badges we don’t need no stinking badges (a working title)

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BadgesWe dont need no stinking badges(A working title)Gamification of HR practicesGame theory:LevelsBadgesWhy Badges?Introduction to Badge EcosystemsOverview of the value of badgesCurrent Incentive ProgramThe 10 year mark is an inflection point (boss).

Ways of accumulating points:Experience PointsCollege Credit/Degrees/Certification Levels additionClinics/conferences/conventions/workshopsProfessional leadership/local in-service activitiesEvaluation teamsStaff development goalsWork experienceDistrict Committee ParticipationConferences with expertsCo-curriculuar activitiesEditing/contributing to professional publicationsMentoring

Dont just slap a badge on itBadges used to reward high-level behaviors:Gamification helps connect the dispersed agents (teachers) with their peers, while allowing agency over their reputation by showcasing points and badges earned.All while connecting them to a vibrant community and providing a transparent, centralized location to showcase their accomplishments.What is happening right now?Who is interacting with the stuff I care about?How can I connect with similar people here? ( accessed 3.14.12)

Our High Value Behavior Focus: