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Buyer’s Package

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Table of ContentsTable of ContentsTable of ContentsTable of Contents 1. My Services for Buyers

2. About Me

3. How My Representa�on Will Benefit You

3.1 I am a Realtor

4. The Buying Process

4.1 Financing and Lender Pre-approval

4.2 Determining your wants and needs

4.3 Reviewing Lis�ngs/Online Shopping/Drive-bys

4.4 Previewing Homes

4.5 Making an Offer

4.6 Addressing Contractual Con�ngencies

4.61 Home Inspec�on

4.62 Re-inspec�on

4.63 Sep�c Inspec�on

4.64 Well Inspec�on

4.65 Financing

4.66 Appraisal

4.67 Title & Title Insurance

4.68 Homeowner’s Insurance

4.69 Homeowner’s Associa�on

4.7 U�li�es

4.8 Escrow

4.9 Closing

6. Frequently Asked Ques�ons

6. What my Clients Are Saying About Me

7. Thank You

I have bought and sold 20 proper�es and

have never used the same agent more than

once, un�l Jessie. She Impressed me with her

skills, frequent updates, knowledge, and

resources. She did an awesome job selling my

last 2 proper�es and I have recommended her

to all my associates that are in the market to

buy or sell. ~Mike

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1. My Services For Buyers1. My Services For Buyers1. My Services For Buyers1. My Services For Buyers • Provide assistance with lender selec�on, pre-approval and approval

• Analyze your home criteria with you

• Customizing a search in the Northwest Mul�ple Lis�ng Service (NWMLS) based on your requirements

and criteria

• Review your search daily and forward you poten�al proper�es for considera�on

• Update you on home availability

• Arrange an unlimited number of personal home tours. Believe it or not some agents charge per home

they show!

• Answer any ques�ons you will have along the way

• Provide community resource informa�on

• Nego�ate the purchase of any “for sale by owner”

• Explain the Purchase and Sale Agreement

• Provide exper�se and advice on how to strategically structure offers

• Prepare a Compara�ve Marke�ng Analysis on the property prior to making an offer

• Write a contract that will protect you as the buyer

• Nego�ate the best terms possible

• Create a pending to closing calendar to inform you of important dates and deadlines

• Coordinate with the lis�ng agent, lender, �tle and escrow companies, home inspectors and all other

par�es involved in your transac�on

• Ensure your earnest money is deposited on �me

• Assist in ordering the home inspec�on and recommend cer�fied inspectors

• Nego�ate your inspec�on response

• Review the appraisal to confirm the appraised value is consistent or higher than the sales price

• Ensure all �melines are met and con�ngencies are sa�sfied

• Review the escrow closing statement form (HUD 1)

• Deliver keys at the �me of possession

• Do whatever it takes to make your purchase successful

During the course of our sale, it became evident that Jessie is well-respected by her peers in the real estate

industry. We were told by four people involved in our sale that we had one of the best agents represen�ng

us. Jessie’s communica�on style engaged easily with all par�es involved. It was evident that everyone trust-

ed her knowledge of the sale and her commitment to closing the deal.

~Luke & Felice

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2. About Me2. About Me2. About Me2. About Me

3. How My Representation Will Benefit You 3. How My Representation Will Benefit You 3. How My Representation Will Benefit You 3. How My Representation Will Benefit You Real estate is likely the largest financial investment you will make in your life�me. As a result, your purchase

can be exci�ng, complicated and stressful. I am dedicated to making your purchase process as smooth and

stress-free as possible. I am knowledgeable, experienced and a skilled nego�ator. I demonstrate an

excep�onal level of integrity and professionalism and am efficient, determined and organized. I will educate

about the purchasing process and will provide you with the informa�on you need to make informed decisions.

My commitment is to work diligently to help find the best home for you and secure a purchase with the best

terms possible.

I am dedicated to improving my skills and knowledge and am constantly furthering my educa�on to beGer

represent you. I have par�cipated in seminars and courses on marke�ng, nego�a�ng, legal developments,

financing, escrow, technology, inves�ng, short sales and foreclosures, to name a few topics. I have earned the

Seniors Real Estate Specialist, Cer�fied Short Sale and Foreclosure Resource, Cer�fied Nego�a�on Expert and

Accredited Staging Professional designa�ons. I will con�nue to stay current on real estate laws, market chang-

es and service offerings.

I graduated from WillameGe University then entered the work force at a corporate law firm in SeaGle. I

subsequently taught English in Japan and Special Educa�on in SeaGle and traveled around the world. I have

worked, studied in and traveled to nearly 50 countries. Traversing the world has demonstrated to me how

fortunate I am to live and work in the Pacific Northwest.

In 2006 I teamed up with my mom, Sally Boge, who was a very successful real estate broker. Sally was a great

mentor and I quickly learned all of the intricacies involved with helping people buy and sell real estate. Sally

and I made a powerful team for several years. Sally re�red in 2011, knowing our clients are in excellent hands.

I am happily married to a great man, Ted, and I have a precious Boston Terrier, Max. I love travelling, playing

tennis and exercising, reading, spending �me with friends and family, dogs, happy hours and aGending classes

on various topics related to real estate (seriously!).

I thoroughly enjoy and excel at the many different components involved with being a successful realtor:

marke�ng, nego�a�ng, pricing, real estate contracts and legal aspects, market and trend analysis, staging,

matching people with homes and proper�es, communica�ng with the numerous par�es involved with a sale

and problem solving. Working as a real estate broker is a great match for my skill set, energy level and

personality. I can’t think of anything I’d rather do than represent home buyers and sellers!

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I have a strong network and am well regarded and respected by my peers. I have created powerful working

rela�onships with other real estate agents and professionals in the business including lenders, �tle

companies, aGorneys and home inspectors. My business and community connec�ons and strong agent

rapport will work in your favor during your purchase.

I am a market expert. I con�nuously analyze current market trends and ac�vity. My knowledge is beneficial

to you as it enables me to provide strong representa�on and to nego�ate on your behalf.

For example, I track the number of homes that are currently listed for sale vs. the number of homes that

have accepted an offer (pendings) to determine market ra�os. Ra�os enable me to iden�fy whether we are

currently in a buyer’s market, a balanced market, or seller’s market. If we are in a seller’s market, I will

advise you to make a strong offer so you don’t let your dream home slip away over a rela�vely small amount

of money. If we are in a buyer’s market, I will encourage a more aggressive offer. Knowledge of current

market condi�ons is impera�ve in order to effec�vely strategize your offer.

Other important components I consider are a seller’s odds of selling and how long lis�ngs have been on the

market. If a lis�ng is brand new to the market, the seller will be op�mis�c and will not be very flexible with

the price. If a house has been on the market for an extended period of �me, the seller may be anxious to sell

and might be willing to consider a lower price. I also monitor buying paGerns to see if there are seasonal

trends in sales of similar homes.

Page 6: Buyer's Package

I will educate you about current market condi�ons, which will have a direct impact on our nego�a�on

approach. My research methods are a tremendous benefit to you as my market knowledge enables us to

strategically structure your offer. Furthermore, my research and analysis gives us the ability to ar�culate and

apply our data to make a strong case as to why a seller should accept your offer.

We want to thank you for all your help in our last transac�on. We were involved for over two years

with you from the first contact and you did an excellent job of staying in touch with us. Your experience

and knowledge is much appreciated in these �mes as they are the most challenging we have seen in

our 33 years of buying and selling. We will happily give you our highest recommenda�on to anyone

looking to buy or sell.

In addi�on, I track the volume of compe�ng lis�ngs in every price point and sales-per-price point to iden�fy

trends. I also analyze assessed values vs. the sales of prices of recently sold comparable homes to determine

the ra�os. This enables me to determine if there are any consistent current market trends between assessed

values and sales prices. Furthermore, I assess apprecia�on rates and track absorp�on rates to determine how

many months of inventory are currently on the market.

3. 1 I am a REALTOR®

I am a member of the Na�onal Associa�on of Realtors® (NAR), which is the largest

professional organiza�on in the United States. All real estate licensees are not the same; on-

ly real estate licensees who are members of the NAR are properly called REALTORS®. REAL-

TORS® are obligated to follow a strict Code of Ethics and are expected to maintain the high-

est level of knowledge concerning the process of buying and selling real estate.

~Pat & Laura

In sum, my experience, high level of educa�on, knowledge, resources, commitment, professionalism, market

exper�se and strong nego�a�on skills will provide you with a successful transac�on. I look forward to

working with you and naviga�ng your way through real estate.

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4. The Buying Process4. The Buying Process4. The Buying Process4. The Buying Process I had a first-rate and fun home-buying experience with

Jessie as my agent. At the beginning of the process I was

unsure of what I was looking for or what I could afford.

Jessie pa�ently led me through the en�re process from

start to finish.


4.1 Financing and Lender Pre4.1 Financing and Lender Pre4.1 Financing and Lender Pre4.1 Financing and Lender Pre----ApprovalApprovalApprovalApproval

find your dream home then to later find out you cannot qualify to purchase it. On the other hand, perhaps

homes that you think are out of reach are actually realis�c.

