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This presentation lays out the home buying process in a comprehensible way.


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Finding Your New Home

Prerana Saraiya DRE #00862060

Hiren Saraiya DRE #01095342

Tradition of Sound Advice

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Getting Started

There are many things that need to be done in order for you to purchase your home. We’re here to help you on this great journey of buying a home and to

give you advice for every situation. Throughout this presentation you will learn what our staff and we can do for

you, but we will also need your help. We have prepared this package for you to help explain the process of buying a

home. We hope that this material will help to familiarize you with the various activities, documents, and procedures

that you will be experiencing while purchasing your home.

Tradition of Sound Advice

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Understanding Your Expectations

What concerns do you have about working with an agent to find your new home?

What are your expectations of us? What would it take for you to refer us to your

family and friends?

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The Seven-Step Home Buying Process

1. Needs analysis

2. Financing application and pre-approval

3. Home preview and selection

4. Offer and Negotiation

5. Escrow Process

6. People Assisting in the Buying Process

7. Closing

Tradition of Sound Advice

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Step One:Home Buyer Needs Analysis

Have you looked at any homes yet? What did you like about them? What didn’t you like? What is the criteria for your new home? What would make your new home

a special find? If you could take one thing with

you from your present home, what would it be?

Tradition of Sound Advice

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Step Two:Financing

Have you worked out the details of how you will pay for your new home?

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Step Two:Financing

Loan Consultation We provide guidance in finding a financial institution A licensed loan consultant will:

You Submit documentation in a timely manner Provide lender with additional documents as required Stay in touch with the mortgage officer

We Communicate with the appraiser Stay in touch with the mortgage officer

Determine a realistic range of affordability Provide a letter of pre-approval

Tradition of Sound Advice

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Step Three:Home Preview and Selection

Research based on criteria Property alerts & client tracking Internet



Multiple Listing Service Yard Signs For Sale By Owner Properties Expired Listings

Tradition of Sound Advice

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Step Four:Offer and Negotiation

Structuring An Effective OfferDraft purchase agreementAdvise on protective contingencies Advise on customary practices and legal regulationsYou decide exact price and terms of offerClosing cost statement for your new homeEarnest money deposit is required

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Step Four:Offer and Negotiation

Present Your OfferPresent offer to seller and seller’s agentSeller can:

Respond To The SellerReview seller’s response If seller has countered your offer, you can:

RejectAccept Counter


Tradition of Sound Advice

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Step Four:Offer and Negotiation

Your advocate during negotiation Assist you in strategizing and counter offers for the

best price and terms Deliver your message clearly and professionally to

the seller and their agent Keep the seller and their agent moving in a timely manner Keep the transaction at arm’s length while maintaining

a professional attitude and demeanor

Tradition of Sound Advice

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Step Five:Escrow Process

Preliminary title report Title insurance

Open your escrow

CLTA (California Land Title Association) issued to buyerALTA (American Land Title Association) issued to lender

Earnest money will be depositedEscrow company is a third party

Tradition of Sound Advice

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Step Five:Escrow Process

Inspection ProcessHome Inspection

Termite ReportPhysical Inspection

Geological Inspection

You can inspect:Cupboards, doors, windows, and flooringCounter tops, bath, and kitchen fixturesBuilt-in appliances, stairways, and banisters

Home warranty

Overall assessment of property

Evaluates soil conditions and determines stability of the ground

Tradition of Sound Advice

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Step Five:Escrow Process

Remove Contingencies All contingencies of purchase agreement must be met Contingencies include:

Approval of seller’s transfer disclosure statementApproval of preliminary titleLoan approvalAppraisal of propertyAll inspections of propertyCertification Acquisition of homeowner’s insurance

Tradition of Sound Advice

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Step Six:People Assisting In The Buying Process

Lenders Jonathan Farook, [email protected] Nick Guglielmelli, [email protected] Chris Miller, [email protected] Neil Sheth, [email protected]

Tradition of Sound Advice

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Step Six:People Assisting In The Buying Process

