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Attendance and Punctuality Thanks to all those who have been making the effort to be in the playground by 8.55am and not risk being put on the late list! It makes such a difference if your child is settled and ready for their early work and not rushing in and having to take off coats etc before they can start their learning. These were our attendance <igures for the last fortnight: Year 5J: 98.6% Year 3V: 97.1% Year 6: 96.6% Year 5E: 96.4% Year 3U: 95.8% Year 2: 95% Year 4: 94.6% Reception: 92.4% Year 1: 92.2% Dates for the diary 18th 22nd April: Science Week 20th April: Family Science workshop 6pm 26th April: Mindset information sessions for parents 9am and 6pm 3rd May: Y2 trip to St Paul’s 5th May: INSET Day (school being used as a polling station) 9th 13th May: KS2 SATs week 16th 20th May: Y6 Bikeability course 18th May: Y3U trip to The Wellcome Museum 23rd and 24th May: School Photos 25th May: Y3V trip to The Wellcome Museum 30th May 3rd June: Half term break 9th June: Y5 trip to West Stow Anglo Saxon Village 10th June: Reception trip to Woodlands farm 17th June: Y3 trip to Kew Gardens Saturday 18th June: Summer Fair 22nd June: KS1 Sports Day 23rd June: INSET Day (school being used as a polling station) 24th June: KS2 Sports Day 1st July: EYFS Sports Day 1st July: Y1 trip to Maritime Museum 6th July: New Reception Parents’ Meeting and children visiting class 7th July and 12th July: ParentTeacher Meetings 14th July: Y6 production 20th July: Last day of term jnhttp://ashmeadprimary.wordpress.com/ 18th April 2016 School Trips and DBS checks At Ashmead, we pride ourselves on giving the children lots of opportunities for ‘real’ experiences and therefore we organise lots of visits and visitors for all classes. These are only possible with the help of volunteers and we are always grateful for help from parents and carers. However, we do have a safeguarding duty to check all adults who might volunteer to help. Therefore it is really important that the permission slips you <ill in for your child are <illed in accurately and returned to school promptly if you would like to be considered as a volunteer. A DBS check needs to be completed before EVERY trip, regardless if you have had a check before. We cannot accept last minute offers of help and we can’t ‘swap’ adults if the person who has been checked is then not available on the day. Thanks for your understanding with this. Fruit at mid morning break We are part of a ‘Fruit for Schools’ scheme that provides every child from Reception Y2 with a free piece of fresh fruit every morning break time. Any spare fruit is put in the playground for KS2 children to help themselves. We have previously also said that KS2 children could bring a ‘healthy snack’ to eat at morning break. However, over time, these snacks have become less healthy. Therefore we are going to ask that KS2 children only eat FRUIT at morning break, just as the younger children do. We would appreciate your cooperation with this by only sending your child with a piece of fresh fruit for morning break and not crisps, biscuits or sugary muesli or ‘fruit’ bars.

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Page 1: !Attendance!and!Punctuality! · 2012. 10. 18. · !Attendance!and!Punctuality!! Thanks’to’all’those’who’have’been’making’the’effort’to’be’in’the’ playgroundby

 Attendance  and  Punctuality  !Thanks  to  all  those  who  have  been  making  the  effort  to  be  in  the  playground  by  8.55am  and  not  risk  being  put  on  the  late  list!  It  makes  such  a  difference  if  your  child  is  settled  and  ready  for  their  early  work  and  not  rushing  in  and  having  to  take  off  coats  etc  before  

they  can  start  their  learning.    !These  were  our  attendance  <igures  for  the  last  fortnight:  !

                 Year  5J:  98.6%                    Year  3V:  97.1%                    Year  6:  96.6%                    Year  5E:  96.4%                    Year  3U:  95.8%                    Year  2:  95%                    Year  4:  94.6%                    Reception:  92.4%                    Year  1:  92.2%   !

