building school day- after school connections

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Building School Day- After School connections. Shawn Robson & Gina McGovern Kickoff 2010 Destination Four. Welcome and Introductions Top Ten Introduction to the GLCEs/ HSCEs Demonstration of available resources Work session Closing and Evaluations. Agenda. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Building School Day-After School connections

Building School Day-After School connectionsShawn Robson & Gina McGovernKickoff 2010Destination Four

AgendaWelcome and IntroductionsTop TenIntroduction to the GLCEs/ HSCEsDemonstration of available resourcesWork sessionClosing and Evaluations

Top Ten Ways to Connect School Day to After School


Have a regularly scheduled meeting with your principal.

-9-Share Professional Development time with school-day staff.

-8-Have a centrally located office in the school.

-7-Give teachers goodies!

-6-Smile. Be friendly.

-5-Clean up after yourselves.

-4-Communicate weekly or daily with students classroom teachers.

-3-Balance your respect for the hard work of school day staff with enjoyment of YOUR job!

-2-Have fun with your profession!

-1-Learn the GLCEs/ HSCEs!

What are Grade Level/ High School Content Expectations?Educators and classroom teachers from Michigan school districts have been involved in the development and/or review of Michigans GLCEs/ HSCEs.

The expectations were designed to ensure that students receive seamless instruction, from one grade to the next, leaving no gaps in any childs education.

More importantly, they set high expectations in literacy and mathematics so we can better prepare all K-12 students for the challenges they will face in a global 21st century.

ResourcesMichigan Department of Education

After School Training Toolkit

Active Learning: The IngredientsYoung people work hands-on with materials, ideas, and skills.Young people do activities that lead to real products or performances.Young people talk about what they are doing.Young people do activities that balance real experiences and big ideas.

Contact InformationShawn RobsonProject Director/Site Coordinator Central Academy


Gina McGovernCenter for Youth Program Quality, TACSS Coach

gina@cypq.org734.961.6900 x 218

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