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We, the members of group no.1 Gratefully thank Prof. Jharna Kalra for giving us this fruitful opportunity to gel up well with the import-export world and to make a difference in the near future.

Your assistance and guidance is highly appreciated by the entire team.

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Group Members

Sanskruti Bane - 815

ShrutiKajrolkar - 830

Prachi Lad - 834

Sumit Mehta - 840

OmkarNemlekar - 843

AkshayPatankar - 846

AishwaryaYadav - 869

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Atasi Impex was established by Mr. Prakash Chandra Chowdhary in 1997.

The Chowdhary family earlier manufactured fasteners, bolts, nuts etc.

Atasi Impex, India mainly supplies the following: Safety matches, Detergents, Soaps etc of branded qualities.

The Annual Income ranges to US$10 Million - US$50 Million

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The company offers a wide range of FMCG(Fast moving consumer goods) products of best quality.

Company’s chief product(s) is ‘matchboxes’, it offers 6 different types of matches internationally.

Major overseas importing countries include the America's, middle east, south pacific countries etc.

Competition is faced from FMCG majors like ITC, Britannia and Sunfeast.


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FMCG goods


House hold goods

One dollar goods

Stationery goods

Engineering goods

Classification of FMCG goods

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Matches House hold One dollar Stationery Engineering

Matches for 6 different purposes

Wide range of house hold goods

Daily use products costing just 1$

Stationery goods for students

Engineering goods supplied to other firms

Matches is the prime product

Major variety is observed

Quality products for daily use

Products are made for both office and academic purposes

Leading manufacturer of bolts, fasteners and nuts

Products here are kitchen matches, wax paper matches, book matches etc

Products here range from apparels, personal and skincare to packaging

Products here are toothpaste, cotton swabs, trash bags, petroleum jelly

Products include books, files, register, account books

Products here include fasteners, stay rod kits, telephone poles etc

Other products are speciality itmes, eg: cigar matches, smoker’s matches

Other products include baby oil, razors, gels etc

Zipper bags and filler sheets are made under 1$

Writing, notepads, pens, colors etc of different shapes, sizes, colors are available

These goods are made on the need of the industry and are available in varieties

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Imports in India

The rising middle income group & their increasing expenditure has powered Indian Imports.

Major imports of India include cereals, edible oils, machineries, fertilizers etc

The total imports of India for FY 2012 were around US$187.9 billions.

India is also a bulk importer of sugar, pulp and paper, crude oil, iron & steel.

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In India, all the activities related to import are handled by DGFT.

All import export companies are bound to follow it’s procedures, policies and notification.

The DGFT works under an independent body of Department of Commerce, govt. of India.

Imports in India

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Preliminaries for import business

Custom clearance of


Delivery of Goods Manufacturing

Import Duties

Paper work for Ordering Goods

Import of Samples

Methods of Payment

Selling & Distribution

Steps in Importing

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Legal Consideratio


Other Consideratio


Capability of Overseas Supplier

Sources of Information

Finalizing the Terms of


Preliminaries of Import Business

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Order Paperwork Start to

Importing Goods

Paperwork for Ordering

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Import of Samples

Basic Samples

Value Limit

Machinery Import

Privacy of Import


Failure to re-export

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Methods of Payment

Consignment Purchase

Cash in Advance

Down Payment

Open Account



Letters of Credit

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Import duties

Import through sea

Basic Duty

Additional Customs

Special Additional


Anti Dumping


Page 16: Atasi impex ppt

Custom Clearance of Goods

Bill of Entry

Bill for Bond/Ware


Shipping Bill

Amendment of bill of


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Delivery of Goods

Means of transport

Verification for defaults

Segregation by industry

Distribution in Warehouses

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Delivery to Departments

Manufacturing Different Products

Distributed by Demands

Packed & Stored

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Selling & Distribution

Goods received from Warehouses

Marketing & Pricing strategy

Imports can be increased or decreased

Revenues determine Production

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Exports in India According to sec.(2)e of IFT act,1992 export is 'an act of taking

out of India any goods by land, sea or air and with proper transaction of money”.


