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Attendance and Punctuality An ongoing THANK YOU to all parents and carers who continue to get their children to school before the bell at 9am. These were our attendance /igures for the last fortnight: Year 1: 98.1% Year 2: 97.4% Year 5J: 97.4% Year 6: 97.4% Year 3V: 97.2% Year 3U: 96.7% Year 5E: 96.7% Year 4: 93.8% Reception : 93.1% Dates for the diary 5th May: INSET Day (school being used as a polling station) 9th 13th May: KS2 SATs week 11th May: Y1 trip to Southwark Recycling Centre 16th 20th May: Walk to School week and Y6 Bikeability course 18th May: Y3U trip to The Wellcome Museum 19th May: Fire safety visit for Y2 and Y5 23rd and 24th May: School Photos 25th May: Y3V trip to The Wellcome Museum 30th May 3rd June: Half term break 9th June: Y5 trip to West Stow Anglo Saxon Village 10th June: Reception trip to Woodlands farm and Nursery trip to Surrey Docks Farm 17th June: Y3 trip to Kew Gardens Saturday 18th June: Summer Fair 22nd June: KS1 Sports Day 23rd June: INSET Day (school being used as a polling station) 24th June: KS2 Sports Day 1st July: EYFS Sports Day 1st July: Y1 trip to Maritime Museum 6th July: New Reception Parents’ Meeting and children visiting class 7th/12th July: ParentTeacher Meetings 8th July: Guitar, ukulele and recorder concert for Y3, Y4 and Y5 parents 2.45pm 13th July: Y2 trip to the beach 14th July: Y6 production 20th July: Last day of term jnhttp://ashmeadprimary.wordpress.com/ 3rd May 2016 Calling young musicians! A fantastic opportunity has arisen for young musicians aged 913 who are grade 1 or above and play an orchestral brass, percussion, string or woodwind instrument. Join Lewisham Music Service's Junior Orchestra and musicians from the London Symphony Orchestra for 3 days (2, 12 & 16 June) of exciting orchestral music making culminating in a performance at The Barbican Centre! All for £20 (£10 Free School Meals and Looked After Children). You can get more information and an application form from the school of/ice. The deadline for applications is Friday 20 May. Walk to School Week: 16th 20th May Walking makes our children healthier and happier! It's been proven that keeping active in this way reduces the chances of becoming obese, developing heart conditions and other diseases. Apparently only half of 710 year olds do the recommended hour of exercise a day so it’s up to all of us, parents, carers and teachers to encourage more activity! The campaign in 2015 was a great success with lots of parents and carers making the decision to leave the cars at home and walk children to school instead. In fact, over one million children in over 4000 schools participated in the event. The purpose of the campaign, which has been observed since 1995 is to motivate children to look at road safety awareness so they feel more con/ident about walking around safely on their own when they're older. Please do try to walk to school for that week, you might even /ind that you develop new habits that will stay with you even after Walk to School Week has /inished!

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  •  Attendance  and  Punctuality  !An  ongoing  THANK  YOU  to  all  parents  and  carers  who  continue  to  

    get  their  children  to  school  before  the  bell  at  9am.    These  were  our  attendance  /igures  for  the  last  fortnight:  !

                     Year  1:  98.1%                    Year  2:  97.4%                    Year  5J:  97.4%                    Year  6:  97.4%                    Year  3V:  97.2%                    Year  3U:  96.7%                    Year  5E:  96.7%                    Year  4:  93.8%                    Reception  :  93.1%  

    Dates  for  the  diary  

    5th  May:  INSET  Day                                                                        (school  being  used  as  a  polling  station)  

    9th  -‐  13th  May:  KS2  SATs  week  

    11th  May:  Y1  trip  to  Southwark  Recycling  Centre  

    16th  -‐  20th  May:  Walk  to  School  week  and  Y6  Bikeability  course  

    18th  May:  Y3U  trip  to  The  Wellcome  Museum  

    19th  May:  Fire  safety  visit  for  Y2  and  Y5  

    23rd  and  24th  May:  School  Photos  

    25th  May:  Y3V  trip  to  The  Wellcome  Museum  

    30th  May  -‐  3rd  June:  Half  term  break  

    9th  June:  Y5  trip  to  West  Stow  Anglo  Saxon  Village  

    10th  June:  Reception  trip  to  Woodlands  farm  and  Nursery  trip  to  Surrey  Docks  Farm  

