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  • Benefits of cloud computing solutions and services

    Cloud Computing is all about the technology that involves various hosting services like email, data backups, or instant messaging over the Internet. Both small and large businesses can make use of this wonderful technology to enhance their business processes in a cost effective way. Perhaps, this is a boon for small scale businesses that usually have smaller IT budgets; they can take advantage of this same technology and compete with larger corporations in terms of performance and profits. However, it is important for business owners to know about the vast range of advantages of these exclusive web services.

    How can small businesses benefit largely from cloud computing technology?

    Reduced Costs Cloud computing technology provides a range of advantages to both small and medium scale businesses in terms of lowered costs. They need to pay only for what they use.

    Wide storage options Businesses can scale their storage requirements effortlessly with the help of this technology instead of going out in search of expensive and exclusive hardware.

  • Automatic updates Entrepreneurs shall leave their worries behind about paying for regular and future updates when it comes to software and hardware.

    Remote access This technology provides an excellent facility for employees to access company information stored in the companys server from anywhere and anytime instead of having to remain in the office most of the time.

    Greener computing options This system allows businesses to run more applications by using less hardware; therefore, very less energy is consumed which is vital in this age.

    Easy implementation Entrepreneurs can run their business in very less time; there is no need to implement any hardware or other components which usually takes hours to run the processes.

    Response time The system is capable of accomplishing a better response time in most of the cases compared to the standard server hardware.

    Boon for small businesses The cloud technology is highly beneficial for small companies as it helps them compete more efficiently with the larger businesses, thus balancing the playing field.

    Durability and performance Businesses can run their websites as well as SaaS applications at a quicker rate with the benefits of utilizing such a durable service.

    Hosted Exchange - A significant cloud computing service

    Cloud based email is also called hosted exchange; it provides every individual associated with a business to gain access to his or her company email from anywhere with the help of an Internet connection. To make this possible, businesses need to buy their own business email server and establish an exchange by themselves. Everything gets hosted in a secure data centre for a simple monthly cost that is generally predictable and controllable.

    The various features of a cloud based email include:

    No contracts

    No limits on mailbox storage

    Nightly email backups

    Filtering of SPAM and virus email

  • Creating public folders

    Excellent mobile device support

    Microsoft Outlook

    24x7 onsite support

    Almost 100% uptime

    When you are looking for a cloud technology service provider, make sure you look for the wide variety of features and facilities they offer.

    Complete cloud is easily the best web solutions and services provider in Australia who offers excellent cloud computing services to its clients. Its cloud technology services are reliable, durable as well as cost effective.


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