Your lender will educate you about different loan programs and current mortgage rates. The lender you select

will also review your financial informa�on to determine the amount you are eligible to borrow and will issue

you a pre-approval leGer. It is very important to have a pre-approval leGer from a lender to submit with your

offer. Sellers do not want to risk taking their home off the market for someone who may be unable to obtain a

loan. In addi�on, the lender will let you know how much money you will need to put down and inform you how

much you will pay in closing costs. The lender will answer any ques�ons you have and will explain the loan pro-


Your lender may require the following documenta�on:

• Your Social Security number

• Pay stubs for the last two months

• W-2 forms for the past two years

• Bank statements for the past two or three months

• One or two years of federal tax returns

• Informa�on on current debt, including car loans, student loan, credit cards, etc

It is important to communicate with a lender prior to

beginning your home search to find out how much you are

qualified to invest in a home. It would be devasta�ng to

It is more complicated than just finding a home

Page 8: Buyer's Package

There are many lenders and it is important to find one you trust. An incompetent lender can be detrimental to

your purchase. My clients have been extremely pleased with a handful of lenders who I am happy to refer you

to. You may want to interview mul�ple lenders to determine which lender is the best match for you.

Closing Costs:Closing Costs:Closing Costs:Closing Costs: Closing costs are fees associated with the purchase of a home. The buyer and seller

share some of the costs while also incurring separate costs.

Buyers typically pay for half of the total �tle and escrow fees along with recording and document

prepara�on fees, pro-rated property taxes and homeowner’s insurance reserves. Buyers are also

responsible for fees associated with the loan such as a loan origina�on fee, appraisal, credit report,


Sellers pay real estate commissions, excise tax, half of �tle and escrow fees, document prepara�on,

recording, and reconveyance fees, pro-rated taxes from tax due-date to date of closing and any

costs involved with paying off their loan. There may be addi�onal costs as well.

I need to know what you are looking for in a home. The more I know about what you need and what you

would like, the beGer I can assist you in your home search. I will discuss your criteria from number of bed-

rooms and bathrooms, square footage, investment range, loca�on, lot size, price, school district, age of

home and garage size to type of home so I can refine your search and filter out homes that will not work for

you. Keep in mind that very specific criteria may not yield many op�ons while a search that is too broad

may overwhelm you with matches!

4.2 Determining Your Wants and Needs4.2 Determining Your Wants and Needs4.2 Determining Your Wants and Needs4.2 Determining Your Wants and Needs

4.3 Reviewing Listings/Online Shopping/Drive4.3 Reviewing Listings/Online Shopping/Drive4.3 Reviewing Listings/Online Shopping/Drive4.3 Reviewing Listings/Online Shopping/Drive----bysbysbysbys APer our discussion about your criteria I will customize a search for you in the Northwest Mul�ple Lis�ng

Service (NWMLS). The MLS hosts lis�ngs from every real estate agency, so it is an all-in-one home database

that only real estate agents can access. Once I set up your search I will see the homes that match your criteria

and will forward the lis�ngs to you.

The number of lis�ngs in the ini�al batch I send you will vary depending on your criteria. Look through the

lis�ngs and let me know which ones look interes�ng. I will be alerted when a new lis�ng enters the market

that meets your criteria and I will promptly forward the new lis�ng informa�on to you. I will also forward

lis�ngs that have reduced in price. If you see lis�ngs that look interes�ng let me know!

Page 9: Buyer's Package

Many people enjoy looking at homes on the internet. If you are interested

in searching for homes online there are a lot of great websites you can go

to including My website is powerful and has all

of the features you need to make your search process simple and efficient.

Again, if you find lis�ngs that interest you please let me know what the

MLS #’s are so I can check availability and provide you with supplemental

informa�on that is only available to real estate agents.

4.4 Previewing Homes4.4 Previewing Homes4.4 Previewing Homes4.4 Previewing Homes

The process of finding the right home for you may be quicker or take longer than you expected. You may find

the perfect home on our first ou�ng. Or we may end up looking at what feels like a million homes.

Either way, we’ll work together un�l we find the right home for you.

Jessie took me on an all-encompassing tour of homes. She gave me a thorough overview of houses

available on the market, and an in-depth review of the various areas. With each viewing she took a full

assessment of my likes and dislikes. She used this informa�on to refine the list of possibili�es for a home

that would fit my needs and wishes. I was thoroughly impressed by how quickly Jessie could understand

what I was looking for, even when I was unable to ar�culate it myself.


In addi�on to searching online, many people find it helpful to drive-by a home and scout out the neigh-

borhood to determine if they have any further interest. A home may turn out to be located next to a free-

way, gun range, dairy farm, train tracks, etc and the loca�on alone might disqualify a home for you. Many

homes are eliminated from lists aPer people see the home and check out the surrounding area.

There will most likely be many homes that you are interested in

seeing aPer reviewing the lis�ngs. Great! This is when the fun begins!

