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history, curiositis, brands and strange flavors



2. HISTORYIn 1928, walter diemer, anaccountant for the FleerChewing GumCompanyin philadelphia,wasexperimenting with new gumrecipes. One recipe wasfound to be less sticky thanregular chewing gum, andstretched more easily. Thisgum became highly 3. To test his new recipe, Diemerhistortook samples of the new gumover to a local store and itsold out in a single day. Tohelp sell the new DubbleBubble gum, Diemer himselftaught salespeople how toblow bubbles so that they inturn could teach potentialcustomers. Dubble Bubbleremained the only bubble gumon the marketuntil Bazooka hit the marketafter World War II 4. CHEWING GUM 5. MAJOR BRANDS 6. MAJOR BRANDS 7. STRANGE!FLAVORS 8. Strange! flavor 9. Strange! 10. CURIOSITIS OF GUMArt withgum 11. CURIOSITIS OF GUM 12. CURIOSITIS OF GUMTrue or false:gum to increase the bust? TIs it true that chewing gum takes 7 years to digest? fIs it true that a man died for eating gum? tIs it true that chewing gum calms the anxiety? TIs it true that chewing gum calms the anxiety? t


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