bonfire competition these are all the entries [ i thought you might want to see them ]

Download Bonfire Competition These Are All The Entries [ I Thought You Might Want To See Them ]

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  • Bonfire CompetitionThese Are All The Entries[ I Thought You Might Want To See Them ]

  • Why! I am doing this because I thought it would be nice for other reporters to see all the entries for my competition. I think these entries are all brilliant but I can only choose 3 runners up and 1 winner. I write in brackets winner and runner up if they won or are a runner up!

  • Racing Cow! Racing Cow did a really cool design dont you think? It looks like you are actually at the place where its happening, Well Done Racing Cow!Runner Up Racing Cow

  • Exogie! Exogie decided to do two designs which is absolutely fine with me, I think these designs are brilliant and he did them on a website! Brilliant work Exogie!Winner Is Exogie

  • Timbo! Timbo made this picture on paint, I think it is very good, She is great at doing letters on the computer with a mouse, Super work Timbo!Runner up

  • Cupz! Cupz made an awesome picture for the competition, Dont you think, Must of taken her ages, Cool Picture Cupz

  • The Legend Wow! Look at these pictures The Legend found. The picture with the face inside isnt him! Lovely work The Legend!Runner Up The Legend

  • RollerCoasterGirl RollerCoasterGirlFound 5 pictures of the internet. She managed to find some really pretty pictures dont you agree! Good Effort RollerCoasterGirl!!!( This will take up 2 pages)

  • Continued with RollerCoasterGirls Pics

  • Manutd101Manutd101 choose five pictures which look brilliant! Dont you think so! Brill bonfire Pics

  • Thanks For Watching Hope you liked thisPowerpoint!!!!!!