We will schedule a day and �me to preview homes. We can look at

vacant homes any�me. I will schedule appointments with home-

owners for homes that are owner-occupied. If a home is rented, we

are required to give the tenants 24 hours no�ce prior to previewing

the home. I will organize the route, schedule appointments and

supply you with the home and property informa�on.

Page 10: Buyer's Package

4.5 Making an Offer4.5 Making an Offer4.5 Making an Offer4.5 Making an Offer Once we find a home you love I will explain the Purchase and Sale Agreement and

review all the components involved in making an offer. I will do a compara�ve market

analysis on the property and will consider many factors in order to strategize our

approach to the seller. I will work with you to decide the terms and condi�ons of the

offer and will provide my exper�se and advice on how to structure the offer.

Jessie took great care to explain all of the legal aspects of the contract so that we

really understood the commitment we were making.

~Doug and Bonnie

One of the many components involved with an offer is earnest money. Too liGle earnest money can lead

sellers to believe you are not a strong buyer. Too much earnest money is simply not needed and creates

unnecessary risk. Earnest money in the amount of 1% of the purchase price is standard. Your earnest money

will be deposited within three days of your offer being accepted and will apply to your down payment or

closing costs.

I will include several con�ngencies in your contract to protect you, such as home inspec�on and financing

con�ngencies. Your earnest money will be refunded to you, if you decide to terminate the purchase due to

one of the con�ngencies we included in The Purchase and Sale Agreement. If you default on the contract,

without a legal excuse, or aPer your con�ngencies have expired, you may forfeit your earnest money. I

provide protec�on for the earnest money in the Purchase and Sale Agreement and diligently monitor

�melines and con�ngencies.

I will also discuss strategies to make your offer stronger in a compe��ve situa�on. The seller has the op�on

to accept your offer, reject your offer, or make a counter-offer. There may be a couple rounds of counter-

offers before an offer is rejected or accepted. I excel at nego�a�ng the best terms possible for my buyers.

4.6 Addressing Contractual Contingencies4.6 Addressing Contractual Contingencies4.6 Addressing Contractual Contingencies4.6 Addressing Contractual Contingencies Finding a home that you want to purchase and submiTng an offer is only the

beginning! APer your offer is accepted there will be several steps and deadlines

involved in the purchase process. I will make you a calendar of the �melines

and will assist you with every step.

Page 11: Buyer's Package

A3er my offer was accepted, Jessie supplied me with an in-depth schedule of events that needed to

take place between the acceptance and the closing. The calendar was extremely useful in guiding

me as to when I needed to have paperwork ready and decisions made. Jessie placed an emphasis on

making sure I was comfortable and informed throughout the en�re transac�on.


4.61 Home Inspection4.61 Home Inspection4.61 Home Inspection4.61 Home Inspection A home inspec�on will determine if there are unknown flaws or problems with the house and will give you

a beGer understanding of the overall condi�on. Typically we will have up to 10 days aPer your offer is

accepted to complete your home inspec�on and submit the response to the seller. I will recommend

excellent cer�fied home inspectors to you. The fee for a home inspec�on ranges between $375 and $425

for average sized homes. Condos and townhomes may be less expensive while larger homes or proper�es

with outbuildings will be more expensive. You will pay the inspector directly for his or her services at the


I strongly recommend you aGend the inspec�on as it is a fantas�c

opportunity to learn more about the home you are purchasing, however

your presence is not required. The home inspec�on will take

approximately three hours. The inspector will evaluate the structural

integrity and condi�on of the home and specifically address the exterior,

founda�on, basement, crawlspace, roof, interior, garage, hea�ng,

plumbing and electrical systems.

If the inspec�on is flawless, I’ll put a sold sign up and proceed towards

closing. If the inspec�on yields numerous or significant defects, you may

choose to terminate your offer. If there are items that need correc�ng

(there usually are) we’ll discuss the items and decide which ones to ask the

seller to correct. The goal is for both par�es to come to a reasonable

agreement so we can move forward with the purchase. If an agreement is

not reached we will terminate the transac�on and resume our home search.

In this case, your earnest money will be refunded to you, provided we are

within the �melines agreed upon on our contract.

The inspector will give you an overview of the home and will advise you of any concerns detected. You will

receive a comprehensive report discussing the findings to fully inform you about the condi�on of the

property. We will use the report to prepare our inspec�on response.

Page 12: Buyer's Package

4.62 Re4.62 Re4.62 Re4.62 Re----InspectionInspectionInspectionInspection If there is a long list of repairs—or even a few cri�cal issues that need addressing—you may want to hire

your inspector to re-inspect the home prior to closing.

