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  • 1. The Leader In Outsourced Software Product Development Building Scalable and Secure SaaS Solutions Leveraging the Oracle Platform Shreekanth JoshiHead of SaaS Competency Center

2. OverviewSaaS challenges Case Study Benefits of using Oracle Stack for SaaS solutions Persistent Expertise Copyright 2009 All rights reserved 2 3. Key Challenges in Building SaaS Solutions Copyright 2009 All rights reserved 3 4. Technology Challenges Copyright 2009 All rights reserved 4 5. SaaS Enablement Methodology Copyright 2009 All rights reserved 5 6. Case Study Financial ISVSituation Leading provider of business and financial management solutions for small and mid-sized businessesChallengesIntroduce product to a new geographyLeverage existing implementation, make efficient use of servicecompositionManage availability and throughputManage Identity related issuesMonetize based on a usage model and interface to billing system Copyright 2009 All rights reserved 6 7. Case Study - Functional Architecture Copyright 2009 All rights reserved 7 8. Case Study - Implementation Details Metadata layer configuration data, user preferencesData layer Integration with existing data services, caching user dataIdentity management migration to 10g backendOrdering and provisioning UI components implemented as part of user portalRAC implementation for data service layer Copyright 2009 All rights reserved 8 9. Case Study - Future RequirementsSubscription services module to track usage data Billing component potentially leverage Oracle Portal billingsoftware Data replication Monitoring and Management Copyright 2009 All rights reserved 9 10. Benefits of Using the Oracle StackProductFeatures Enabling SaaSOracle Real Application Support for running single database against Clusters several nodes in a cluster enabling high degree ofscalability Identity Management Support for identity federation for cross domainSSODatabase (10g/11g) Multifactor authorization checks and rules engineto enforce isolation of tenant data Virtual Private Database (VPD) provides a logicalcontainer for tenant data VPD ensures tenant isolation by enforcing furtherchecks using tenant identifiersOracle Enterprise Manager Support for multitenant administration andmanagement Copyright 2009 All rights reserved10 11. Why Persistent? Copyright 2009 All rights reserved 11 12. Persistent's Oracle ExperienceRapidly develop metadata-driven, customizable, service-oriented applications withrich Web 2.0-style UI using Oracle Applications Development FrameworkDeploy applications on scalable, grid platform comprised ofOracle Database, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle VMSLA Modeling and enforcement with top-down app managementUsing Oracle Enterprise ManagerEnsure security for hosted on-demand apps address privacycompliance and regulatory issuesLeveraging Oracle Identity Management, Oracle Advance SecurityDevelop operation reports and in-context actionable insightsUsing Oracle Business IntelligenceBuild comprehensive data and business process integrationLeveraging Oracle SOA Copyright 2009 All rights reserved 12 13. SaaS + Cloud Experience Copyright 2009 All rights reserved 13 14. Conclusion Persistents formula for success SaaS expertise + Oracle depth + ISV experience = Project Success!Additional Resources Whitepaper on SaaS Architecture Leveraging the Oracle SaaS Platform Available for download on Persistents home page:www.persistentsys.comEmail us at Ramana Metlapalli (Sales) Shreekanth Joshi (Technical) Copyright 2009 Persistent2009 All rights reserved All rights reserved. CopyrightSystems Limited.14


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