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<p></p> <p>STUDY ENGLISH WORLDWIDEThe experience of a lifetimeUNITED KINGDOM IRELAND USA CANADA AUSTRALIA NEW ZEALAND MALTA</p> <p>2012</p> <p>Ireland34 Dublin</p> <p>Canada44 45 Vancouver Toronto</p> <p>UK24 25 26 27 28 29 London - Covent Garden London - Leicester Square Bath Salisbury Cambridge Oxford Bournemouth Torquay Manchester Edinburgh</p> <p>USA46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 Boston Harvard Square Northeastern University New York - Midtown New York - Empire State New York - East Village Philadelphia Washington, DC Miami Chicago</p> <p>56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66</p> <p>Illinois Institute of Technology Seattle Highline Community College Portland San Francisco Berkeley San Diego Santa Barbara Irvine Valley College Whittier College Los Angeles - Westwood</p> <p>30 31 32 33</p> <p>Malta67 Sliema</p> <p></p> <p>Welcome to KaplanWithin the pages of this brochure you will nd the widest range of courses for people wishing to study English while living among native English speakers. Short courses, long courses, intensive and not-so-intensive. Courses taught on university campuses and courses taught in city centre colleges. Courses for everyone no matter what their current knowledge of the English language.Once you have decided what sort of course you are interested in, there are many other choices to make, beginning with a mouth-watering menu of over 40 exciting destination cities. Ours is a network stretching from the modern cities of the American Eastern seaboard to ancient seats of learning like Oxford and Cambridge; from the Australian Pacic Rim to the shores of California; from the green meadows of New Zealand to the Emerald Isle. Students have been coming to Kaplan for over 70 years and today the Kaplan name is synonymous with educational diversity, academic integrity and technological innovation. Our focus is on ensuring that, as a student in our charge, you will have the opportunity of making the maximum progress possible during the course of your studies. We are here to help you make the choice thats right for you. Our representatives will help create a study plan designed for</p> <p>Campus</p> <p>your personal needs, and a living plan to go with it. So take your time and read all about the wonderful world of educational opportunities that awaits you. We hope very much to have the privilege of welcoming you to Kaplan in the near future.</p> <p>David Jones President Kaplan International Colleges</p> <p>2 I Find out more at</p> <p>Australia36 38 39 40 41 Sydney - Manly Sydney - City Perth Brisbane Cairns</p> <p>New Zealand42 Auckland</p> <p>Contents</p> <p> 6 8 Effective learning Choose your course Sample timetable Living abroad 18 Student support 19 Kaplan community 20 Your new home Courses 10 English language courses 12 Academic Year and Semester 14 TOEFL iBT and Academic English 15 IELTS and Cambridge exam preparation 16 University placement service 16 GMAT and GRE preparation for international students 17 Internships 17 OPUS Paid Work and Study </p> <p>Online Study 22 Live Online Virtual Classroom How to Book 68 Public Holidays 69 Terms and Conditions 71 Enrolment Form</p> <p>Find out more at I 3</p> <p>ENGLISH FLUENCY</p> <p>Effective learningAt Kaplan you will make rapid progress towards your language goals with our carefully designed curriculum. Our qualied and inspiring teachers will use the very latest teaching methods to help you reach your full potential.</p> <p>Communicate in English Using an extensive range of classroom materials, your Kaplan teachers will cover the complete range of linguistic skills: reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar and vocabulary. In addition, our proven communicative method develops condence and uency in your spoken English by encouraging you to try out immediately the new skills you have learnt.</p> <p>Develop condence and uency in English</p> <p>Support, motivation and progress Throughout your course your progress will be monitored regularly and recorded in your Individual Student Record. Meetings with your teacher will identify key areas for improvement and keep you focused, while progress tests will help maintain your motivation and show when you are ready to advance to the next level.</p> <p>A record of your achievement Upon satisfactory completion of your course you will receive the Kaplan course certicate detailing your level of prociency in the English language. Such a record of your achievement will contribute to your academic or professional prole, providing documented proof of your improved language skills.</p> <p>Take control of your learning Supplement your teacher-led lessons with customised Structured Study sessions. Choose from a varied menu of online and ofine practice language activities, study clubs, talks and project work. Regular monitoring and guidance from your teacher will help you gain the maximum benet from your independent learning. See page 9 for further details.