4.63 Septic Inspection4.63 Septic Inspection4.63 Septic Inspection4.63 Septic Inspection If you are purchasing a property that has a sep�c system the seller will have the system inspected and if

necessary pumped at the seller’s expense. The seller will order the inspec�on. You will have the right to

aGend the inspec�on and the seller will provide you with a copy of the inspec�on report. It is not necessary

or required to re-inspect a system that was inspected in the prior 12 months.

4.64 Well Inspection4.64 Well Inspection4.64 Well Inspection4.64 Well Inspection If the property you are purchasing is on a community, shared or individual well you are en�tled, at your

expense, to test the flow rate, check the purity standards, verify the source is adequate and that the system

meets federal, state and/or local standards.

4.65 Financing4.65 Financing4.65 Financing4.65 Financing Unless you are paying cash, I will include a financing con�ngency in your offer. This con�ngency provides �me

to work with your lender to confirm you qualify for financing with acceptable terms. There are many condi-

�ons that need to be met in order to obtain full financing approval. In addi�on to your income, debt and

credit scores, financing approval is subject to a sa�sfactory appraisal, clear �tle and other factors per-

taining to the home and property. The lender will place orders for the appraisal, flood determina�on, a �tle

search and �tle insurance and will also lock the rate on your loan.

It is important to discuss the �ming of locking your rate with your lender. Locking your interest rate protects

you from increases in interest rates that may occur while you are wai�ng to close. It is important you know

that once your rate is locked you will not be able to change it – even if rates go down before your closing

date. Even the professionals have a hard �me predic�ng whether mortgage rates will go up or down.

Therefore, once you have a rate that makes the monthly mortgage payment one that you are comfortable

with, it can be a good idea to lock the rate, so you will know exactly what to expect.

Once all of the necessary informa�on is obtained, the lender will submit your file to underwri�ng for review

and approval. The underwriter may require addi�onal informa�on from you, which will be communicated to

you via your lender.

Page 13: Buyer's Package

Your lender will order an appraisal to confirm the value of the home is consistent or higher than the agreed

upon purchase price. The appraisal is essen�ally the banks way of making sure the loan they are extending on

the home is a good investment. A licensed appraiser will visit the property and will perform a general

inspec�on. You do not need to be present for this appointment and the fee for the appraisal (approximately

$450—$500) will be included in your closing costs.

The appraiser will use comparable sales and current market informa�on to complete the appraisal. The

appraiser oPen determines the value of the home is consistent with the sale price. It is extremely rare for the

appraisal to indicate a value higher than the sale price.

If the appraised value is less than the sales price, you will have a few op�ons. You can request a

reconsidera�on of value by the ini�al appraiser or order a second appraisal. Another op�on is for the seller

to agree to reduce the sale price to the value indicated in the appraisal. A final op�on is for you to pay in cash

the difference between the price we’ve agreed upon with the seller and the appraised value. If the above

op�ons fail you will terminate the contract and your earnest money will be reimbursed to you.

4.66 Appraisal4.66 Appraisal4.66 Appraisal4.66 Appraisal

It is cri�cal that you supply the documenta�on or informa�on requested as quickly as possible in order to

prevent a delay of closing. Once final approval is given by the underwriter, your lender will confirm all fees

and order the loan documents to be drawn up. The loan documents will be sent to the escrow company.

The standard �meline for the financing con�ngency is 30 days. It is impera�ve to obtain full financing

approval during the agreed upon �meline in order to protect your earnest money.

4.67 Title4.67 Title4.67 Title4.67 Title It is important to determine if there are any liens, encumbrances or any other issues on the �tle that would

restrict transfer of ownership. A �tle search could reveal unpaid taxes, delinquent mortgages, easements,

judgments against previous owners and many other court ac�ons or recorded documents, which can have a

nega�ve effect on the property.

The �tle report is typically ordered right aPer mutual acceptance of the Purchase and Sale Agreement. Copies

of the report are distributed to the lender, the escrow company, real estate agents and the buyers and

sellers. A �tle expert will review the �tle report and will inform us if there are any irregulari�es.

Many homes are located in communi�es that have Codes, Covenants and Restric�ons (CC&R’s). The CC&R’s

will be described in the �tle report. It is important that you review the CC&R’s to make sure you are aware of

community rules and to confirm the property meets your needs.

Page 14: Buyer's Package

Title InsuranceTitle InsuranceTitle InsuranceTitle Insurance Once �tle is cleared �tle insurance can be issued. First American Title explains �tle insurance as “Insurance

that, if any undisclosed claim covered by your policy arises out of the past to threaten your ownership of real

estate, it will be disposed of, or you will be reimbursed, exactly as your �tle insurance policy provides.”

The premium for �tle insurance is a one-�me expense paid for at closing. The �tle policy will protect you as

long as you own the property.

