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  • 1. The Benefits of Cloud ComputingA new era of responsiveness, effectiveness and efficiency in IT service delivery7/25/2012Benefits of Cloud Computing 1

2. Feeling Secure with IBMs track record Cloud in EuropeYun s SuccessResilient cloudvalidation Enhancing Business values ChallengesBenefits7/25/2012 Benefits of Cloud Computing 2 3. Benets of CloudIBM and customers both reap the benets of cloud computingFor CustomersFor IBM Logical Evaluation in Delivering IT Services Rapid Response to Customer NeedsShared InfrastructureIncrease inProductivity User Friendly7/25/2012Benefits of Cloud Computing3 4. Challenges in Data Center Construct7/25/2012 Benefits of Cloud Computing 4 5. Tangibly Enhances Business Value7/25/2012Benefits of Cloud Computing 5 6. Resilient Cloud Validation7/25/2012 Benefits of Cloud Computing 6 7. Cloud Computing Abroad The Success Of The Yun Platform Easy selection and implementation of cloud services.Curtailing time required to deliver new services. Allocates storage, server and network resources with zerohuman inputAchieving, achieving top performance and power utilization.7/25/2012 Benefits of Cloud Computing7 8. Cloud Computing in Europe7/25/2012Benefits of Cloud Computing 8 9. Feeling Secure With IBMs TrackRecord7/25/2012Benefits of Cloud Computing 9 10. May I help you with any clarifications?7/25/2012Benefits of Cloud Computing 10


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