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Call No. Author (Sorted by) Title Pub. DateBooks sorted by Author - C

909 Cah Cahill, Thomas Gifts of the Jews, The: How a Tribe of Desert Nomads Changed the WayEveryone Thinks and Feels


941.5 Cah Cahill, Thomas How the Irish Saved Civilization; the Untold Story of Ireland's Heroic Role from theFall of Rome to the Rise of Medieval Europe


616.8 Cai Cail, Mary M. All-weather Friend's Guide to Alzheimer's Disease, The; Staying Connected toLoved Ones with Dementia and their Caregivers


LP M Cai Cain, Chelsea Heart Sick 2007155.2 Cai Caine, Susan Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking 2012M Cal Caldwell, Ian & Dustin

ThomasonRule of Four, The 2004

F Cal Calisher, Hortense Sunday Jews 2002155 Cal Callahan, Maggie &

Patricia KelleyFinal Gifts 1997

F Cal Callahan, Tess April and Oliver 2009F Cam Camden, Elizabeth Rose of Winslow Street 2012M Cam Cameron, Dana Grave Consequences 2002LP F Cam Camp, Candace Courtship Dance, The 2009LP F Cam Camp, Candace Dangerous Man, A 2007M Cam Campbell, Drusilla Blood Orange 2005q 570 Cam Campbell, Neil A. Biology: Concepts and Connections 2005B Cam Campbell, Will D. Brother to a Dragonfly 1977B Ken Canellos, Peter S., ed. Last Lion; the Fall and Rise of Ted Kennedy 2009LP B Ken Canellos, Peter S., ed. Last Lion: the Fall and Rise of Ted Kennedy 2009LP 810 Chi Canfield, Jack and Mark

Victor HansenSecond Helping of Chicken Soup for the Soul, A 1995

M Can Cannell, Dorothy Bridesmaids Revisited 2000M Can Cannell, Stephen J. On the Grind 2008

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Call No. Author (Sorted by) Title Pub. DateBooks sorted by Author - C

M Can Cannell, Stephen J. White Sister 2006B Rea Cannon, Lou President Reagan: The Role of a Lifetime 1991940.1 Can Cantor, Norman F. Medieval History 1969909 Can Cantor, Norman F., ed Jewish Experience, The 1996F Cap Capote, Truman Christmas Memory, One Christmas, and The Thanksgiving Visitor, A 1989364 Cap Capote, Truman In Cold Blood 1965F Cap Capote, Truman Music for Chameleons, New Writing 1998808.83 Car Caras, Roger Roger Caras' Treasury of Great Cat Stories 1987LP 636 Car Caras, Roger A. Cat Is Watching, A 1989F Car Card, Orson Scott Crystal City, The 2003LP F Car Carlyle, Liz Tempted All Night 2009B Joh Caro, Robert A. Passage of Power, The 2012B Joh Caro, Robert A. Path to Power, The 1982920 Car Caroli, Betty Boyd First Ladies 1987973.923 Car Caroli, Betty Boyd Lady Bird and Lyndon; the Hidden Story of a Marriage That Made a President 2015B Car Carpenter, Gordon L. Marine's Little Red Bible, A n.d.B Car Carpenter, Gordon L. Story of My Life in a Nutshell, The n.d.B Car Carpenter, Gordon L. Turning My Life Back from WWII Days until Now and Looking to the Future n.d.LP B Car Carpenter, Scott and Kris

StoeverFor Spacious Skies; the Uncommon Journey of a Mercury Astronaut 2002

975.6 Car Carr, Dawson Cape Hatteras Lighthouse: Sentinel of the Shoals 1991LP 364 Car Carr, Howie Brothers Bulger, The: How They Terrorized and Corrupted Boston for a Quarter


LP F Car Carr, Philippa Daughters of England 1995R 423 Car Carroll, David Dictionary of Foreign Terms in the English Language 1973253 Car Carroll, Jackson W. As One with Authority; Reflective Leadership in Ministry 2011