4.68Homeowner’s Insurance4.68Homeowner’s Insurance4.68Homeowner’s Insurance4.68Homeowner’s Insurance During your financing period you will need to obtain homeowner’s insurance. Contact your insurance agent

and let them know you are purchasing a home. Your insurance agent will prepare an insurance binder and will

forward the binder to your lender. Homeowner’s insurance is required to obtain a loan as it protects you

against loss or damage due to theP and fire. Depending on the loca�on of the home, you may need flood

insurance as well.

4.69 Homeowner’s Association4.69 Homeowner’s Association4.69 Homeowner’s Association4.69 Homeowner’s Association If the community the home is located in has a Homeowner’s Associa�on you will have an opportunity to review

and approve documenta�on pertaining to the associa�on. This documenta�on may include financial

statements, rules and regula�ons and minutes from previous mee�ngs, etc.

Once all of your contractual con�ngencies have been sa�sfied and your loan has been approved you’ll be

very close to owning your home!

4.7 Utilities4.7 Utilities4.7 Utilities4.7 Utilities At this point you need to start preparing for your move, which includes seTng up all of the u�lity accounts

in your name. You’ll need to call the local electricity, water/sewer, garbage and gas companies to no�fy

them of your move in date and establish your accounts. You may also want to schedule a cable and/or in-

ternet provider and any other companies whose services you desire.

4.8 Escrow4.8 Escrow4.8 Escrow4.8 Escrow The escrow company is a neutral third party that holds and processes legal documenta�on and funds on behalf

of a buyer and seller. Escrow agents work with the real estate agents, lenders, buyers and sellers to facilitate

the closing of the transac�on. The escrow company has many responsibili�es including:

Page 15: Buyer's Package

• Clearing �tle by going through each lien and clearing it

• Obtaining an insurance binder from your lender

• Obtaining informa�on pertaining to mortgage balances,

homeowner’s dues, u�li�es, real estate commissions, taxes, etc

• Preparing an es�mated seGlement statement

• Preparing legal documents

• Overseeing the signing of the closing documents

• Disbursing funds

Once your loan is approved the lender will send your loan documents to the escrow company. The escrow

officer will review your documents and then will generate an Es�mated SeGlement Statement.

This statement will itemize your closing costs, which are all of the fees involved with your purchase. In

addi�on, the statement will reflect how much money, if any, you will need to bring to closing.

In a perfect world your loan documents would arrive at escrow

three days prior to closing. However, this is usually not the case.

Documents more oPen than not arrive behind schedule. As a result,

you need to be prepared for liGle no�ce prior to your signing

appointment and you may need to quickly arrange obtaining and/or

transferring the funds for closing.

Your signing appointment at escrow will take approximately 45

minutes. Make sure you bring the necessary iden�fica�on. You will

sign many closing and loan related documents. The escrow closer

will provide a brief explana�on of each document so you

understand the forms you are signing. Please no�fy the escrow

agent if you have any ques�ons about the paperwork or if you see

any errors.

The escrow officer will call you to schedule your signing appointment and will let you know how much

money you need to bring in to close. The officer will also supply instruc�ons as to how you can get the

necessary funds to escrow.

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4.9 Closing4.9 Closing4.9 Closing4.9 Closing APer your escrow signing appointment the wai�ng

begins. The escrow officer will send the documents back

to the lender for final review. Once the lender gives the

final OK they will release the funds to the escrow

company. The escrow officer will then send the necessary

documents, the Deed signed by the seller and the Deed

of Trust for the new loan(s) signed by you, via courier, to

the county court house to be recorded.

It is extremely important to be aware that the closing date agreed upon in the contract is not set in stone. It

is a goal that everyone will work very hard to accomplish, but there are many steps in the purchase process

and a delay in one step could result in a delay of closing. For example, the appraisal could take longer than

expected, repair work may need to be done on the home, the �tle report may show there is lien on the

property that needs to be resolved, etc.

The possibility of closing being delayed is something you need to be prepared for – especially if you are

giving no�ce to a current landlord or have a trip planned or any other events scheduled near closing. Delays

are even more likely when a home is under construc�on.

Once the documents are recorded the escrow company will inform me they have recording numbers and will

release the proceeds of the sale to the seller. It is common to get confirma�on that the sale has recorded

minutes before 5pm on the closing day. At this point the home is all yours! Congratula�ons!!

Working with Jessie to purchase my first home was a pleasure. She was pa�ent

and understanding of my home requirements. We must have looked at 30+

houses that were with-in my categories before I made a decision. I never felt

pressured to buy a specific house or rushed to make a decision. Because I was a

first �me home buyer, it was great to have Jessie there to help me understand

the buying process. She is very knowledgeable and gave me many op�ons to

work with. There is no doubt in my mind that I would work with Jessie again

when I decide to sell and/or purchase a new home. I have o3en recommended

Jessie to my friends. The service Jessie provides is very professional and I felt

very comfortable working with her.