</p> <p>4 I Find out more at</p> <p>Improve your English language skills in communicative, interactive classes which make use of the latest learning technology</p> <p></p> <p>Find out more at I 5</p> <p>Choose your courseWhats your goal? Kaplan courses can help you to achieve uency in English, university entry or career success. Choose your course and location below, then read on for more details!</p> <p>Your goal &gt;English Fluency Exam Preparation CareerUnite d Kin gdom Lond on - C oven t Gar Lond den on - L eices ter S Bath quar e Salis bury Cam bridg e Oxfo rd</p> <p>Bour nem outh Torq uay Man ches ter Edin burg h Irela nd Dubli n Aust ralia Sydn ey - C ity Sydn ey - M anly Brisb ane Cairn s</p> <p>New Zeala nd Auck land Cana da</p> <p>Courses</p> <p>Intensive English General English Vacation English Academic Year and Semester Live Online Passport Course*</p> <p>Perth</p> <p>TOEFL iBT and Academic English IELTS Preparation Cambridge Exam Preparation </p> <p>English for Business Intensive Business English Internships OPUS Paid Work and Study</p> <p>6 I Find out more at</p> <p>Vanc ouve r Toron to</p> <p>City Campus</p> <p>Courses</p> <p>Intensive English General English Vacation English Academic Year and Semester Live Online Passport Course*</p> <p>TOEFL iBT and Academic English GMAT /GRE Preparation for International Students Cambridge Exam Preparation </p> <p>English for Business Practical Business English </p> <p>Please note that programmes offered at our partner school in Malta will vary from those described on the following pages. See page 67 for details. *Live Online courses are not covered by any of the accrediting bodies which accredit Kaplans other language courses.</p> <p>Bost on Harv ard S quar e Nort heas tern Univ New ersit York y Emp ire St New ate York Midt own New York East Villa Phila ge delp hia Wash ingto n, DC Miam i Chic ago Illino is Ins titute of Te Seat chno tle logy High line C omm unity Portla Colle nd ge San F ranc isco Berk eley San D iego Sant a Bar bara City C Irvin olleg e Vall e ey Co llege Whit tier C olleg e Los A ngele s We stwo od</p> <p>USA</p> <p>Find out more at I 7</p> <p> school timetableThis sample timetable is based on how lessons and Structured Study sessions might be arranged on a Kaplan Intensive English course at Lower Intermediate level.</p> <p>LessonsLessons 1 and 2</p> <p>MONDAYGeneral EnglishVocabulary: Learn some of the words and phrases you will need for this weeks topic</p> <p>TUESDAYGeneral EnglishGrammar Practice: Practise the present simple by describing your daily routines and talking about attitudes</p> <p>WEDNESDAYGeneral EnglishGrammar: What are your future intentions? Share your plans as you practise the present continuous</p> <p>THURSDAYGeneral EnglishListening: Listen for key words in a radio programme where students talk about their dreams for the future</p> <p>FRIDAYGeneral EnglishWriting: Share your future plans with your friends through a blog</p> <p>Break Lessons 3 and 4 General EnglishSpeaking and Reading: Compare lifestyles in different countries</p> <p>General EnglishListening &amp; Writing: Listen for main ideas as students talk about living abroad</p> <p>General EnglishSpeaking: Learn phrases for making plans and arrange an evening out</p> <p>General EnglishStudy Skills: Look at different ways to activate your new vocabulary</p> <p>General EnglishReview: Review this weeks lesson and take a quiz</p> <p>Break Lessons 5 and 6 Specic SkillsGrammar and Writing: Learn to organise information by time</p> <p>Specic SkillsGrammar and Writing: Practise writing about culture and routine</p> <p>Specic SkillsGrammar and Writing: Learn to write about habits</p> <p>Specic SkillsGrammar and Writing: Write a diary</p> <p>Structured StudyListen to a talk about the top ten places to explore near your school</p> <p>Session 7</p> <p>Structured StudyIntroduction to this weeks Structured Study programme</p> <p>Structured StudyFocus on your listening skills using tools in the Structured Study centre.</p> <p>Structured StudyConsolidate your class work with interactive online activities</p> <p>Structured StudyTake part in a webquest use your English for real world tasks</p> <p>Structured StudyTake part in todays Study Club or review your weeks work in the Structured Study centre</p> <p>This is an example only. Your exact timetable will depend on the time of year and your chosen school and course.</p> <p>8 I Find out more at</p> <p>What is Structured Study?Structured Study forms a valuable part of many Kaplan courses. The Structured Study programme allows each student to customise their own independent learning activities in addition to the teacher-led sessions of their course. The variety of learning experiences offered broadens language competence and increases motivation and attention. Structured Study activities may vary but can include: Practical Language Activities, both online and ofine Regular monitoring and evaluation of goals Practice tests for students who are preparing for exams Project Work and Study Clubs Talks or Question and Answer Sessions Guided Study Menus Computer-based vocabulary and listening practice and online webquest</p> <p>Social activitiesEach of our schools offers an organised programme of weekly activities which are designed to help you meet other students, make friends, improve your English outside of the classroom, experience local cultureand have fun!