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Introduction to blogs, wikis, and nings for beginners. Presented to my staff December 2, 2009.


<ul><li> 1. Blogs &amp; Wikis &amp; Nings, oh my!<br />By Steve Katz<br />December 2, 2009<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Objectives<br />Provide a basic knowledge of blogs, wikis, &amp; nings.<br />Active participation (from you).<br />Enable you to choose which is best for your class.<br />Create your own.<br /> 3. All Links Provided<br />Go to<br />Click on the School-Wide Presentations link<br />This presentation &amp; all links are provided<br /> 4. Social Network (Ning)<br />Like Facebook, but for whatever you want.<br />Personal profile<br />Can participate in discussions<br />Post messages, blogs, videos, and photos<br />Have friends<br />Join groups<br />Apps, widgets, &amp; chat<br /> 5. Some Nings<br />Classroom 2.o<br />The CUE Community<br />Vid Snacks<br />K12 Online Conference<br />Star Quest Production Network<br />CDS<br /> 6. Ning Features<br />Especially good for writing<br />Blogs<br />Threaded Discussions<br />Groups<br />Various posting options<br />Community<br />No longer writing for the teacher<br /> 7. Should I use a Ning?<br />Does it fit with your project?<br />Features?<br />Flexibility?<br />Privacy?<br />Should I make my own?<br />Join the CDS ning?<br />?<br /> 8. Wikis<br />Wiki = quick<br />Website <br />Easily editable<br />WYSIWYG<br />Embed other items<br /><br /> 9. Popular Wikis<br />Wikipedia<br />Wikispaces<br />PBWorks<br />Wet Paint<br /> 10. Example Wikis<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> 11. Wiki Features<br />Collaborative posting<br />Threaded discussion<br />Multimedia<br /> 12. How can you use it in class?<br />Resource Creation<br />Student Participation<br />Group Projects<br />Student Interaction<br />For the Classroom<br />Community<br /> 13. Blogs<br />Public (or private) forum for writing<br />Displayed in reverse chronological order<br />Feedback/comments<br /> 14. Popular Blogs<br />Wordpress<br />Class Blogmeister<br />Posterous<br />Edublogs<br />Blogger<br /> 15. Sample Blogs<br />Panther Online Press (POP)<br />World Cultures &amp; Language Arts<br />CLC Ambassadors 5<br />Literature Blog<br />Ms. Fernandez<br />Miss Falkensterns Class<br /> 16. Features<br />Post text &amp; various media<br />Comments <br />Categorize postings<br />Various templates to choose from<br />Add widgets<br /> 17. How can you use it in class?<br />Writing<br />Feedback on writing<br />Showcase student work<br />Sharing with students &amp; parents<br />Post assignments<br /> 18. Credits<br /></p>