Autumn Term 1 - ?· Recount/Diary Diary entries Recount ... Town Mouse and Country Mouse Aesops Fables…

Download Autumn Term 1 - ?· Recount/Diary Diary entries Recount ... Town Mouse and Country Mouse Aesops Fables…

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  • Autumn Term 1

    Rainbow Fish The

    Gingerbread Man

    Owl Babies

    The Shopping Basket

    Handas Surprise

    My Granny went to Market

    The three little Pigs

    Two Frogs The World is Full

    of Babies Jack and the


    Charlottes Web

    Beowulf The Adventures of Odysseus

    Goodnight Mr Tom



    Narrative Instructions

    Narrative Instructions


    Information text Narratives

    Diary entries

    Character descriptions

    Myths Non-Fiction Report

    Newspaper Reports Letters

    Diary entries

    Diary entries Newspaper Reports



    Science: Materials

    Working Scientifically. Testing which materials are waterproof?

    Science: Animals including Humans


    Scientifically: Butterfly life cycle


    Science: Animals including Humans

    Working Scientifically

    Science: Working Scientifically

    Science: Forces

    Working Scientifically

    Air resistance Water resistance

    Science: Light

    Working Scientifically

    Autumn Walk Environmental Walk/houses

    Market shopping walk

    Hardware Store Building Site Earls Court

    Project Room

    Tate Modern The Wetlands


    Hunterian Museum Farm/Zoo

    Fulham Palace Anglo Saxons


    British Museum Imperial War Museum (book in Summer

    Term) Treginnis

    Dress up day Role play area to change

    according to the book being read.

    A class play of The Three Little

    Pigs dress up in costumes

    Butterflies in the classroom

    Fruit smoothie


    Cooking workshops a healthy balanced

    meal (link with Science)

    Fancy Dress Day Anglo-Saxon launch


    Dress up day to launch the topic- The Ancient


    Question and answer session with a WW2

    Evacuee. WW2 dress up

    day/Rationed food etc.

  • My identity and skills Safe and unsafe Healthy and safe

    Awareness of feelings

    Who are our friends?

    Being different

    Healthy people Being truthful Dealing with

    conflict Money and shopping

    Emotions (dealing with pressure) Keeping safe

    Looking after others Councillors what do

    they do?

    Healthy eating Types of relationships Loss and separation


    Healthy lifestyles Relationships

    Money and saving

    Self-confidence valuing others

    Conflict resolution Secrets and dilemmas

    Money and me

    Autumn Term 2

    Bonfire Night Poems

    Pumpkin Soup Dear Santa

    Non-fiction texts about people who help us.


    The Great Fire of London (Non

    Fiction) Samuel Pepys


    Stig of the Dump The Iron Man Theres a Boy in the Girls Bathroom




    Narrative Invitations

    Narrative Letters


    Diary entries Recount Narrative

    Explanation Text (link with Science) Free Verse

    Newspaper report

    Recount Diary

    Balanced argument

    Flashback Stories Mystery Stories (descriptions)

    Explanation Writing Newspapers



    Science: Seasonal Changes


    Scientifically: Measuring

    temperature and rain.

    What do trees

    look like in autumn?

    Science: Materials

    Working Scientifically: What are the

    strongest materials to build

    houses from?

    Science: Forces and Magnets

    Working Scientifically

    Science: Electricity

    Working Scientifically

    What material makes the best

    conductor/best insulator in my

    electrical circuit?

    Science: Earth and Space

    Working Scientifically

    Measure how the Sun

    travels across the sky

    Science: Electricity

    Working Scientifically

  • Local Seasonal


    The Fire Station

    Christmas Show Pantomime Ice skating

    Monument Museum of


    Fulham Palace workshop Stone

    Aged Workshop -to be booked in


    Science Museum Science Museum Space Day

    Science Museum

    Traditional dancers to visit school.

    PC Ray to visit Fire Brigade to visit.

    Christmas Parties Party clothes/Party food

    Make book corner into Pudding Lane Bakery Make Tudor houses and set fire to them in the playground. Baked Bread

    Make the book corner into Stigs cave/dump

    Making Lamps Making a huge Iron man with working eyes.

    Meet Yuri Gregarin at science museum as launch of topic.

