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<ul><li> LEGAL NOTICE: YOU DO HAVE RIGHTS WITH THIS MATERIAL. Your Rights: [YES] Can be given away to your Referrals [YES] Can rebrand this report with your own links &amp; make money. Contact me for the Microsoft Word version!!! [Yes] Can be broken down and used for content on your website(s). You must cite me as a source by including this wording at the bottom of your post. For More Information, see How to Build an Internet Home Business linked to So, all Im asking you do is establish anchor text to my primary website. [YES] Can be used as a bait to build your list [YES] Can be used with your autoresponder as content [YES] Can be used as web content [NO] Can be offered as a bonus with other products [NO] Can sell Private Label Rights [NO] Can be edited completely and your name put on it [NO] Can be broken down into smaller articles [NO] Can be added to an e-course [NO] Can be added to membership sites [NO] Can be offered through auction sites [NO] Can sell Resale Rights [NO] Can sell Master Resale Rights [NO] Can sell Master Rebrand Rights 2010 - All Rights Reserved. No part of this report may be reproduced or transmitted in any form whatsoever, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any informational storage or retrieval system without express written, dated and signed permission from the author unless stated otherwise above. 2 </li> <li> There is great opportunity in internet marketing and home business development. We consider it a very viable method of increasing one's income. There is money to be made! This is a growth industry still in its infancy. The internet is making the world smaller, and any new beginner must understand that their market is international. There are over 34 million registered domains (websites). Industry experts forecast that there will be over 500 million registered domains in the next 10 Years. Those staking a firm position in this market NOW, stand a great chance of succeeding very well once we come out of this global recession. Internet marketing and making money online is not rocket science. Yet the vast majority of people, some say as high of 95 percent of those that try to make money online, fail. And, there are several levels of failure. Some will try for a few months, get frustrated then simply quit; while others will continue to spend money needlessly for years. There are several reasons for this failure. First and foremost, they fail to treat it as a real business. While they like the idea of making money online, they just lack the basic understanding and commitment to work their Internet home business as a real business. If one simply views Internet marketing as a business and treats it like a business, they will succeed. Secondly, too many people just jump from Program to Program and never land at a place where they can get real help in building their Internet home business. They would rather throw lots of money at expensive educational programs that promise to teach them how to start and grow their business. And third, new Internet venture seekers lack the discipline to stay with a single program and work it to success. So, lets start with some basics to gain a little more perspective: 1 There are three fundamental things that a new business needs to get started; 1.) a product that people want and has value, 2.) a metod of letting everyone know you have this product, and 3.) paying customers. To repeat... there are three primary components in an internet based business: Programs/Products, Advertising/Marketing/Promotion, and Clients/Buyers. 2 There are over 50,000 programs out there on the Internet; resulting in little discipline and guidance toward success; though the promises of success and immediate wealth are plentiful. Beware of trying to eat all the "forbidden fruit," and maintain focus. This is anyone's biggest challenge. 3 </li> <li> Over 90 percent of Internet Business advertisers use "Free" teaser advertisements. These "Free" programs most often attempt to limit you to the extent that you have to purchase an upgrade program to reap any benefit. These upgraded programs might be called "Pro", "Gold", "Level 2", etc.. Customer service is a critical aspect in analyzing Program/Product and Advertising/Marketing (more on this in Item #7). We found that a good deal of internet businesses are fleeting. The owners skim from the top, then move on to another venture. This "internet strip mining" is difficult to identify. However, there are some common characteristics. For example: heavy use of auto-responder messages to get you excited about an opportunity, followed by no follow-up communication once you have joined. 3 We estimate that 90 percent of internet businesses use Direct or "Intrusive" Marketing which focuses on the acquisition of new client/buyers thru spam, misuse of auto-responders and other measures. By comparison, we believe that Relationship Marketing, which focuses on client/buyer retention and continued satisfaction, better serves any new business. Any successful business owner knows that the client comes first. We follow this basic philosophy: Your success can be best measured by the number of people to whom you have passed on the tools to ensure their success. Developing Clients/Buyers is critical. In other words, building a LIST of potential buyers. These Clients/Buyers need to be nurtured. On the other hand, there are an increasing number of opportunities that offer exaggerated success stories on how to accomplish this. Such websites are established Internet marketers simply promoting their Program/Products. They are operating with large LISTs and simply misusing them. We will show you how to build your LIST later in this publication. Understand how business is done on the Internet: There are a number of people who have been in Internet marketing for years, and they compiled huge lists. They network with one another. If they have a Program or Product to promote, they will form a Joint Venture with other Internet marketers. Accordingly, these other Internet marketers will broadcast a message to their LIST, saying something like: Hey Mario, A good friend of mine is about to release a Product that you absolutely have to take a look at. And, this other Internet marketer will either make a commission on each sale, or he/she will establish an understand that the next time they come up with an opportunity they want to promote, the first Internet marketer will send their message to his/her LIST. By our definition, this is Intrusive Marketing. These Internet marketers are interested in making that next sale and increasing their wealth. The trick is in finding an Internet marketer that is building his/her business through Relationship Marketing. In other words, someone dedicated to building their business by truly passing on their valuable knowledge to help others build their business. 