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  • cakepresentcardflowershatsballoonscandlescandy

  • singdance

  • eat noodleseat birthday cake

  • make a birthday cakegive birthday cards

  • sing Happy Birthday song

  • get birthday presents

  • cardpartypresentwouldalwaysgreatcaken. n. n. v.aux. adv. adj. n.

  • neverspecialcutgivesinghappysecretadv. adj. v. v. v. adj. n.

  • Work in pairs. Look at the picture and talk about it.

  • Listen and number the words as you hear them.birthday card party present 1234

  • Choose the right answer:Whoes birthday party is it?A Betty B TonyC DamingWhat does Betty want to give to him?A a cakeB a presentC a present and a card

  • Listen and choose the best answers:1 Whose birthday party is it ?A Daming B Betty C Lingling D Tony 2 When is the birthday party?A on Friday B on Sunday C on Saturday D on Monday3 Do they usually sing Happy Birthday?A Yes,they do. B No,they don't.

  • Now check () the true sentences.1. Its Damings birthday party on Saturday. 2. Tony never likes birthday parties. 3. Damings mother sometimes makes a birthday cake. 4. Damings family always sings Happy birthday. 5. Daming never has birthday presents.alwaysneveralways

  • Underline the correct words.At my birthday party, my mother usually buys a (1) special / secret birthday cake. My friends sing Happy birthday, and then I (2) cut / make it. My friends usually give me cards and ( 3) cakes / presents. I always love birthday parties!

  • Complete the sentences with the words from the box.(Find out the words in text)1. Tony _______ likes birthday parties.2. We _______ eat noodles at the birthday dinner.alwaysusually

  • 3. Damings mother __________ makes a birthday cake.4. Lingling ___________ gives birthday cards.neversometimes

  • Say what you always / usually / often / never do on your birthday. I usually have a party.

  • Work in pairs. Ask and answer.What do you often/ usually/ always/ do on your birthday?I often/ usually/ always/ on my birthday.What do you often/ usually/ always/ do on Teachers Day? I often/ usually/ always/ on Teachers Day.

  • 1. My mother and my fathers favourite food are __________ (). 2. He ________ () helps his sister with her English.3. He is ________ () late for school.4. They _______ () get up early.differentalwaysneveroften

  • 5. He _________ () plays football after school.6. I get many ________ () on my birthday every year.7. These are birthday ______ ().usuallypresents cards

  • 8. We can ______ () pork from pigs.9. What are you going to ______ () for Teachers Day?10. His _____ () is good.habitgetsend

  • 1. Sam____________________________________________________________________2. ______________________________Sam usually gets presents on his birthday.

    He never has a party on Sunday.

  • 3. ______________________________________________________________4. _______________________________5. _______________________________My mother often makes some cakes for me.

    He always plays computer games.

    He doesnt like playing football.


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