    17th  June:  Y3  trip  to  Kew  Gardens  

    Saturday  18th  June:  Summer  Fair  

    22nd  June:  KS1  Sports  Day  

    23rd  June:  INSET  Day                                                                        (school  being  used  as  a  polling  station)  

    24th  June:  KS2  Sports  Day  

    1st  July:  EYFS  Sports  Day  

    1st  July:  Y1  trip  to  Maritime  Museum  

    6th  July:  New  Reception  Parents’  Meeting  and  children  visiting  class  

    7th/12th  July:  Parent-‐Teacher  Meetings  

    8th  July:  Guitar,  ukulele  and  recorder  concert  for  Y3,  Y4  and  Y5  parents  -‐  2.45pm  

    13th  July:  Y2  trip  to  the  beach  

    14th  July:  Y6  production  

    20th  July:  Last  day  of  term  

    jnhttp://ashmeadprimary.wordpress.com/ ! ! ! ! 3rd May 2016

               Calling  young  musicians!  A  fantastic  opportunity  has  arisen  for  young  musicians  aged  9-‐13  who  are  grade  1  or  above  and  play  an  orchestral  brass,  percussion,  string  or  woodwind  instrument.      Join  Lewisham  Music  Service's  Junior  Orchestra  and  musicians  from  the  London  Symphony  

    Orchestra  for  3  days  (2,  12  &  16  June)  of  exciting  orchestral  music  making  culminating  in  a  performance  at  The  Barbican  Centre!  All  for  £20  (£10  Free  School  Meals  and  Looked  After  Children). You  can  get  more  information  and  an  application  form  from  the  school  of/ice. The  deadline  for  applications  is  Friday  20  May.

                   Walk  to  School  Week:                                16th  -‐  20th  May  Walking  makes  our  children  healthier  and  happier!  It's  been  proven  that  keeping  active  in  this  way  reduces  the  chances  of  becoming  obese,  developing  heart  conditions  and  other  diseases.  Apparently  only  

    half  of  7-‐10  year  olds  do  the  recommended  hour  of  exercise  a  day  so  it’s  up  to  all  of  us,  parents,  carers  and  teachers  to  encourage  more  activity!  

    The  campaign  in  2015  was  a  great  success  with  lots  of  parents  and  carers  making  the  decision  to  leave  the  cars  at  home  and  walk  children  to  school  instead.    In  fact,  over  one  million  children  in  over  4000  schools  participated  in  the  event.  

    The  purpose  of  the  campaign,  which  has  been  observed  since  1995  is  to  motivate  children  to  look  at  road  safety  awareness  so  they  feel  more  con/ident  about  walking  around  safely  on  their  own  when  they're  older. !Please  do  try  to  walk  to  school  for  that  week,  you  might  even  /ind  that  you  develop  new  habits  that  will  stay  with  you  even  after  Walk  to  School  Week  has  /inished!    


  • Governor visit to Growth Mindset !information session by Sharon Shrubsall, parent governor!!

    Last  week  Sean  and  Jane  met  parents  for  two  workshops  about  Growth  Mindset.    During  the  sessions,  they  outlined  the  difference  between  a  Fixed  Mindset  and  a  Growth  Mindset  and  discussed  the  research  into  the  area  and  how  the  school  was  working  with  children  within  classes  as  well  as  in  assemblies  to  encourage  Growth  Mindset.  It  was  also  explained  how  explicit  links  were  made  between  the  School  Values  and  Growth  Mindset.  !Jane  and  Sean  discussed  the  importance  of  how  to  encourage  children  to  have  a  Growth  Mindset  and  how  to  build  a  dialogue  praising  children’s  effort  and  skill  to  enable  this.  They  explained  how  the  children  were  working  on  their  thinking  skills.  They  also  discussed  how  children  were  being  encouraged  to  work  on  their  independence  by  being  given  different  strategies  to  try  before  asking  the  teacher  for  help.  !There  was  an  opportunity  at  the  end  for  parents  to  ask  questions  about  Growth  Mindset.    This  was  a  good  chance  for  parents  and  carers  to  discuss  how  to  implement  it  at  home  with  their  own  children.  During  the  workshop  Sean  and  Jane  recommended  good  reading  material  (books)  to  /ind  out  more  about  Growth  Mindset  and  the  notes  from  the  workshop  are  on  the  blog  under  the  ‘Parent  Workshop’  tab:  https://ashmeadprimary./iles.wordpress.com/2015/03/ashmead-‐mindset-‐parent-‐workshop-‐april-‐2016.pdf  The  recommended  books  can  be  seen  on  the  blog  post  here:  https://ashmeadprimary.wordpress.com/2016/04/26/mindset-‐information-‐session-‐for-‐parents/      !!!