Provides new ideas, management practices, marketing techniques internationally.

There are 5 primary reasons for exporting:

1) Earn foreign exchange

2) Companies meet international standards

3) Free exchange of ideas and knowledge

4) Explore new customers,machinery,vendors etc

5) Keeps the exporter competitive & vulnerable to market

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Exports in 2012 were petroleum products which generated $56bn, followed by gems and jewellery with $47bn.

Pharma products, transport equipment, machinery and readymade garments are also big exports.

United Arab Emirates (UAE) was India's biggest export market, closely followed by the USA in 2012.

The UK is the eighth biggest export market for India and held 2.9% of the market share in September 2012.

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Identifying products for


Market Selection

SWOT Analysis

Export License

Product Samples

Pricing & Costing

Sales Agent

Risk Managemen


Packaging & Labelling

Quality Control

Export Documents

Custom Procedures

Steps In Exporting

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Identifying steps for Export

Product must be ISO


No Monopoly products

Timely Supply

No Fluctuation

in price

Govt. Policies

Tax Exemptio


Measures for special products


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Market Selection

Geographical Factors

Economical Factors

Political Factors

Legal Factors

Demographic Factors

Market Characteristi


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SWOT AnalysisStrengths

• Patents

• Brand Names

• Reputation

• High grade Natural Resources

• Distribution Network


• Lack of patents

• Weak Brand Names

• Poor Reputation

• High Cost Structure

• Lack of Distribution Network


• Unfulfilled Customer Need

• Arrival of New Technologies

• Loosening of Regulations

• Removal of Barriers


• Shift in Consumer Preferences

• Substitute Products

• New Regulations

• Increased Trade Barriers

Page 26: Atasi impex ppt

Export License

Application for License

Classification of License


Page 27: Atasi impex ppt

Product SamplesGood


Sample Values

Delivery by Air


Buyer’s exact need

Bulk Order Placement

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Pricing & CostingPricing

• Offer to a customer on a product

• Determinations of Pricing are:

• Range of products• Prompt Deliveries• After Sales Service• Frequency of Purchase• Credit Offered• Aggressive Marketing &



• What an Exporter pays to manufacture

• Consists of Fixed & Variable Costs

• Helpful to Prepare Costing Sheet

• Exporter can Estimate his Profit

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Sales AgentMerits of Sales Agent

• Most companies appoint them

• Better option to identify and exploit situations

• Builds Solid Relationships

• Exporter gets more control & advantages

De-Merits of Sales Agent

• Cannot be trusted every time

• After Sales Service can be difficult to provide

• Risk to lose over Marketing & Brand Image

• Can also spoil the transaction

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Export RisksCredit Risk

Poor Quality


Transportation Risk

Logistics Risk

Legal Risk

Political Risk

Unforeseen Risks

Exchange Rate Risk

Page 31: Atasi impex ppt

Risk Management

Establish Contacts

Identify Risks

Consequences of Risk

Develop Strategy

Monitor Outcomes

Consulting with Parties

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Packaging Physical Protection




Page 33: Atasi impex ppt


Shippers Mark

Country of Origin

Weight Marking

Number of


Handling Marks



Port of Entry

Labels for Hazards

Page 34: Atasi impex ppt

Quality Control

ISI Certification AGMARK Certification



Self Certification Scheme

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Export DocumentsExport from India required special document

“Shipping Bill/ Bill of Export”.

Post Parcel Customs


Customs Declaration Form 

Dispatch Note

Customs Invoice

Certified Invoice

Certificate of


Shipping Order

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Custom Clearance

Quota Allocation

Arrival of Goods at


Customs Examination

of Export Cargo

Stuffing / Loading of Goods in


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India and Foreign Trade Major exporter & importer of top quality goods.

It’s import’s have increased overtime & exports are growing at slower pace.

Exports mainly include spices,mangoes,fmcggoods,jute etc to top countries.

Has a wider scope if concentration on money & manpower is done

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Proformas of various Bills

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