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Per Eli art Danish painter and multi-artist Cobra style and contemporary artist new art neue Kunst contemporary arte nuevo nuova arte sztuka rzeba kunst maleri kunstner per eli


  • Per Eli is working fundamentally with his most basic and intuitive emotions




  • Per Eli Stenderup www.pereli.dkLayout: Harris Knudsen

  • New ART

  • COBRAStyle

  • For Per Eli the ideal about a painting is that you will find somethingnew in it every day. And variability in this otherwise, when finished,frozen medium is just what we find in his works: Impressions ofanimal-like, and/or human figures share the contoures, unite andtransform into something different before our very eyes. The works ofPer Eli are metamorphoses. The work of art is changeable and endless.

    Per Elis work is primarily abstract in the CoBrA style, and spirit,with elements of figuration, and his works cause you to think of AsgerJorn. They both possess the force to dominate a wall. They both,however, are individualists in their own right. Fantastic and disquietingcolour- and emotional impressions explode in front of the spectator,demanding his full attention.

    The explotion is the visual evidence of the emotions and the creativeurge of the artist. An urge that he for a period put the lid on becausehe didnt feel ready to exhibit his soul. He has been painting his wholelife, but just a couple of decades ago he let all his motifs loose on thecanvas. An uncontrolled mass of fabulous monsters, and bestiality camealive, and now a countless number of eyes are staring at us from thecanvas. In Per Elis works you feel a dynamic commmotion caused bybold diagonals, contrasting and aggressive collisions of colours andemotions, like when you sense melancholy confronted by anger.

    The world that Per Eli is introducing us to consists of one conglomerateof bodies in which the individual amalgamates with part of the hybrid.You are surrounded and embraced by the world and by each other. Thesad tear of one figure is the greedy tooth of another; the eye of one

    TheMetamorphosis of Multifarious Art.Per Eli:

  • shape is the nipple of another. The paintings hold a formal ambiguityresulting in what one minute ago seemed to be the contour of aprofile has now turned into a frontal. It endows the dynamic with anoverriding balance, harmony in the disharmony, if you will, that themultitude of creatures constitute a unified whole. They are part ofthe living organism formed by what seems to be its own innerprimitive force.

    Per Eli is working fundamentally with his most basic and intuitiveemotions, but also with all that he himself is not, but would like toget into contact with. Thus his masculine, respectively feminine,sides reveal themselves by the either sharp contours or delicate linesthat render the paintings their own cachet. They are all characteristicwith an enormous variation from work to work.

    I am everything, but without you I am nothing. Such is one of PerElis mantras. It underlines the importance of discourse, the dialoguebetween ones self and ones work during the process of creation inwhich the motif is gradually expressing itself to him; the discoursebetween work and spectator, the discourse during which the work ispotentially revealing itself inter spectatores. True, a painting mayeffectively project a sentiment onto the viewer, but you may arguethat the sentiments of the spectator may in reverse be transferredonto the painting, thus rendering it a renewed emotional hue day byday. The artist may well have an idea about his motif before puttingbrush to canvas, but the work sometimes demands to go downanother lane than originally planned. To Per Eli it is essential thathis spirit is involved in the process of painting. The work must be

  • neither too brooding, nor too much craftmanlike. The creation of thework is happening during the actual painting process, that is, with hisheart, not his head. For him it is about letting go. About avoiding to bechained, so to speak, to a composition, yet taking the direction thatInspiration urges him to. For from the resulting pleasure andspontaneity innovation is spurred. Being prone to suffer from horrorvacui Per Eli will not leave an empty canvas well alone. This trait isthe reason for his large productivity.

    The story of Per Eli does not end with painting. Musician, poet,sculpturer, are other titles he can call himself. All of it, however, fusestogether to the title of Multifarious Artist, since each medium infringeson each other. Therefore Per Eli likes to let his various works presentthemselves together, inspiring each other, and originating from eachother. This is illustrated by various book publications of his, in whichpoetry is confronted by painting, bronze sculpture by a figure in apainting which, again, may have given inspiration to the form of thesculpture. So, not solely within a painting a figure may be transformed.Sometimes an urge of the artist makes it come alive in another mediumoutside the canvas. Akin to that the strokes of the brush will add a sortof musicality to a painting, thus avoiding the static state.

    Therefore abstraction fits the artists temperament and musicality sowell.

    Artists homepage:

    Translator: Niels Kock


  • The Metamor -Phosis of Multi -Farious Art.

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    Per Eli

  • is represented in these danish galleries.Per Eli;

    Lien galleriSlettestrandvej 829690 Fjerritslev

    Shaing living A/SAlbanigade 275000 Odense c

    Kunst, ny, ny kunst, cobra, maleri, malere, maler, kunstmaler, kunstner, kunstnerer, else alfelt, mogens balle, henry heerup, egil jacobsen, asger jorn, carl henning pedersen, alechinsky, karel appel, corneille,

  • Galleri No.16stre Havnevej 165400 Bogense

    Strand gallerietVejers havvej 726853 Vejers

    Kunst, ny, ny kunst, cobra, maleri, malere, maler, kunstmaler, kunstner, kunstnerer, else alfelt, mogens balle, henry heerup, egil jacobsen, asger jorn, carl henning pedersen, alechinsky, karel appel, corneille,

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    Watch the clip here.

    A tv-portrait,filmed inPer Elis art studioBy Signe Rye,tv2, fyn.