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  1. 1. ORTHOTICS CALGARY Hamptons Chirocare
  2. 2. Describe Our Orthotics Therapy is focused on hip, knee, foot pain, for sports & athletic injuries along with Custom Fit/foot technique in Calgary, Northwest.
  3. 3. Custom fit orthotics Hip pain? Knee Pain? Foot pain? Back pain Where does it come from. Well the answer is muscle inhibition. Over time due to bad posture and other bad habits, we can develop pain. In the case of feet, pain can start at the feet and translate up to the knee or hip . In other words, a foot problem can cause a knee problem, a foot problem can cause a hip problem or vica versa. The pain can be caused by NEUROMUSCULAR INHIBITION.
  4. 4. NEUROMUSCULAR INHIBITION- Every muscle in our body has a pathway to and from your brain. Thats how we use our muscles to move our body everyday. Every muscle in the body has a very specific purpose and when they are all working in sync, our bodies are in harmony and pain free. However, bad habits such as bad posture, repetitive motions and stress can cause our bodies to be out of sync. When this happens the body DOES NOT want to move in the most effective way possible, but rather the easiest way possible. As a result, it will try to use incorrect muscles to do another muscles job. We refer to this as muscle overcompensation. The result of this is tendonitis, pain, joint dysfunction and discomfort.
  5. 5. Orthotics are not right for everyone!! Taking this all into consideration. There are certain muscles in your feet that due to posture, footwear can be inhibited and translate up to the knee or the hips. Doing a full biomechanical analysis with the aid of the Computerized scan of your walking cycle will allow us to determine if orthotics are right for
  6. 6. To determine a need for orthotics our chiropractors do a full bio-mechanical assessment of you. After which, we do a computerized dynamic scan of your foot through your walking cycle which generates a computerized imprint of your foot. There is no additional charge for the scan and it provides patients with valuable information about how they tend to walk. It also allows us an extra tool to determine whether or not orthotics will benefit you or not.
  7. 7. Website: www.hamptonschirocare .com Pro Health Chiropractic 614-1000 Hamptons Dr NW Calgary - AB T3A 6A7 Contact Us: Kamal Ikram


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