    3rd May 2016

    News  from  Nursery  and  Reception    The  last  two  weeks  have  been  busy  and  exciting  as  always  in  EYFS!  Our  duck  eggs  are  generating  lots  of  interest  and  excitement  and  enthusing  children  to  /ind  out  more  about  how  to  look  after  ducks  and  keep  eggs  safe.  The  children  were  particularly  intrigued  by  different  types  of  nests  that  birds  create  and  enjoyed  a  close  focus  on  this,  culminating  in  them  creating  some  beautifully  textured  clay  nests,  currently  on  display  in  the  Reception  classroom.  A  recent  interest  in  fairies  led  to  a  startling  discovery  of  a  Fairy  world  in  our  Forest  School!!  This  has  prompted  lots  of  independent  letter  writing  to  the  fairies  and  will  continue  to  lead  our  learning  this  week!  Nursery  loved  our  focus  on  seeds  and  growing  during  Science  week  and  were  particularly  excited  by  harvesting  the  spinach  and  garlic  we  have  been  growing  and  then  tasting  it  in  a  picnic  with  Reception  -‐  it  was  delicious!  A  highlight  this  week  was  our  visit  by  Baby  Gabby  where  we  helped  to  get  her  washed  and  dressed.  We  loved  being  able  to  ask  Jennifer  lots  of  questions  about  newborn  

    babies!  The  children  have  been  intrigued  by  looking  at  the  similarities  and  differences  in  our  baby  photos  on  display  and  have  thoroughly  enjoyed  developing  a  baby  clinic  in  Nursery  where  they  have  weighed,  measured  and  looked  after  the  babies.   Ashleigh  Mugridge      

    News  from  Y1,      Y2  and  Y3    

    Josie,  our  Science  leader  in  school,  organised  a  brilliant  Science  week  and  all  the  children  in  Y1  -‐  Y3  did  some  fantastic  science  learning  up  at  Hilly  Fields.  Elhadji  in  Y1  said,  “I  never  knew  Hilly  Fields  was  so  interesting!’,  a    great  testament  to  the  breadth  of  learning  experiences  that  were  planned  and  offered  as  part  of  the  science  /ield  studies.                                                                                                                                                              We  have  also  been  thinking  about  our  value  of  ‘Con/idence’  and  linking  this  to  our  mindset  in  class  or  at  home  with  different  activities.  We  have  found  that  often  our  mindset  changes  about  a  task  or  subject  the  more  we  practise  and  the  more  our  con/idence  grows.  In  assemblies,  we  have  been  listing  the  things  we  feel  con/ident  about  and  how  we  can  increase  our  con/idence  about  things  we  sometimes  worry  about,  it  has  really  helped  our  learning!                                                                         Jane  Bickley  

                                         News  from  Y4,                                                    Y5  and  Y6    The  summer  term  in  Y4  -‐  Y6  has  continued  the  excellent  pace  with  which  it  started!  Every  year  group  took  time  out  of  the  curriculum  in  order  to  visit  Hilly  Fields  Park.  As  part  of  National  Science  week,  all  of  the  children  experienced  /ield  investigations  /irst  hand  as  well  as  developing  a  range  of  important  scienti/ic  skills.  Each  class  was  also  visited  by  science  experts  -‐  including  those  from  the  Eden  Project  who  also  delivered  a  special  assembly.  Singing  assembly  has  also  continued  to  build  on  its  many  successes  this  year  and  has  now  switched  its  

    attention  to  the  leavers’  assembly  in  July.    It’s  hard  to  believe  how  quickly  this  year  is  going!        Andy  McPartland  !