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Version 3.0By Rolfe Kolbe

Book Creator:

- text + 50 bonus fonts - images from your iPad - video from your device - music or narration - annotations and drawings - shapes, speech bubbles - links - backgrounds - a soundtrack

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Book Creator:

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Creating with Book Creator is very easy and achieves an awesome outcome!

- How to create books - Tips and tricks to get it right - Some ideas for learning

This book explores:

Add Content: "Inspector"

The "inspector" (i button) allows for fine tuning and adjusting of elements.

Page Settings:

With nothing selected, click the inspector - Add a background colour - Add a background pattern. - Enable soundtrack if desired Remember simple is good!

Page Settings:

The page menu up the top allows you to duplicate, rearrange and delete pages. Do this by choosing edit and then click a page or drag it around.

More with Pages:


- Go back to "my books" - Name your masterpiece - Then export, email or airdrop: as an eBook, PDF or movie! Note: PDFs can be printed but no audio or video The movie files are very clever, audio and video play automatically and time for each page is adjusted accordingly!

Locking elements helps structure a page and stops little hands accidentally moving elements around as they add their stuff. To lock an element, first push it to the back then lock in place.

Further Tips!

Book Creator:

There are so many great ways that book creator can be used. Presenting work, help guides ahhh books! One other awesome feature is that books created in Book Creator can be edited in BC. So template starters for books can be made easily!

Book Creator for learning!

Book Creator:

This is soooo cool!

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