</p> <p>Insider tipI really enjoy the activities Kaplan organises, for example eld trips, volunteering, game days, boat cruises and dinner parties with other students. MARIA CASTRILLO, VENEZUELA HARVARD SQUARE</p> <p> Take part in sports such as basketball and football, surng and snorkelling, or skiing and snowboarding! Enjoy a trip to the theatre, attend a concert or visit local art galleries, museums and exhibitions Get out and about in the great outdoors, hiking, cycling, or enjoying a picnic or barbeque with other students Experience local or international cuisine at restaurants and cafs Go on an action-packed sightseeing tour or an excursion to a nearby city or place of natural beauty</p> <p>Monday in Sydney Manly</p> <p>Tuesday in Oxford</p> <p>Wednesday in Chicago</p> <p>Thursday in Vancouver</p> <p>Friday in Auckland</p> <p>Daytime: Catch some sunshine as you swim and snorkel at lunchtime Evening: Enjoy a barbeque after school</p> <p>Daytime: Visit the beautiful grounds of a famous university college Evening: Spend the evening in a traditional English pub</p> <p>Daytime: Go shopping on the Magnicent Mile surrounded by impressive skyscrapers Evening: Chill out in a cool jazz club</p> <p>Daytime: Hire a bike and cycle to one of Vancouvers beaches Evening: Join your classmates for a night out at a restaurant or nightclub</p> <p>Daytime: Take a trip to Rangitoto Island and enjoy a native bush walk Evening: Watch a Maori cultural performance</p> <p>Weekend</p> <p>There is always a range of activities to keep you occupied and entertained at the weekend too, so you can continue to learn and explore. Many students choose to join in full-day excursions or overnight trips to nearby places of interest on Saturday and Sunday.</p> <p>Full details and the costs of each activity are advertised in each school.</p> <p>Find out more at I 9</p> <p>Your classes</p> <p>ENGLISH FLUENCY</p> <p>General English classes Our experienced team of teachers will focus your study on the four main language disciplines of reading, writing, listening and speaking. Your uency and condence will increase rapidly thanks to Kaplans proven communicative teaching method. Specic Skills classes Specic Skills options on the Intensive English course will depend upon your choice of school and your English level, but may include Vocabulary, Current Affairs, Local Culture or English for Business. English for Business lessons may include subjects such as communication in the workplace, participation in meetings, writing skills in business situations and interview techniques. Structured Study Your Structured Study sessions give you access to Structured Study facilities, resources and activities, such as language exercises, course books, interactive computer programmes, study clubs, talks and project work. Facilities and activities vary from school to school and full details are given on your rst day. You will receive regular guidance and monitoring from your teachers and you will be encouraged to plan and record your progress and develop your independent learning.</p> <p>English language coursesKaplan English language courses are ideal for students of all levels who want to improve their English quickly and effectively. Each of our courses has a special focus, allowing you to direct your study in a way that suits your particular language needs.</p> <p> EnglishThe fastest way to become uent in English. Specic Skills lessons accelerate your progress and personalise your course. Each week you will receive:</p> <p>General EnglishThis semi-intensive course allows you to balance comprehensive classroom tuition with Structured Study sessions and free time activities. Each week you will receive:</p> <p>Vacation EnglishThe perfect way to combine English classes with a holiday. Practise your new language skills while out sightseeing during your free time! Each week you will receive:</p> <p>20 lessons of General English 8 Specic Skills lessons</p> <p>20 lessons of General English</p> <p>20 lessons of General English</p> <p> 7 sessions of Structured StudyTotal: 15 hours + 5.25 hours of Structured Study per week</p> <p>Total: 15 hours</p> <p> 7 sessions of Structured StudyTotal: 21 hours + 5.25 hours of Structured Study per week</p> <p>English for BusinessLearn essential English language skills for communicating effectively in a range of business contexts. Each week you will receive:</p> <p>Intensive Business EnglishAn intensive Business English option for professionals who need to use English in the workplace. Each week you will receive:</p> <p>Course FactsCourse length Minimum 2 weeks Lesson/session length 45 minutes Class size Average 12, maximum 15 Ent...</p>