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  • 1. Carla Grant MathisUniversity of PhoenixPersonal Reflection and Purpose Statement

2. Doctor of EducationLeadership inCurriculum andInstruction To become aneducationconsultant and acollege professor ofeducation 3. Environment as achild UndergradEnvironment Notable FemaleLeaders Mr. Ivan Fields Dr. CraigWitherspoon 4. My husband and coach has motivated me and kept megrounded even when I find things too difficult to handle. Hedoesnt judge me and accepts me for me and helps me grow!Coach 5. Seventeen years ofeducation English High SchoolTeacher Certified to be aschool executiveleader Lead teacher Mentor Adjunct instructor New hire committeemember 6. On the bridge tothe success and thenext phase of myleader Independent andstate educationconsultant National and LocalUniversity Professor 7. My vision is to be the most influentialand respectful educator.Vision 8. I plan to be the most influential and respectfuleducator by possessing and integrating thefortitude, drive, education, and the necessaryperseverance.Mission 9. I am a Phoenix, and I will continue to rise,innovate, improve, and revamp! With keeping the faith and speaking it inexistence, I am Dr. Carla Grant Mathis!