Page 17: Buyer's Package

5. Frequently Asked Questions5. Frequently Asked Questions5. Frequently Asked Questions5. Frequently Asked Questions Buying a home is very exci�ng! It is also very complicated and most buyers do not fully understand all aspects

of the buying process and the role a real estate agent plays. Naturally you may have a few ques�ons. If you

have addi�onal ques�ons that I do not address here, just ask!

How much will it cost me to hire your? How much will it cost me to hire your? How much will it cost me to hire your? How much will it cost me to hire your? Hiring me will not cost you a penny. My compensa�on will come from the seller’s proceeds at the closing of

the transac�on.

Can you give me information regarding properties that are listed by companies other than Can you give me information regarding properties that are listed by companies other than Can you give me information regarding properties that are listed by companies other than Can you give me information regarding properties that are listed by companies other than Windermere?Windermere?Windermere?Windermere?

Yes. The Northwest Mul�ple Lis�ng Service (NWMLS) hosts lis�ngs from every real estate agency that is a

member of the MLS. As a result, the MLS is essen�ally an all-in-one home shopping network that real estate

brokers access. The only proper�es not included in the NWMLS are proper�es that are listed “For Sale by

Owner” (FSBO). As a result we are unable to inform you about these proper�es.

What if I find a home that is listed For Sale By Owner (FSBO) that I am What if I find a home that is listed For Sale By Owner (FSBO) that I am What if I find a home that is listed For Sale By Owner (FSBO) that I am What if I find a home that is listed For Sale By Owner (FSBO) that I am interested in purchasing? interested in purchasing? interested in purchasing? interested in purchasing?

I can s�ll represent you, nego�ate your purchase and handle the en�re transac�on. In many cases the seller is

expec�ng an agent to bring and represent a buyer and is willing to compensate the agent. In other cases

buyers enter into an agency agreement with their agent and it is the buyer who has the responsibility to

compensate the agent for services rendered.

What if I find a property on my own?What if I find a property on my own?What if I find a property on my own?What if I find a property on my own? I expect you to be searching for homes online as it is fun and interes�ng! You also may come across a home

for sale while you are driving. If you find lis�ngs online, email or call me with the MLS number(s). If you are

driving try to note any informa�on you can about the home and address and contact me. I can access the

informa�on for the home you are interested in to determine the availability and price and to learn more

about what the home has to offer. If you are interested in seeing the interior of a home we can schedule a


Page 18: Buyer's Package

Can we look at homes anytime? Can we look at homes anytime? Can we look at homes anytime? Can we look at homes anytime? We can preview a home that is vacant at any�me. However, if a home is owner-occupied we must schedule a

�me with the homeowner. If tenants are occupying a home they are en�tled to 24 hours no�ce prior to


Yes. However, make sure you indicate to the agent who is holding the open

house you are working with me. If you are interested in aGending open houses

let me know and I will give you a handful of my business cards to supply to

agents you will encounter. If you do not inform other agents you are working

with us there could be nega�ve ramifica�ons for both of us. In some extreme

Can I go to open houses without you?Can I go to open houses without you?Can I go to open houses without you?Can I go to open houses without you?

cases, I might not be able to represent you if you decide to purchase that property in the future. Many open

houses, especially new construc�on neighborhoods, have site policies that reduce my commission if I am not

present at all showings, including the open house. The best course of ac�on is to communicate to the agent

that you are working with me to prevent any nega�ve consequences.

Please keep in mind that I like to go house shopping with you! I enjoy geTng to know you and learning about

your tastes and preferences. The more homes we look at together and the more feedback I receive from you,

the beGer I can help you find the best match. However, if you happen to stumble across an open house when

I am not with you, feel free to check it out.

What if I am unhappy and want to switch agents?What if I am unhappy and want to switch agents?What if I am unhappy and want to switch agents?What if I am unhappy and want to switch agents? I want and encourage an open line of communica�on. If I am not mee�ng your expecta�ons please tell me! I

want to know your preferences and opinions and appreciate the opportunity to discuss any frustra�ons you

may be experiencing. I am confident I will exceed all of your expecta�ons. However, if you are unhappy with

my services and we are unable to work out our differences, I will respecXully part ways and you can hire

another agent.

Jessie provided a smooth and enjoyable home-buying experience. She has an obvious passion for matching

people with homes they will love. Jessie’s love of real estate was consistently demonstrated in her knowledge

of the market, a8en�on to detail throughout the transac�on, and commitment in making sure my needs

were met and addressed at all �mes. I will absolutely hire Jessie for all my future real estate transac�ons.


