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  1. 1. Have you ever played a game to score well Did it ever happened that you are playing for fun and enjoyment and you have scored a High Score ?
  2. 2. Activity 1 - Name of activity - Round round activity Group sitting arrangement - Sit in groups of ten in 7 round circles Requisite - Cut the 40 question slips for next activity FOLD THEM Cut the group names as well to distribute later. Medals This is just a warm up exercise, it does not have any Medals. Demonstrate with one random group
  3. 3. Rules In the round circle, one person starts counting the numbers starting with 1. the person sitting on the left has to say DO (two in hindi) the next to the left has to say Three, the next on the left has to say chaar (four in hindi) The candidate who makes a mistake has to start again with a random number form anything between 1 and 20 +Three
  4. 4. Learning The message and the language This activity clearly explains the importance of implicit learning which affects the communication skills, as one finds it very difficult to decide on what to concentrate, either the content or the message and the language to be used. As human mind is very weak when it comes to concentrating at two things simultaneously to which it is not accustomed. Ask the participants to create a six and a circle using limbs.
  5. 5. The ideal situation is the scenario when you know about what you are going to say(the message and the statements are forming in the real time. The best example of the same is when we are talking to someone when we are angry. People are really great at scolding in English
  6. 6. Activity 2 Name of activity Click Clock Activity Group sitting arrangement - Sit in groups of ten, 7 round circles Requisite - Distribute - 40 questions click clock folded Demonstrate with one random group Medals No Medals
  7. 7. Rules First step as the candidate are sitting, name them as digits in a sequence from 1 to10 Now the odds are initiator and evens are listener (speakers will stand while speaking) The odd numbered candidates (alternate ones) has to unfold the question and frame the answer in their own head in form of 3 statements. Now the candidate has to state their name and the answer to the question in 3 statement in the ear of listener sitting left to them.
  8. 8. Implies the candidate numbered 1 will speak in the ear of candidate number 2 and the candidate number 3 will be speaking the answer in the ear of candidate number 4 at the same time. And in the same manner all the odd numbered candidates are speaking the answer in the ears of all consecutive even numbers sitting left to them. Now the listener(here number 2 will pass 3 statements heard from 1 in the ear of the candidate numbered 3. Similarly at the same time the candidate numbered 4 is passing the answer heard from candidate number 3 and so on. This process keeps on following till every candidate gets his own answer back.
  9. 9. Identify the difference and the similarity in the answer spoken by him initially. Now Exchange the slips with other groups. Now the Evens are speakers and odds are listeners Learning - This activity also clearly reflects the importance of message and the language, if the language will be good, the message will be clear, and if the message will be good, it would me impactful. It enhances effective listening. Error identification. Identifying the message. +Two
  10. 10. Next part Demonstrate with one random group Play the same activity, but with one statement as an answer Try to retain the message But change the language completely + two Learning Makes a learner strong in understanding the message and real time statement formation.
  11. 11. Activity 3 Name of activity story out of nowhere Group sitting arrangement - Sit in groups 4 Please take care of gender distribution equality in each group. Quickly name all the groups and every individual has to write the name of participants. Requisite - Distribute the images from the cuttings Demonstrate with one random group
  12. 12. Medals- the best and the most funny story nominated by all will be awarded 4 medal in each round. To be equally distributed among all the members. Please write down your own medal tally and the name of the activity. Rules Construct a Story out of the provided images Please make this sure - The story has to be meaning full and should relate all the images effectively. And every group has to present the story in front of everyone, + Three
  13. 13. Next round Jumble up the images.
  14. 14. Activity 4 Name of activity what others think about it ? Group sitting arrangement - Sit in groups of 4 Requisite The topics are mentioned in the next slide Medals the group whose conclusions and reasoning is strong will win 4 awards. To be equally distributed among participants Please start your audio recorder in your smartphones. Demonstrate with one random group
  15. 15. Rules It is completely similar to a group discussion. The objective of this activity is to convince all the members to one single conclusion of the whole discussion. Everyone should discuss and argue and say a conclusive statements of opinion with a reason Demonstrate with one random group please to clear how conclusive statement of opinion with a reason works. Strictly - Rank all the participants within every group on the basis of their contribution and involvement.
  16. 16. Should men help women in kitchen or not ?
  17. 17. Next round If a husband gets a scolding from wife on regular basis, what should he do ?
  18. 18. Learning - Whenever we speak something there is a subconscious reason behind it, the reason to why we think so, or why we believe so. The same reason is actually the pillar of our opinion, and if the pillar is strong then one can back their opinions in a very strong manner. This is the key to abstract thinking. Abstract thinking is important because if your statement is grounded to reality and with a FACT then there is a higher probability that as a speaker you will be appreciated and you will never get confused while speaking as well.
  19. 19. Surprise = Now from every group the 3rd and the fourth ranked will be the representatives of that particular group, have to convince the other groups and deliver the whole idea and conclusion of the group discussion. 3rd will present the conclusion for topic number 1 and the 4th will present topic number 2. (flip alternatively for other groups) While one person is demonstrating their opinion in front of others, any member from any group can challenge their opinion.
  20. 20. Next round Get the activity done, but all the thirds and fourths can be allocated to different pairs now, as a second opportunity To improve the chances to win. + 3 times.
  21. 21. Activity 5 - Name of activity The dice of words Group sitting arrangement - Sit in groups 4 Requisite - none Please start your individual audio recorders. Demonstrate with one random group Medals No Medals
  22. 22. Rules I will give a line of the story to start to the first person of the group and the moment I will shout- stop: Left or right the corresponding person of my instruction has to continue the story according to that. Demonstration - And then the hen started to lay vanilla chocolates, the chocolates were tasty,
  23. 23. And then I saw the ghost in the dark, he was eating my favorite ice cream.
  24. 24. Next round Only fish were allowed to hunt the lions
  25. 25. Learning - Active listening and active speaking in real time, enhances the imagination and statement formation practice instantaneously.
  26. 26. Activity 6 - Name of activity The what if activity Group sitting arrangement - Sit in groups of 4 Requisite - Topics will be communicated later in the slide Please start your individual audio recorders. Medals In the end we will again ask the groups to answer the what ifs and the best and the most reasonable group will win 4 medals, distributed equally.
  27. 27. Rules We will communicate few topics to you And every group has to discuss and come up with the most creative but reasonable answers to the topics just in 5 minutes.
  28. 28. what if there was no gravity on earth, what if ghost are real but do not harm humans, what will happen if god decides to stop taking care of earth
  29. 29. What if there was you were a ginnie ? What if there was no mathematics on earth What if you are the one who eats delicious food and your mother in law gains the weight for the same.
  30. 30. Learning This activity again enhances the imagination and formation of new statements. Normally we can answer ordinary questions of life because we can borrow the statements and words which were used in earlier thoughts. But when we have to answer the questions we are not used to of, then our brain is forced think of new statements.
  31. 31. Activity 7- Name of activity Like a star Group sitting arrangement - Sit in groups of 4 Requisite - Please start your individual audio recorders. Demonstrate with one random group
  32. 32. Rules - what if you were given a choice to be reborn as a celebrity, candidate number 1 has to name themselves as the celebrity of their choice, explain why this personality suits you the best and what same qualities do you posses to be worthy candidate number 3 will take the TV interview of the candidate number 2
  33. 33. and candidate number 1 has to ask silly questions from the celebrity and candidate number 4 has to act as the personal assistant of celebrity and try to stop the candidate 2 to ask such silly questions. Now this process will go clockwise as all the candidates will have the


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