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Call No. Author (Sorted by) Title Pub. DateBooks sorted by Author - C

253 Car Carroll, Jackson W. God's Potters: Pastoral Leadership and the Shaping of Congregations 2006282 Car Carroll, James Practicing Catholic 2009616.1 Car Carter, Albert Howard III Our Human Hearts; a Medical and Cultural Journey 2006810.8 Car Carter, Graydon, ed. Bohemians, Bootleggers, Flapper, and Swells; the Best of Early Vanity Fair; ed. by

Graydon Carter with David Friend2014

811 Car Carter, Jimmy Always a Reckoning and Other Poems 1995B Car Carter, Jimmy Full Life, A; Reflections at Ninety 2015F Car Carter, Jimmy Hornet's Nest, The 2003B Car Carter, Jimmy Hour Before Daylight, An 2001240 Car Carter, Jimmy Living Faith 1998306 Car Carter, Jimmy Our Endangered Values; America's Moral Crisis 2005305.2 Car Carter, Jimmy Virtues of Aging, The 1998LP F Car Carter, Nevada Frontier Steel 1983M Car Carter, Philip Altar of Bones 2011M Car Carter, Stephen L. Emperor of Ocean Park, The 2002M Car Carter, Stephen L. New England White 2007F Car Carter, Stephen L. Palace Council 2008F Cas Cash, Wiley Last Ballad, The 2017LP F Cas Cassady, Claude Man from Tucson, The 1978810 Cas Cassill, R.V. Norton Anthology of Short Fiction. 2d ed. 1981M Cas Castle, Richard Frozen Heat 2012F Cat Cather, Willa Death Comes for the Archbishop 1927LP F Cat Cather, Willa Death Comes for the Archbishop 1983973.7 Cat Catton, Bruce Army of the Potomac, The: Mr. Lincoln's Army 1962973.7 Cat Catton, Bruce Army of the Potomac, The: Terrible Swift Sword 1963973.7 Cat Catton, Bruce Army of the Potomac,The: Glory Road 1962

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Call No. Author (Sorted by) Title Pub. DateBooks sorted by Author - C

326 Cec Cecelski, David S. Fire of Freedom, The; Abraham Galloway and the Slaves' Civil War 2012F Cha Chabon, Michael Moonglow; a Novel 2016B Cha Chacour, Elias with

David HazardBlood Brothers; the Unforgettable Story of a Palestinian Christian Working forPeace in Israel


F Cha Chadwick, Elizabeth Lady of the English; One Queen, One Empress, and the Crown That WouldDefine them Both


973.9 Cha Chaffin, Tom Sea of Gray 2006B Gol Chalberg, John Emma Goldman: American Individualist 1991M Cha Challis, Joanna Murder on the Cliffs 2009F Cha Chamberlain, Diane Silent Sister, The 2014R 355 Oxf Chambers, John

Whiteclay II, ed.Oxford Companion to American Military History, The 1999

LP M Cha Chandler, Raymond High Window, The 1942796.323 Cha Chansky, Art Game Changers; Dean Smith, Charlie Scott, and the Era That Transformed a

Southern College Town2016

332 Cha Chapman, Peter Last of the Imperious Rich, The; Lehman Brothers, 1844-2008 2010F Cha Chappell, Fred Farewell, I'm Bound to Leave You 1996F Cha Chappell, Fred I Am One of You Forever 1985F Cha Chappell, Fred Look Back All the Green Valley 1999796.357 Cha Charlton, Jim Who, What, When, Where, Why and How of Baseball, The. Revised and updated 1999B L'En Chase, Carole F. Madeleine L'Engle, Suncatcher: Spiritual Vision of a Storyteller 1995B Che Cheek, Gene Color of Love: A Mother's Choice in the Jim Crow South 2006951.05 Che Chen, Da Sounds of the River; a Young Man's University Days in Beijing 2002B Mad Cheney, Lynne James Madison; a Life Reconsidered 2014951.05 Che Cheng, Nien Life and Death in Shanghai 1986B Ham Chernow, Ron Alexander Hamilton 2004B Gra Chernow, Ron Grant 2017

