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To Learn Guitar visit this link:


  • Before Learning

    to Play Guitar

    Read this before you try to start learning guitar, or you will

    probably take a difficoult way.

  • The Mental Attitude

    Commitment and Consistency, Humilty and Tranquility

    Commitment and Consistency

    Learn to play guitar is simple, but not as much as most people think.

    You can learn your first song with chord in a few days, but during that days you must practice consistency,

    not too much, but consistency.

    You can practice 20 minutes a day, 10 minutes a day or you can practice more. But if you decide to practice

    10 minutes a day... DO IT.

    If you practice consistency you will discover that learn to play guitar is really simple and fast.


    Remember, all the guitar player, at the beginning was prevented. In Italy I teach how to learn guitar online

    in Italian language, and most of my student after they see me in the video want to play the excercise like

    me and if they don't succed they think that guitar is not their job.

    False. Also the simple exercise can be made more good by a veteran than a beginner.

    When I was a beginner, I also did exercise so bad.


    Don't have too much hurry. You will see the result as soon as you think.

  • The Guitar Course

    The Best Guitar Course make the Best Result

    The Importance of the Guitar Course

    Sorry but my guitar course ( is available only in italian language :-)

    In Italy I teach guitar online with 1 course for free where I teach you to play a song in 10 days and a

    complete paid course.

    When people have finished the first lesson often put a comment like this "I try other way and techer to

    learn guitar but I understand now for the first time". You understand the difference between all guitar


    The wrong guitar course can destroy all of your enthusiasm.

    That's why the guitar course you choose is so important, ok?

    2 Only Way

    If you were Italian I would have recommended you my guitar course, because I think really that's the best in

    Italy for simplicity and velocity.

    As for the English language instead of having bought and analyzed the various courses I can say with

    certainty that you have 2 main choices that are worth following.

    The first is Jamorama (click the link). I think this is the best course in English and will explain why other pdf.

    The second is GuitarSuccess (click the link). Even this fact very well.

    If you choose one of these two courses I can assure you it will be very simple to understand and learn to

    play guitar. Best of these two guitar lessons there is none.

  • Recommendation

    If there are other friends who want to start learning to play guitar please let them read this pdf.

    David Carelse