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Portfolio of projects in product, web, fabrication, and architecture design.


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CONTENTSavisly – 03product design

two curve chair – 11product design & fabrication

percy – 13product design

the morgans – 19web design

coffee table – 23fabrication

mood – 25architecture

photography – 33

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AVISLYIn this project, I team up with an electrical engineer and an occupational therapist to design a device to improve the quality of life for a woman with chronic facial pain.

‘ advanced heatingwith ultimate fit ’October 2014 - Present

In collaboration with:Arash Kani & Sam Cocjin

MIT Health GrandHack Runner Up

With support from Open Style Lab

Product Design


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Our client, Mia, experiences a constant dull active pain around her left cheekbone and eye. This pain becomes acute when triggers such as cold, touch, air flow, and even muscle use effect the sensitive surrounding area.

Mia needs to wear a solution on a daily basis, especially outdoors

where temperatures and air flow are caustic to her. This means we needed to create something durable, but also aesthetically pleasing so as not to disturb Mia’s social interactions.

To actively manage her pain, Mia needs a heated solution. To deliver the heat most efficiently, and to create a comfortable solution which most closely refelcts her natural face, we also set out to create a more form fitting mask.

Sensitive Active Pain


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To fulfill the durability and form fitting requirements, we chose to build the mask out of PETG plastic, using 3D scanning and thermoforming techniques to achieve perfect fit. This also means we would be able to make the structural material clear, allowing the solution to be almost transparent. In social environments, the clear formed mask has had much more successful reactions than thicker opaque masks.

Another concern for durability is waterproofing and stability for the connection between the power source and the mask (right above the ear). Our solution is a 3D printed clip which encases the most fragile point and converts the connection to receive a micro usb cable for ease of use.


resistive wirebluetooth battery pack formed plastic clip

battery pack components

sewing straps

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place wires

cut out

reform + finish

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Avisly’s final stage is a fully functioning clear heated mask. A simple app allows the user to control heat output from the battery and we are working towards offering data analysis to help users understand their pain management behaviors.

As seen above, a huge step was taken in finding a thinner copper mix wire—allowing for stronger adhesion between plastic layers, and more even heat distribution over the area.

Additionally, this thinner wire has opened the door to embedded textile heating (resistive wire woven into yarn). This would allow us to reach a much larger market as fabrication will be simpler for a greater set of applications.


improving wire material

heated scarf heated lower-back wrap

heated gloves

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‘ comfort in a single sheet of plywood ’September 2011 - December 2011

In collaboration with:Chantal Jahn

Taught by: Larry Sass

Product Design & Fabrication

TWOCURVECHAIRThis project prioritizes comfort despite being limited to one flat sheet of plywood.


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Alan Mark’s article “On Making Chairs Comfortable” provided comfort curves and angles (seen above) that became the inspiration for the two curve chair. To accentuate the function of this lounge chair, the critical supportive points are separated into two distinct curves marking the lumbar and back support. 1/4 scale models were laser cut and painted to test fit and aesthetic over several design iterations. Finally, a full scale chair was milled out of a sheet of plywood and assembled with only press-fit joints.



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When asked to create an interactive, self-resetting puzzle for a sci-fi adventure, we used advanced and clever fabrication techniques to create an unforgettably large magnetic puzzle—in the form of a friendly robot.

‘ giant disassemblingrobot puzzle ’February 2014 - June 2014

In collaboration with:Angela Chu, Tara Ebsworth, Julia Eller-meier, Arash Kani, & Joey Rafidi,

Taught by: Dr. David Wallace

Product Design


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CONCEPTWe were challenged with designing and building an interactive puzzle to become part of a larger adventure experience at a new 5 Wits exhibit. The puzzle had to be sci-fi themed, group-solvable, appropriate for kids and adults, and most importantly self resetting.

Inspired by the movie “Wall-E” and its compassionate robots, we dubbed our team “Directive: Classified” and I designed a fitting logo.

After a series of brainstorms and storyboards, we decided to pursue designing a giant disassembling robot. By using electromagnetic connections in the robot joints, we could turn his joints on and off. This would make it possible to assemble the robot, “Percy,” and then remotely return him to a disassembled state, allowing infinite solves.

LOGOThe logo I designed for “Directive Classified” is a simple, clear vector stroke. In it, you can distinguish the initials of our team name, but it also has another hidden meaning; when the logo is mirrored, you can see it is inspired by WALL-E’s eyes.

1 2 3

4 5 6

team photo with fancy shirts

electromagnetic concept drawing

*above drawings by Angela Chu

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FABRICATIONBuilding Percy proved to be an extreme challenge. With a limited budget, we needed to build something strong enough to encase important electronics and withstand some falling, but we also needed to be able to assemble the model within a relatively short time-frame.

