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<ul><li> 1. Improving Security with Blast- Protective Fabrics </li> <li> 2. Advanced Fabric Technologies, LLC AFT holds the exclusive license to market &amp; manufacture ZetixTM blast-mitigation &amp; ballistic fabrics in the Western Hemisphere AFT has first right of refusal for marketing &amp; manufacturing internationally Advanced Fabric Technologies, LLC 222 Pennbright, Suite 155 Houston, TX 7709o +1 (281) 872-7272 </li> <li> 3. Zetix Background Patented auxetic technology Development partners: Inventor Patrick Hook, University of Exeter, and Dow Corning, Ltd. UK MoD testing, 2007-2010 Only fabric that stops glass, debris and metal shrapnel from explosions </li> <li> 4. How It Works 1. Auxetic principle: Stretch a bungee cord and it gets thinner But wrap a string around it and it expands when stretched 2. Weaving wrapped fibers with composites creates fabric that thickens and strengthens when hit by explosive forces </li> <li> 5. ZetixTM Adaptability ZetixTM may be interwoven with other materials (fire-retardants, telemetry, fiber optics, etc.) to address specific issues for custom applications Inclusion of such special materials does not affect its auxetic properties ZetixTM fabric is available in a variety of widths, from 20 to 120 </li> <li> 6. Current Applications Blast curtains Vehicle &amp; aircraft ballistic seats Spall liners Blast/fragmentation screening Portable vehicle armor Enhanced body armor Bomb disposal blankets &amp; protective gear Military tent liners </li> <li> 7. Special Vehicle Applications Dash Panels Seat Coverings Door Panels Floors </li> <li> 8. Future Applications Self-adjusting filtration systems Torque &amp; stress measurement Medical (bandages, medication delivery, vital signs sensors) Battlefield uniform technology Aviation &amp; aerospace Construction </li> <li> 9. Zetix Specifications Plain-woven, weft-insertion of auxetic yarns Core: 0.6 mm polyester monofilament Warps: 940 Dtex ballistic Nylon Wraps: 375 denier Spectra Thickness: ~1mm Weight: 250-650 gsm (gram/m2), depending on weave density Hazard rating (window glass &amp; 100kg TNT- equivalent blast at 20 meters): Low hazard </li> <li> 10. Zetix vs. Conventional Blast Fabric (Car Bomb Test) </li> <li> 11. Zetix vs. 8 Consecutive Grenade Blasts Grenade shrapnel strike point on single layer of Zetix after 8 consecutive grenade blasts from 1 meter showing Zero shrapnel penetration despite heat damage. </li> <li> 12. Testing Schedule Week of Test Group Location Test 4/5/2010 MoD UK UK Blast Curtain Test Aberdeen, 4/12/2010 Drash MD Military Tent Blast Test Ross Technologies, ISC Requirement for Blast 4/19/2010 Martintek Albuquerque Curtains 4/19/2010 Ross Technologies Albuquerque IED Shrapnel Test 4/26/2010 MSA Paraclete North V-50 Test Carolina </li> <li> 13. Grenade Test Zetix ballistic-protection fabric Provided excellent protection Eight grenades at almost point blank range failed to penetrate the Zetix fabrics Sunshield tent fabric Provided no protection </li> <li> 14. Military/Security Evaluators Drash (tents) Jankel (special vehicles) UK Ministry of Defense (blast curtains) MSA Paraclete (body armor) Ross Technologies (building security systems) Norplex Micarta (ballistic panels) Armor Factory (body armor) </li> <li> 15. Zetix Manufacturing Multiple sources Manufactured in USA &amp; Canada North Americas preeminent quality volume weavers of engineered composite fabrics </li> <li> 16. Strategic Partnership License Zetix -- Best Available Technology for Special Vehicles blast protection Preferred supply position Access to planned future expansion of Zetix ballistic &amp; sensing capabilities </li> <li> 17. The ZetixTM Advantage Zetix, based on groundbreaking auxetic technology, represents a completely new approach to blast-mitigation and ballistic protection. It is the only material on the market that automatically adjusts its strength and thickness in response to explosive forces. --David OKeefe CEO Advanced Fabric Technologies </li> </ul>


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