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Call No. Author (Sorted by) Title Pub. DateBooks sorted by Author - C

B Was Chernow, Ron Washington: A Life 2010M Che Chernozemsky, Vladimir Goodbye Evilwood; the Murders in Tinseltown 2006M Che Chesney, Marion Snobbery with Violence 2003973.7 Che Chestnut, Mary Boykin

MillerMary Chesnut's Civil War 1981

F Che Chevalier, Tracy Girl With a Pearl Earring 2001F Che Chevalier, Tracy Lady and the Unicorn 2004F Chi Chiaverini, Jennifer Elm Creek Quilts Collection, An; Three Novels in the New York Times Best-selling


F Chi Chiaverini, Jennifer Fates and Traitors; a Novel of John Wilkes Booth 2016F Chi Chiaverini, Jennifer Lost Quilter, The 2009F Chi Chiaverini, Jennifer Mrs. Grant and Madame Jule; a Novel 2015F Chi Chiaverini, Jennifer Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker; a Novel 2013F Chi Chiaverini, Jennifer Mrs. Lincoln's Rival 2014LP F Chi Chiaverini, Jennifer New Year's Quilt, The: An Elm Creek Quilts Novel 2007F Chi Chiaverini, Jennifer Quilter's Holiday, A 2009R 808 Chi Chicago. University Chicago Manual of Style, The. 16th edition 2010R 808 Chi Chicago. University Manual of Style, A: For Authors, Editors, and Copywriters. 1969B Chi Child, Julia with Alex

PrudhommeMy Life in France 2006

M Chi Child, Lee 61 Hours 2010M Chi Child, Lee Affair, The 2011M Chi Child, Lee Bad Luck and Trouble 2007M Chi Child, Lee Gone Tomorrow 2009M Chi Child, Lee Hard Way, The 2006M Chi Child, Lee Killing Floor 1997

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Call No. Author (Sorted by) Title Pub. DateBooks sorted by Author - C

M Chi Child, Lee Make Me 2015M Chi Child, Lee Midnight Line, The 2017M Chi Child, Lee Midnight Line, The; a Jack Reacher Novel 2017M Chi Child, Lee Never Go Back 2013M Chi Child, Lee Night School; a Jack Reacher Novel 2016M Chi Child, Lee No Middle Name; the Complete Collected Jack Reacher Stories 2017M Chi Child, Lee Nothing to Lose 2008M Chi Child, Lee Personal 2014M Chi Child, Lee Wanted Man, A 2012M Chi Child, Lincoln Deep Storm: A Novel 2007M Chi Child, Lincoln Forgotten Room, The; a Novel 2015M Chi Child, Lincoln Full Wolf Moon 2017590 Chi Childs, Craig Animal Dialogues, The; Uncommon Encounters in the Wild 2007M Chi Childs, Laura Blood Orange Brewing 2006M Chi Childs, Laura Death by Darjeeling 2001128 Chi Chittister, Joan Between the Dark and the Daylight 2015200 Chi Chittister, Joan Gift of Years, The; Growing Older Gracefully 2008636 Chi Chittister, Joan Two Dogs and a Parrot; What our Animal Friends Can Teach Us about Life 2015975.6 Chr Christensen, Rob Paradox of Tar Heel Politics, The; the Personalities, Elections, and Events that

Shaped Modern North Carolina2008

M Chr Christie, Agatha A. B. C. Murders, The 1967M Chr Christie, Agatha Five Complete Novels of Murder and Detection 1986LP M Chr Christie, Agatha Miss Marple: The Complete Short Stories n.d.LP M Chr Christie, Agatha Murder at the Manor: Crooked House, Ordeal