of Architecture Styles Represent common architectures Capture common business requirements Establish unique systemic requirementsEAI via Portal EAI w/ Coordination B2B StyleSun Proprietary Page 13 14. Building a catalog of Core SOA Principles Coarse Grained Shared Services Document-based Mostly Async Conversational Registered and ReliableSecure Policy Driven DiscoveredWSDL DescribedOrchestrated JBI-based Sun Proprietary Page 14 15. Assembling Applications- combining patterns/styles/rules to develop integrated designSun Proprietary Page 15 16. Deploying Patterns - Service Delivery Network - Grouping services into SDN virtual network domainsSecurity Services- iForce Perimeter Client ConnectionsSecurity Solution (Internet, ProviderService Delivery- FirewallsNetworks)Interface- VPNS- IDS, ... IntegrationDistributionSecurity Module v1v2 v3Module for Scalability, Service modules VIP Security, network hardwareDistribution Module Common (N2000 + Layer 2) , (vSwitch 3) Servicesphysical conn., (e.g., cache)grouped based on Presentation Service Securitysecurity, & perf. Service ModuleModuleOptional VIP (vSwitch1) SecuritySupportingModuleSCSD-web1 SCService ModuleService Domainsconsist ofVIP(vSwitch 2) Containers withSCSD mta SCSCSD-j2ee1 SCOptional DSMsimilar services provides additionaland security reqs. SCSD-dir SC SC SD - dbSCsecurity for any Service Domain Sun ProprietaryPage 16 17. Strategy to enable SOA / SDN SOA Readiness SDN Arch. Roadmap AssessmentService 3-9 Week Onsite Engagement Capture business, QoS, and Analyze Technology & Tools, technical requirements Organizational Alignment, Assess current network Methodology & Processes architecture Deliver SOA Readiness Score Develop a Service Delivery and SOA Tactical & StrategicNetwork Architecture Recommendations including prod. & mgmt. SOA Architecture Provide a high-level plan with stages, milestones, and Workshopdependencies 2-4 Day Onsite Engagement Understand Sun's SOA Strategy Other Services (Project Kitty Hawk) Java Center of Excellence Analyze Customer Environment Reference Implementations & & Scenarios POCs Identify SOA Benefits & Impacts Sun's AIM Lifecycle Iterative & Incremental Risk Mitigating Solution OrientedSun Proprietary Page 17 18. Optimizing the Data Centerfor Services 19. Sun's Service Optimized Data Center SODC creates an enterprise roadmap to movefrom IT as cost inefficient resourceto a service driven posturethat emphasizes IT as strategic business driver.Sun Proprietary Page 19 20. SODC - Areas of FocusMeet Basic Systemic Qualities High Availability, Reliable Security, Predictable Performance Move to a simpler more Platform manageable infrastructure - Simplification Reduced Costs ConsolidationStandard OperatingBecome a Flexible Deliver Efficiency Migration Environment Enterprise Data CenterOptimized for Achieve Real-TimeServices OrientedArchitecture InfrastructureServiceN1 Grid SPS Enable cross channel SODC Refactoring &Jumpstart Delivery Networkbusiness integrationautomation ofoperationsProcess Deliver Fast time-to-andAdvanced revenue Enable dynamicservice tuningAutomation ArchitecturesDeliver AgilityService Achieve rapidSunTone Orientedprovisioning of services Management ArchitectureFrameworkDeliver SLAs / UtilitySun Proprietary Page 20 21. Strategy to Consolidate & Standardize Justification Review / TCO Systems and Storage TCO Consolidation Design Services Performance Characterization Architecture Development Consolidation Implementation Implementation Services Solaris 10 Container Service IT Management Services IT Tools Consolidation & Implementation Change Control, Provisioning, Promotion Service Level Management Begin Process Transformation Simplify Architecture Sun Proprietary Page 21 22. Consolidation Technologies Solaris 10 Containers Facilitate Application Isolation Control Resource Allocation Provide Security Enterprise Systems Domains Provide Electrical Isolation, Fault Tolerance, Continuous Availability Chip Multi-Threading (CMT) Turbo-charge Consolidated Computing ResourcesSun Proprietary Page 22 23. Solaris 10 'Diagonal' Scaling Relentless Availability Predictive Self-HealingI Optimal Utilization VERTICAL/OSolaris Containers Extreme Performance Dynamic Tracing Unparalleled Security Military grade for the Enterprise Platform Choice New USIV + Opteron10HORIZONTAL Sun Proprietary Page 23 24. Strategy to Virtualize/Automate/Optimize Virtualize Commodity Resources SOE defines business serviceand stackService Optimized Data HW is virtualized commodityCenter Automate ProvisioningN1 Grid SPS Automate Service DeploymentPlans Plans N1Custom Applications SPSManagement Reflect Process in Automation Packaged Software Security ToolsOS Workload ManagementHardware DefineJob Characteristics, CPU, Custom ApplicationsManagementPackaged Software Mem., OS, Duration Security ToolsOS Automate Execution w/ N1 Grid HardwareEngineCustom ApplicationsManagementPackaged Software Security Technologies Tools OSN1 Grid Service ProvisioningHardware P3Knowledge N1 Grid Jumpstart, JET OMCM SDN AnalysisEngine Solaris Security Toolkit (JASS) N1 Grid EngineSun Proprietary Page 24 25. Services Provisioned on Virtual SystemOrder Entry Web ServiceERP ServiceServiceSLA SLASLANetwork services N1 OE (The N1 Operating System) Resources Resources ServicesN1 Grid Service Provisioning DeployConfigureServerRollbackMigrate Sun Proprietary Page 25 26. Package & Deploy Services on Virtual Platform Multiple applications/services sharing platform Service 1 Service 2N1 Grid provisions storage, compute, and network elements N1 Grid provisions application Sun Proprietary Page 26 27. Handling Failures & Balancing Resources Services rearranged based on load and business prioritiesService 1Service 2 N1


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