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BKF Recovery Software Recovery Solution for Corrupt Windows .bkf file

BKF Recovery Software

This software have three scanning mode, they are:

Go for Quick Scan modeto recover BKF file data.For resolving minimal corruption issues.

For tackling with severe backup file corruption. You have to scan the BKF file toResolve the corruption issue.

You will have to provide a range in percentage ratio for data to be analysed and recovered.Quick ScanRange based scanDeep Scan

Considering the scenario of Corrupt Windows BKF file

Virus or bug attack to the system.

Unknow system shutdown.

Consistent power failure.

Plug-out the pen-drive or external drive from a computer before complete transfer.

Unauthorised user plug the infected pendrive or external drive to the system.

Improper create of Windows BKF file.

Its a headache!#

Process of recovery of Corrupt Windows BKF file with the help of BKF Recovery Software :

Download the BKF Recovery Software and install it.

Run the BKF Recovery software and choose Scan file option from menu bar.

This software allow to scan at three different mode of corrupt windows .bkf file as I am already mention on the starting.

Show you the status of process in details.

After all this process, you can preview your data without missing any information from it.

Now, you can save your data at desired folder by simply browsing it.

I hope that this is the complete solution of Corrupt Windows BKF file.

Specification: No File Size Limitation Tested Successful Recovery Up To 30 TB (.bkf) File.

3 Recovery Modes Quick, Advanced & Range Based Scan

Save Re-scanning Time with Save & Load Recovery Snapshot Option

Also Restore data from Symantec Backup Exec of Windows8.1/8/7/XP

Option to View Recoverable File Names from the Damaged Backup File

Allows Quick Search within Recovered Backup File to Easily Locate a File

.NET framework 2.0, Minimum 64 MB of space

on hard drive.

File system Supported :- MS Backup or BKF file

created using NTBackup.exe or VERITAS Backup.

Support operating System:-

Windows 97/98/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10

Demo vs Licensed Version Tool : In demo version of BKF recovery tool, user can extract their data from backup file but they cannot save. Licensed version of software allows users to extract and save their data.

Download link: http://www.bkf-recovery.org/