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  1. 1. Beyond Digital: Transforming the Institution An afternoon with two teams University of Bradford Liverpool John Moores 30 July 20151 #iwmwm15 #B1
  2. 2. Themes/topics Intros and overviews Current priorities, opportunities and challenges Web versus digital: the changing shape of online activities in HE Governance and ownership Content creation and curation Adoption of standards Personalisation Working with external agencies Managing expectations (of senior colleagues!) Beyond Digital: key themes and next steps 30 July 2015 #iwmwm15 #B12
  3. 3. Welcome and introductions Liverpool John Moores University University of Bradford 30 July 2015 #iwmwm15 #B13
  4. 4. Hello from Bradford Who we are and where were from! Claire Paddy Katie Anna 30 July 2015 #iwmwm15 #B14
  5. 5. University of Bradford: Web Team Web Team Claire, Paddy, Katie, Anna Based in central Marketing (External Affairs) History of the Web Team (abridged!) Web resources across university (but no line management) Sysadmin/backend in IT Mobile/app in IT Social media and video in Comms 30 July 2015 #iwmwm15 #B15
  6. 6. Directorate of External Affairs 30 July 20156 Director Mark S Garratt Head of Admissions, UK and Eire Recruitment and Outreach Claire Pryke PA Rachael Sunter Head of Marketing Anna White Head of Communications Emma Bridge Head of Alumni & Development TBC Head of International Billy Mitchell Head of Arts on Campus Iain Bloomfield Head of Events and Partnerships Eleanor Clyde-Evans #iwmwm15 #B1
  7. 7. Marketing 30 July 2015 #iwmwm15 #B17 Head of Marketing CRM Manager CRM Assistant Manager CRM Co-ordinator Web & Content Manager Senior Web Developer Web Content Editor Web Assistant Copy Quality Editor Publications Officer 0.6 Research Analyst Marketing Manager PG/Intl Marketing Manager UG Digital Marketing Manager TBC Compliance Manager
  8. 8. Current priorities, opportunities and challenges Transforming the Institution Liverpool John Moores University of Bradford 30 July 2015 #iwmwm15 #B18
  9. 9. University of Bradford Priorities Iterative programme of web developments not big bang Roll out of new brand layout and design templates New external home page team approach Atomic design Funding for World Class website project might change emphasis after IWMW! Single point of truth course information (XCRi) Digital campaigns Opportunities Collaborative working 10 year Corporate Strategy and vision Challenges Digital literacy (students and staff) Understanding end to end processes across the institution Authorship too many? Lack of vision at more granular level Service versus strategy Conflicting priorities Where we are based? 30 July 2015 #iwmwm15 #B19
  10. 10. Web Versus Digital: the changing shape of online activities in HEIs 30 July 2015 #iwmwm15 #B110
  11. 11. Bradford Web Officer > Web Manager > Web and Marketing Manager > Web and Content Manager Blur boundaries necessity Is there a common understanding of what digital is? Content strategy shared vision Central and Faculty (hub and spoke?) Systems and UX/front end Where does web sit? 30 July 2015 #iwmwm15 #B111
  12. 12. Governance and Ownership 30 July 2015 #iwmwm15 #B112
  13. 13. Bradford Central and department Collaborative not authoritative (not quite hub and spoke) Moderators and Contributors CMA Guidance scrutiny and on SMT radar Devolved Time and skills Training Policies Single points of truth (lack of!) Definitive data and information Workflows Single points of success/failure 30 July 2015 #iwmwm15 #B113
  14. 14. Content Creation and Curation 30 July 2015 #iwmwm15 #B114
  15. 15. Bradford Content strategy (again) Online and offline (all touch-points) Many authors yet not enough (of the right) content Many authors = inconsistencies Expert voice Content format and channel Sharable content Telling the story but can be difficult to find the stories in the first place #teambradford Ties in with governance 30 July 2015 #iwmwm15 #B115
  16. 16. Adoption of Standards 30 July 2015 #iwmwm15 #B116
  17. 17. Bradford XCRi-CAP E-prospectus standard (BS 8581) BS 8878 Web Accessibility Code of Practice Cyber Security ISO 27001 (Information Security) 30 July 2015 #iwmwm15 #B117
  18. 18. Personalisation 30 July 2015 #iwmwm15 #B118
  19. 19. Bradford Online and offline Your Bradford: red carpet way in to our web content driven by CRM activity e.g. emails Tailored content to their interests and geography Growing theme 30 July 2015 #iwmwm15 #B119
  20. 20. Working with External Agencies 30 July 2015 #iwmwm15 #B120
  21. 21. Bradford Azorus (CRM) TerminalFour (CMS) SiteImprove (Web Governance) Click4Assistance (Live Chat) Design and print Agency Day 30 July 2015 #iwmwm15 #B121
  22. 22. Managing Expectations (of Senior Colleagues!) 30 July 2015 #iwmwm15 #B122
  23. 23. Bradford Often (ex) academics Not digital natives Know their priorities Have data to hand be on front foot No jargon dont try and be clever (or defensive!) Ive seen X do Y we should do it! Dont say no say how about we try this instead! Managing up to get air-time 30 July 2015 #iwmwm15 #B123
  24. 24. Beyond Digital: key themes and next steps 30 July 2015 #iwmwm15 #B124
  25. 25. Wrap up and close 30 July 2015 #iwmwm15 #B125
  26. 26. Thanks! 30 July 2015 #iwmwm15 #B126
  27. 27. 30 July 2015 #iwmwm15 #B127


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