Dates  for  the  diary  

18th  -­‐  22nd  April:  Science  Week  

20th  April:  Family  Science  workshop  -­‐  6pm  

26th  April:  Mindset  information  sessions  for  parents  -­‐  9am  and  6pm  

3rd  May:  Y2  trip  to  St  Paul’s  

5th  May:  INSET  Day                                                                        (school  being  used  as  a  polling  station)  

9th  -­‐  13th  May:  KS2  SATs  week  

16th  -­‐  20th  May:  Y6  Bikeability  course  

18th  May:  Y3U  trip  to  The  Wellcome  Museum  

23rd  and  24th  May:  School  Photos  

25th  May:  Y3V  trip  to  The  Wellcome  Museum  

30th  May  -­‐  3rd  June:  Half  term  break  

9th  June:  Y5  trip  to  West  Stow  Anglo  Saxon  Village  

10th  June:  Reception  trip  to  Woodlands  farm  

17th  June:  Y3  trip  to  Kew  Gardens  

Saturday  18th  June:  Summer  Fair  

22nd  June:  KS1  Sports  Day  

23rd  June:  INSET  Day                                                                        (school  being  used  as  a  polling  station)  

24th  June:  KS2  Sports  Day  

1st  July:  EYFS  Sports  Day  

1st  July:  Y1  trip  to  Maritime  Museum  

6th  July:  New  Reception  Parents’  Meeting  and  children  visiting  class  

7th  July  and  12th  July:  Parent-­‐Teacher  Meetings  

14th  July:  Y6  production  

20th  July:  Last  day  of  term  


jnhttp://ashmeadprimary.wordpress.com/ ! ! ! ! 18th April 2016

School  Trips  and    DBS  checks  

At  Ashmead,  we  pride  ourselves  on  giving  the  children  lots  of  opportunities  for  ‘real’  experiences  and  therefore  we  organise  lots  of  visits  and  visitors  for  all  classes.  These  are  only  possible  with  the  help  of  volunteers  and  we  are  

always  grateful  for  help  from  parents  and  carers.  However,  we  do  have  a  safeguarding  duty  to  check  all  adults  who  might  volunteer  to  help.  Therefore  it  is  really  important  that  the  permission  slips  you  <ill  in  for  your  child  are  <illed  in  accurately  and  returned  to  school  promptly  if  you  would  like  to  be  considered  as  a  volunteer.  A  DBS  check  needs  to  be  completed  before  EVERY  trip,  regardless  if  you  have  had  a  check  before.  We  cannot  accept  last  minute  offers  of  help  and  we  can’t  ‘swap’  adults  if  the  person  who  has  been  checked  is  then  not  available  on  the  day.  Thanks  for  your  understanding  with  this.      

 Fruit  at  mid  morning  break  We  are  part  of  a  ‘Fruit  for  Schools’  scheme  that  provides  every  child  from  Reception  -­‐  Y2  with  a  free  piece  of  fresh  fruit  every  morning  break  time.  Any  spare  fruit  is  put  in  the  playground  for  KS2  children  to  help  themselves.  We  have  previously  also  said  that  KS2  children  could  bring  a  ‘healthy  snack’  to  eat  at  morning  break.  However,  over  time,  these  snacks  have  become  less  healthy.  Therefore  we  are  going  to  ask  that  KS2  children  only  eat  FRUIT  at  morning  break,  just  as  the  younger  children  do.  We  would  appreciate  your  cooperation  with  this  by  only  sending  your  child  with  a  piece  of  fresh  fruit  for  morning  break  and  not  crisps,  biscuits  or  sugary  muesli  or  ‘fruit’  bars.      

Page 2: !Attendance!and!Punctuality! · 2012. 10. 18. · !Attendance!and!Punctuality!! Thanks’to’all’those’who’have’been’making’the’effort’to’be’in’the’ playgroundby

Introducing Rachel Snow - new Associate Governor!!Hi,  my  name  is  Rachel  and  I’ve  just  joined  Ashmead  Governors  as  an  Associate  Member  of  the  Governing  Body.  This  is  a  volunteer  role  for  people  who  want  to  support  the  school.  I’m  Mum  to  three  Ashmead  kids  and  a  few  months  back  read  a  newsletter  article  asking  parents  to  join  the  governing  body.  I  gave  it  a  lot  of  thought  and  decided  to  volunteer  because  Ashmead  is  not  only  a  wonderful  community  school;  it’s  led  by  teachers  who  really  care  that  each  child  gets  the  most  out  of  their  primary  education.      