4 </li> <li> Someone who has a strong customer support and training program in place. This is the true path to success in Internet Marketing today. And, this is where we come in...! We will show you a Proven Path to Success in Internet Marketing. But, YOU have to understand the First Rule of Internet Marketing You Do Not Make Money on the Internet by Joining Programs. You Make Money on the Internet by Learning How to Advertise, Market, and Promote Programs like MaxGXL. And, you need to know the basic tools that are required to build your business. You have to commit to using and developing these tools to put AMPs into your business. Advertise Market Promote = AMPs It does not matter if your business is Max International or any other program. You must learn how to earn in Internet Marketing! It just doesnt make sense to sign-up for any program or product until you acquire some basic AMP skills or join a team like ours. Keep reading because in this short e-book, we are going to give you some basic fundamentals that will give you the opportunity to get started NOW! We are going to personally lead you through the process to ensure that you have the very best training available in Internet marketing. It does not matter if your business is ACME People Search, Max International or any other program. You must learn how to earn in Internet Marketing! It just doesnt make sense to sign-up for any program or product until you acquire some basic AMP skills or join a team like ours. Keep reading because in this short e-book, we are going to give you some basic fundamentals that will give you the opportunity to get started NOW! We are going to personally lead you through the process to ensure that you have the very best training available in Internet marketing. But first here are 5 Essential Tips that I believe warrant series consideration by anyone who wants to build their ACME People Search business: 5 </li> <li> 1. Learn How to Do Some Basic Keyword Research. You can start with Google's free Keyword Research Tool Start with a 3-5 keyword string. There is much less competition with the major search engines for these "long tailed keywords." Stay away from paid tools until you understand Google's tool. Paid tools have to get their information from Google and other search engines anyway. They just slice and dice this information in different ways. 2. Use this Keyword Research to Create a Website Domain Name. A domain name, for example,, is your branded Internet business's location on the Internet. You can have the greatest website in the world, but if no one knows where to find you, you website is of little value. More on this later! SPECIAL NOTE: There is a special Forum contest going on until the end of May, 2010 called 'Let's Have an APS Micro Niche Challenge!' You can find that thread here: 0/#p120120 I highly recommend this thread whether or not you are going to participate. It addresses Set 1 &amp; Step 2 in this post, and presents an awesome learning opportunity both through May 2010 and beyond. 3. Learn Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Principles. SEO allows for easy indexing of your business website by the major search engines (Google, Yahoo Search and Bing). And, this brings YOU free traffic. You need to drive consistent traffic to your business website. You can download a free copy's Beginner's Guide to SEO or, Google's SEO Starter Guide. You do not have to master this practice. Just focus on learning about Meta Tags, titles and descriptions, and on how to use your keywords in your title, description and keyword tags. You will be better prepared for step 4. If you have questions on Step1, Step 2 or Step 3, post your question as an original Forum thread at: Free Advertising Methods (Article Marketing, SEO) 4. Build an Internet Home Business Website. For the best results, you need a hosting service to host your domain. Your hosting company should also come with a bundled script program called Fantastico Delux. Fantastico allows you do one-step WordPress installations. I recommend HostGator's "Baby Account" for this. With their "Baby Account" you get unlimited hosting for as many WordPress sites as you may need in the future. More important to you, WordPress has become the industry standard for 'easy' SEO. It has a huge number of free Plugins that are available to you and some really excellent SEO Plugins. For more information or to ask specific questions, please go to or post at this Forum thread: Take Hostgator Hosting to the Hilt! 6 </li> <li> 5. Get an E-mail Marketing Program, a.k.a, Auto-Responder. This tool will allow you to start building your LIST; and you need a LIST to succeed with your Internet home business. These are your clients/buyers with whom you develop long-term relationships. Plus, an Auto-Responder, like GetResponse, Aweber, or GVOs e-Responder, allows you to place a capture form (examples on page 15) on your business website to start collecting e-mail addresses. Start building those relationships. By following these 5-steps, you can begin to build your ACME People Search business on a solid foundation. This will help you avoid wasting money and time as you might otherwise do without these tips. Plus, these 5- steps will have a synergistic effect on your effort to build your business. You are now capable of getting a great jump on some free traffic to your website from the major search engines; and your business will succeed as you develop your relationships with your Auto-Responder right from the beginning. In other words, you are way ahead of most of your peers. By using these 5-steps you are Advertising, Marketing and Promoting your business right "out of the gates!" And, all you need are some basic tools to get started. So, let us give you those tools right now. There are 3 Critical Tools; Tools that you absolutely have to have to succeed and we only teach success! Critical Tool #1. DOMAIN Name Finding a great domain name for your business takes some thought and keyword research. When we do keyword research to find a great domain its important to stop and think about in terms of what people are going to type into a search box when they search for this product or opportunity online. The reason that search engines are so popular is that they provide a valuable service. They help people find what they need. In other words, they help people solve problems. If you need new tires for your car, that is a problem you want to solve. The words they type into a search box are known as Keyword Strings. Keywords are very important. If you want to get your business off to a strong start, you want a highly optimized site for search engine ranking. Try to get...</li></ul>