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It's more than coincidence, luck, serendipity or synchronicity. It's your deliberate actions that will attract and engage stakeholders to your next tradeshow. So are you deliberately doing all you can to attract and engage more stakeholders: attendees, exhibitors and sponsors? What specifically should you do to attract, convert and transform more stakeholders for your next show? What does uccessful show engagement look like? What are you colleagues doing to increase their attendance, stakeholder engagement and drive more revenue?


  • 1. Attracting & Engaging Peeps to Your Next Show

2. 1) Identify four primary areas where attendee engagement results in increased loyalty.
3. 2) Discuss three new and evolving attraction strategies.
4. Define engagement
5. Pair Squared:Define engagement
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7. Focus on maxing out engagement 30 days before and after 8. More Engagement = More Buzz