Percy’s blocky exterior provided an opportunity to use folding techniques for fabrication. I used an origami software to digitally unfold the various parts of the robot, then milled out these patterns onto reinforced foam core. I used a chamfered bit to create creases rather than trenches along which to fold.

The etched foam sheets were then folded and electronics were installed within each part to power electromagnets and indicator led strips along each connecting face.


acrylic sheet


steel plate


testing joint alignment wiring pelvis piece

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Percy’s appearance went through 3 major design iterations. Before continuing with our initial boxy robot, we felt it necessary to consider a more futuristic and organic aesthetic. After user testing between these two looks, it was determined that the boxier robot was more intriguing—making people feel protected as opposed to the colder reaction received by the more futuristic robot.

However, despite Percy’s initial impressions as a “gentle giant”, we felt he could be made more gentle. For the final iteration and full scale model, we amended Percy’s features to be slimmer and adjusted his facial features to remove any frowning characteristics.


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A large part of the contributions I made to this project were render-ings and animations. Before we could build a full scale model, it was essential to be sure that the geometry we designed for Percy would allow all of his parts to fully disassemble (fall to the ground).

I used 3ds Max’s physics engine to accurately simulate the robot’s behavior when joints were discon-nected. The resulting animations were used in presentations to give a clearer picture of our design’s intended usage, as our physical model proved to be too fragile.

Regardless, we were very proud that Percy was able to be held up solely by electromagnets when he was built to fall so efficiently!


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When my sister announced she was getting married, I jumped at the opportunity to make the awesomest wedding website possible for her. The result is an elegant bootstrapped design that served as the hub for announcements, rsvps, and even gift giving for guests.

February 2015 - April 2015

Web Design

‘ simple, endearing, informative ’


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Ariane and Dustyn’s website was designed as a single scrolling page to contain all relevant information for their guests.

A responsive php form gathers responses from guests, from their names to their plus ones and lodging preferences. The form

then reports this information to the bride and groom.

Using the simpleCart js plugin, I also created an embedded donations cart so that guests could make representative gift towards the couple’s dream projects. The page allows you to add any number of items and then creates a paypal invoice to complete the donation.


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For the “about us” portion of their site, I created caricatures of both Ariane and Dustyn (in illustrator) to help give their descriptions more personality.

For wedding favors, I designed tags and jar decorations for gifts of honey. The honeycomb shaped tags were laser cut and engraved.


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February 2014 - June 2011

Taught by: Justin Lavalle & Chris Dewart

Product Design & Fabrication

‘ pushing limits of digital fabrication with hardwood ’

This projects uses digital fabrication (cnc milling) to make create an otherwise impossibly organic table.


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FABRICATIONEach leg started as joined and glued lumber blocks then was carved on a 4th-axis shopbot. The top was also joined and glued (in width and height), then milled on an onsrud cnc.

rough assembly & sanding 4 axis leg milling top milling

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This project prompted the creation of an emergency spa in Boston’s Fort Point neighborhood, serving the breadth of community members in need of physical or emotional healing. My design focuses on using space and experience to actively heal users.


February 2013 - May 2013

Taught by: Brandon Clifford


‘ effect healing with space ’

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This project begins with trials on texture and pattern, with the purpose of expressing and / or producing certain emotions.

Models are generated computationally and 3D printed to explore forms that most effect users.


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CAVERNOUSI chose to pursue cavernous spacial qualities in my spa, as it invokes introspective emotions, and allows for a more raw environment which disconnects the user from the environment that has brought them to the spa.

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Each room achieves a function, applying it over a 24 hour period. Functions are achieved through spacial manipulation as well as use of water, steam and temperature.

The detox room shown below heals patients of emotional wounds by helping them through

spacial stages of grief. It begins with a cleansing pause in a steam room, followed by a challenging walk through coal. After this achievement, users must let go of emotions and take a leap of faith into an unknown space, falling into a bath. Finally, acceptance and clarity is reached in an open resting space, where light shines through from above.


detox room section

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URBAN ROOMThe site for this project proposes a challenge as it hugs the corner of two crossing roads at different heights. The project therefore carries the responsibility of connecting both levels, creating an opportunity for community enrichment in the form of an urban room - a central, uniting, public hub for Fort Point.

The spa offers a public space in the form of a cenote-inspired pool. A cave-like interior mimics the spa’s functional spaces, stripping away details to prioritize deeper photo

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plan at summer st

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A street

Summer street

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Laccum fugia que soloreprem ipiciis ciatecaAtibus, sunt. Ovidict aquiduci-isim et quam natur re con eos est, odi-taquiatur aspitiis adist entem re dolut ulla dunto earumqui ant aped ullore

‘ insert meaningful quote here ’

2008 - Present

My number 1 hobby.



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