    Read aloud to the children in Brompton Cemetery (Setting of the book).

    *Anti bullying week*

    *Anti bullying week*

    *Anti bullying week*

    *Anti bullying week*

    *Anti bullying week* *Anti bullying week* *Anti bullying week* *Anti bullying week*

    Spring Term 1

    What the ladybird heard On the Farm

    Dear Zoo This little

    piggy went to market

    Goldilocks and the Three Bears

    Jack and the Beanstalk Cinderella

    The Jolly Postman

    The Titanic Story The Tunnel Anthony Browne.

    How to train your Dragon

    The Children of Winter A range of myths The Egyptian




    Narrative Letters Emails


    Descriptive writing Persuasive Writing

    Diary Writing/Fact-files

    Stories with historical settings/newspaper

    reports/non-chronological reports

    Myths/Narrative Hybrid Instructions

    Poetry (tbc)

  • N/A


    Science: Seasonal changes


    Scientifically: tbc

    Science: Working Scientifically: Temperature


    Scientifically: Whats the

    quickest way to melt an iceberg?

    Science: Rocks

    Working Scientifically

    Science: Living things and their habitats

    Working Scientifically

    Science: Working Scientifically

    Observation of changes

    Science: Animals including Humans

    Working Scientifically

    Battersea Park Zoo

    The Library The post office HMS Belfast Titanic Exhibition

    Sth Ken

    Natural History Museum (Fossils &


    London Walk /Fulham Walk looking for suitable habitats for a Dragon to live. Tate Modern (link

    with Art Dragons in the style of Matisse-

    not part of the Inspire unit talk to Kieran )

    Museum of London Into University Week & Trip to be arranged

    by them.

    Pet show at school (show and tell) ask Mrs Kurdi to

    bring Maverick in and any

    other animals with friendly


    Constantly change the role-play area to suit the book being

    read. Children to grow


    Meet and Greet with a postman


    emails/letters to a different country

    D&T making boats day

    Special homework family project to

    make a model Titanic

    Paper boat investigation

    Make volcanoes Hook at the beginning of the unit (before

    they know their topic) pretend that a Dragon

    has been spotted flying over the school.

    Fake CCTV Headteacher visitors.

    Walk around city of London trip to


    Mummifying Fish

    Self awareness Friendship

    Accidents and prevention Co-operative skills

    Parts of the body Losing and finding

    Sustainable development


    About my body/ keeping fit

    Making and breaking

    friendships Our school community

    Feeling sad and making choices

    Families who live far away

    Healthy relationships Where do things

    come from?

    Drug education (support from outside

    agency?) Decision making Strong feelings Persuasion and

    pressure Recycling

    Gender and differences Drug education

    (outside agency) Coping with bullying


    Drug education (outside agency)

    Arguments and family Democracy and


    Spring Term 2

  • The Enormous

    Turnip Titch

    Jack and the Beanstalk

    Room on the Broom

    Were going on a bear hunt.

    The Tiny Seed

    Town Mouse and Country Mouse

    Aesops Fables

    Poo (Non-Fiction) Examples of high

    quality Non-Chronological Reports and Instructions

    The Promise Floodland



    Poetry Fact Sheet

    Information Text Fables Non-Chronological report on a country

    Free Verse Poem Non-Chronological

    Report (All write about one part of the digestive system and make a shared class

    book). Instructions

    Stories from imaginary worlds/Persuasive texts

    Diary Persuasive writing

    Brochure Information text




    Science: Plants

    Working Scientifically. Testing which

    growing conditions are

    best for a plant? Looking at how plants change

    over time?


    Working Scientifically:


    Science: Plants

    Working Scientifically

    Science: Animals including Humans

    (Digestive System)

    Working Scientifically Does sugar really

    make my teeth rot?

    Science: Living things and their habitats/ Animals including


    Working Scientifically

    Growing conditions for


    Science: Evolution and inheritance

    Working Scientifically

    The Garden Centre

    Normand Park Kensington


    Kew Gardens Visit a village Tate Britain/

    National Gallery

    Walk around London Science Museum Who Am I? Workshop (needs to be booked

    well in advance).

    Kew Gardens Norwich?

    Outside growing activities Growing

    competition - Seeds to go

    home to grow plants at

    home and then bring in at the end of

    the topic.