Education  is  going  through  a  lot  of  change  at  the  moment.  My  background  is  in  business  and  communications,  which  I  thought  might  be  helpful  to  the  school.  Since  joining  the  governing  body  I’ve  been  really  surprised  at  the  amount  of  detail  there  is  to  manage.  There’s  a  lot  to  think  about  from  individual  learning;  to  welfare;  budgets;  health  and  safety;  and  managing  new  policies  coming  through  from  government.  Ashmead  Governors  are  committed  to  helping  each  child  to  feel  both  loveable  and  capable.  At  the  end  of  each  meeting  we  ask  how  our  work  has  helped  the  pupils.  For  me  this  sums  up  the  approach  of  the  governors  and  the  wider  values  of  Ashmead.  


18th April 2016

News  from  Nursery  and  Reception    Breaking  News!  Reception's  duck  eggs  have  arrived.  We  cannot  wait  to  

observe,  explore  and  learn  about  what  is  happening  inside  the  eggs  over  the  next  few  weeks  and  are  so  excited  for  them  to  hatch.  Although  Reception  will  continue  to  follow  a  child  led  curriculum  this  half  term,  lots  of  their  learning  will  be  inspired  by  the  eggs  currently  developing  away  in  our  incubators.  

Watch  this  space!  !After  a  particularly  inspirational  Easter  break,  I  decided  to  start  this  half  term  by  sharing  a  new  interest  of  mine  with  Nursery:  Japan.  We  have  tried  a  range  of  new  experiences  this  week  from  making  and  tasting  sushi  to  trying  on  

Kimonos.  Nursery  were  particularly  enthralled  by  Japanese  artist  Hokusai's  'Great  Wave'  print  and  lots  of  interesting  stories,  discussions  and  art  has  come  out  of  this  interest,  including  a  giant  collaborative  'wave'  painting  of  our  own.  This  week  is  Science  Week  and  we  are  all  ready  to  get  planting  in  our  EYFS  garden  -­‐  any  donations  (plants,  seeds,  pots  etc)  welcome. Ashleigh  Mugridge      

News  from  Y1,      Y2  and  

Y3    We  are  very  excited  to  be  back  at  school  ready  for  a  jam  packed  Summer  term.                                                                                                                              Y1  launched  their  

‘Green  Fingers’  topic  with  a  trip  to  Greenwich  Ecology  Centre  and  started  to  think,  ‘What  do  plants  do  for  us?’,  Y2  have  started  one  of  our  favourite  topics  of  the  year,  ‘The  Great  Fire  of  London’  and  are  working  up  to  a  day  of  story  telling,  exploration  and  role  play  at  St  Paul’s  and  Y3  are  going  to  be  learning  all  about  their  bodies  as  part  of  their  ‘Funnybones’  topic  and  will  be  pondering  the  big  question,  ‘Do  we  protect  our  bodies  or  do  they  protect  us?’  We  have  enjoyed  seeing  all  the  wonderful  home  learning  that  children  have  been  bringing  in  linked  to  their  topics  this  half  term,  keep  them  coming,  they  are  a  great  way  to  enhance  the  learning  of  the  whole  class                                Jane  Bickley  

News  from  Y4,  Y5  and  Y6    

The  start  of  the  summer  term  has  been  action  packed  for  Key  Stage  2.    Year  5  visited  Deptford  Creek  in  order  to  launch  their  new  topic  and  enjoyed  putting  their  geography  and  scienti<ic  skills  to  the  test  whilst  waist  deep  in  water!!  This  week  also  sees  the  beginning  of  science  week,  in  which  all  classes  will  be  enjoying  some  fantastic  workshops,  including  a  special  workshop  led  by  the  Eden  Project,  as  well  as  visiting  Hilly  Fields  in  order  to  conduct  <ield  observations.  All  of  the  children  have  also  shared  some  fantastic  home  learning  that  was  completed  during  the  Easter  break  and  the  work  that  was  put  in  at  home  has  been  really  evident  to  see  through  the  way  all  of  the  children  have  returned  to  their  learning  at  school.    We  can't  wait  to  see  what  other  fantastic  experiences  and  achievements  the  summer  term  has  to  offer.                                    Andy  McPartland!