Page 19: Buyer's Package

6. What My Clients Are Saying About Me6. What My Clients Are Saying About Me6. What My Clients Are Saying About Me6. What My Clients Are Saying About Me Jessie, we s�ll can’t believe you were able to sell our home in Harbour Point in less than 30 days, even in a

declining market. We are very impressed with you and your team, from the lender to home inspector and

even your color coordinator and window washer. At a �me when honesty and trust is not always easy to

come by, we wanted you to know how much we appreciate what you have done for us. We are so happy we

put our trust in you because we would not be in our dream home on a lake today without you! Thank you for

all of your help in making our real estate dreams come true!

~Ted and Debbie

Jessie is an amazing Realtor. We knew we would be well taken care of from Jessie’s high level of

professionalism at our first mee�ng. Jessie was extremely knowledgeable, efficient and thorough. Jessie’s

ability to effec�vely communicate and personable demeanor made both selling our home and purchasing a

new one a fun, pleasant experience. Jessie handled the most stressful events in our life with ease and care

and looked out for our best interest throughout our transac�ons. We were amazed that she was always on

the go and available, making sure we were being well taken care of. We appreciated the endless amount of

resources Jessie provided. We can only hope to work with Jessie again in the future. She is the only real

estate agent in the greater Sea8le area that we entrust with our family and friends.

~Steve and Nicole

Overall, Jessie provided a smooth and enjoyable home buying experience. Her love of real estate was

consistently demonstrated in her knowledge of the market, her a8en�on to detail throughout the

transac�on, and her commitment in making sure my needs were met and addressed at all �mes. I will

absolutely hire Jessie to represent me in all of my future real estate transac�ons.


We were impressed with Jessie’s knowledge of the real estate market and her professionalism. We asked Jes-

sie to become our real estate representa�ve. In less than a few months she sold our condo and helped us

with the purchase of our new home. Jessie is a skillful adver�ser, friendly, enthusias�c and responsive. We

are now very happy to be living in “The Meadows.” Thank you Jessie!

~ Salvador and RoseMarie

Jessie is absolutely amazing! She went above and beyond what she needed to do. I had unsuccessful

rela�onships with a few real estate agents before finding Jessie and now I can say that I found a real estate

agent for life!


Page 20: Buyer's Package

Jessie was great to work with and always quick to respond if we had a ques�on or wanted to look at a house.

She even went above and beyond a3er we closed to make sure that our house was perfect for moving in.

We enjoyed working with Jessie because she is very vested in puBng her clients in a house that is exactly what

they want and also a good investment for their future.

This was my first experience buying a house. I know that when I go to sell it and buy a different house, I would

be happy to work with Jessie again.


Right from the start, we found Jessie to be easy to talk to and knowledgeable of the market and area. We

have never met a real estate agent who is such a hard worker! We found that during the transac�on process,

as always, in real estate, poten�al problems would arise, but Jessie quickly and professionally found a

solu�on. She was only a phone call away from calming the emergency at hand. We would not hesitate in

recommending Jessie to anyone who has real estate needs. We appreciate her hard work and are thankful for

everything she did for us.

~Don & Sally

Working with Jessie was the best experience I have had in the real estate world! I have bought and sold four

other homes the past. The difference in hiring Jessie as my agent was that at every turn of the buying process,

she was always a step ahead of anything that could slow down the process. She does her research, knows the

market and truly listens to what the buyer wants. Jessie goes above and beyond to make buying a home a

stress free experience. She is a 10 in my book! I will refer Jessie to anyone looking to buy or sell a home!


Jessie was there for me. She offered professional wisdom and was caring as she pointed me in the right

direc�on toward the sale of my house and the purchase of another. I appreciate that Jessie was respecDul of

my circumstances as she lead me through both processes, and all the paperwork! I certainly would/will call on

Jessie again. I know my family will be in contact with Jessie, if their needs arise. Her exper�se proved itself to

the family and I am thankful for everything Jessie did for me.


Jessie is very personable and works very hard to find the house that fits the person. She is not just about selling

you a house, but helping you find a house that you can say yes I really love this place!


Page 21: Buyer's Package

7. Thank You!7. Thank You!7. Thank You!7. Thank You! Thank you for taking the �me to review my qualifica�ons and the enclosed informa�on. Buying a home is one

of the biggest and most important decisions and investments you’ll make in your life! The process can be

overwhelming, stressful and exci�ng. I am here to assist you with every step of the purchasing process. I will

help you make a wise real estate investment and will ensure your transac�on goes as smoothly as possible. I

look forward to working with you and naviga�ng your way through real estate.

Please let me know if you have any ques�ons.

Jessie Jessie Jessie Jessie




Some of the homes I have sold.