    Role-play area with witches


    Bear hunt

    Planting seeds and watching them grow.

    Create an art gallery exhibition for parents to visit

    French Day USA Day UK day

    (learning about culture, food and


    Make a huge digestive system in

    the classroom using resources to show the different functions of

    the different parts (speak to Kieran for guidance part of


    Visit with workshop to Kew gardens to launch

    topic Grow own seeds to


    Debate about gangs

    Summer Term 1

  • The Train Ride

    The Naughty Bus

    Non-Fiction Texts

    Olivers Vegetables

    Jaspers beanstalk The Bed

    Tempered Ladybird

    The Gruffalo

    Farmer Duck Rumble in the


    This is London The Queens Hat

    The River Singers The River Story (Non-


    The Great Kapok Tree

    Jemmy Button Extracts from different text types including Hybrid




    Narrative Narrative Instructions

    Tourist information booklets.

    Narrative Explanation text

    Debates around protecting the

    Rainforest Persuasive writing

    Haiku Poems

    Stories from other cultures/instructions/non-chronological report

    Plan text types around gaps.



    Science: Animals including Humans



    Science: Plants

    Working Scientifically:

    What do plants need to survive?

    Science: Changing state the water

    cycle Working Scientifically

    Science: States of Matter

    Working Scientifically


    Working Scientifically


    Battersea Heliport

    Fulham Palace Richmond Park Holly Lodge

    Buckingham Palace

    Fulham Library

    River Walk through The Urban Studies


    Kew Gardens Canopy Walk

    End of SATs Celebration trip Children to decide

    Road survey Butterflies in school

    Growing and Planting outside in the growing

    area Nature Lab exploration.

    Meet and Greet Pets Bring in a

    pet day (show and tell)

    Write letters to the Queen

    Children to write stories about the Queen to be kept

    in Fulham Primary- Library


    Afternoon Tea party/Street Party

    Teacher to add Change bookcorner into a Rainforest /Classroom into a

    jungle to launch topic and create a hook.

    Imagine an archaeological

    dig/discover and come up with solutions for the


    Leavers Assembly Production

  • Developing skills Keeping well and clean

    Special people More co-operative learning

    Feeling unsure Memories and

    growing up Looking after


    Healthy eating Mums and babies Personal identity Personal safety

    Special days

    Accidents and prevention

    Drug education Special people in

    school Peer influence/

    pressure Our ideal community

    Rights and responsibility

    (Thames Explorer link)

    Exclusion/ inclusion Fundraising activities

    Setting personal goals Personal safety Being left out

    Refugee week Working together

    SRE Moving on

    Racism and its consequences Celebration

    supporting each other

    Summer Term 2

    Sharing a shell

    Smiley Shark Shark in the


    Qpootle 5 Aliens love underpants Tiddler the

    storytelling fish Walking through

    the Jungle Snowy Bear

    Whatever Next

    The Snail and the Whale

    The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch

    (series of books).

    The Thieves of Ostia

    Christophes Story

    Monkey Business (assessed end of

    year writing).

    Over the Sea, under the Moon

    The Giants Necklace




    Narrative Creative writing

    Narrative Instructions


    Narrative Instructions

    Classic Narrative

    Poetry/Stories from other Cultures




    Science: Seasonal Changes Working


    Science: Living things and their


    Working Scientifically:

    design a bug hotel

    Science: Science: Light

    Working Scientifically

    Science: Sound Working Scientifically

    What materials make

    sounder louder/quieter?

    Science: Properties and changes of

    material Working Scientifically

    Coastal erosion


    Science: Living things and their habitats

    Working Scientifically

  • The Pet shop

    Local shops

    Battersea Park Zoo

    The Transport Museum


    RNLI Chiswick

    Fulham Palace Romans workshop

    End of Year Brighton Trip

    Whole Foods Project

    Brighton End of Year Trip Hyde

    Park/Chessington World of Adventures.

    Water day Role play area to be

    transformed into a space station.

    Make their own story book and

    visit reception to read them aloud.

    Ice lolly Project

    Roman Dress up day to launch topic

    (Roman food to be served).

    Ask parent Refugees to visit school to talk

    about their experiences

    Book corner seaside theme, bunting etc


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