Home Owner’s InsuranceFarmers Insurance Group

Escrow ProcessFidelity

Chicago Title Insurance Company

Jill Erickson, [email protected]

Tracy Dejong, [email protected]

Tradition of Sound Advice

Beth Becerra, [email protected]

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Step Seven:Closing

Sign loan documents and closing papers at escrow company Deposit down payment and closing costs to escrow Lender will deposit the balance of the purchase price Deed will be recorded at the County Recorder’s Office You will take ownership of your new home

Tradition of Sound Advice

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Before The Offer Pre-Offer

Meet with us to evaluate your needs BuyerGet pre-approved with a lender BuyerMarket education-email properties based on your needs AgentsPreview properties and provide feedback BuyerNarrow down the area based on feedback and reassessing your needs TeamSelect a property BuyerProvide market analysis AgentsPrepare a purchase offer TeamProvide earnest money deposit BuyerProvide pre approval letter LenderReview all existing report and disclosures TeamPresent the offer AgentsFollow up with offer AgentsRespond to seller AgentsContinue with a counter offer if necessary Agents

Tradition of Sound Advice

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After The Offer Is Accepted

After Offer is Accepted Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4

Open escrow AgentsGive Deposit Check to agents BuyerDeposit earnest money into escrow AgentsShop around for a lender with rates and terms BuyerSelect a lender BuyerOrder appraisal LenderOrder inspections AgentsProvide necessary paperwork to lender BuyerAttend inspections if possible TeamReview inspection reports AgentsPrepare a list of items for repair TeamReceive disclosures AgentsReview disclosers Team

Tradition of Sound Advice

Page 20: Buyer's Presentation


After The Offer Is Accepted Continued…

After Offer is Accepted Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4

Lift contingencies TeamInspection TeamLoan TeamAppraisal TeamDisclosure TeamOrder Preliminary Title Report AgentsReview Preliminary Title Report AgentsConfirm sellers ordered repair work to be done AgentsConfirm Seller has ordered Home Warranty AgentsFollow up with lender Agents Agents Agents Agents

Tradition of Sound Advice

Page 21: Buyer's Presentation


In Order To Close

In Order to Close Escrow Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4

Search for insurance agent Buyer

Order home warranty for buyers Agents

Decide how to take ownership Buyer

Coordinate with insurance agent Agents

Do the final walkthrough Team

Send Term Sheet to title Agents

Make sure loan docs arrive Lender

Once docs are in title send to buyer for review Title

Confirm rates and terms of loan Team

Go to the title company for signing Team

Bring cashiers check for downpayment (if any) and closing costs Buyer

Turn on utilities Buyer

Record grant deed Title

Collect keys Team

Tradition of Sound Advice

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Prerana and Hiren Saraiya

Over 95 percent of our business are referrals from our past clients. Lifelong professional relationship and personal friendship is our goal with every new client we meet. We can only achieve that when we treat our clients with respect by listening to their needs and fulfilling them. We devote ourselves for serving our clients before, during and after each transaction.

Most realtors spend 75 percent of their time prospecting for new business. We don't do that. We spend the majority of our time and energy taking care of our clients. We will be with you before, during and most importantly after your transaction. All we ask is that while you are working with us, if you come across anyone comparable to you who is thinking about selling or buying a home, and would like the same attention that we provide you, please let us know. As long as our clients refer us business, we don't have to go out prospecting for new business and we can take care of you even better!

Tradition of Sound Advice

Page 23: Buyer's Presentation


Building Relationships For Life

We will represent YOUR financial interests We will educate you on housing market We will evaluate each home with you We will help you select the best inspectors We will attend your inspections We will educate you on financial options and lender selection We will be your price advocate We will ensure all deadlines are met Call us at any time about your new home We are never too busy for your referrals

Tradition of Sound Advice

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Thank You

We Are Located:43430 Mission Blvd., Suite 100

Fremont, CA 94539Phone: 510.492.4155

[email protected]

To hear what our clients are saying, visit:

Tradition of Sound Advice