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Two Chainsaw Carving artists display their portfolios


<p>Baileys Custom Carvings</p> <p>Baileys Custom Carvings</p> <p>By Justin and Heather Bailey</p> <p>Two Different Styles</p> <p>Justin Bailey</p> <p>Heather Bailey</p> <p>One Source</p> <p>Over ten years combined experience in wood carving. Local ArtistsServing the Entire NorthwestCommitted to customer satisfactionSmall to Monumental designs</p> <p>Rearing Horse</p> <p>By Heather Bailey9 ft tall out of old growth Western Red Cedar</p> <p>Mother and Baby Cub</p> <p>By Justin Bailey4 ft. tall out of Western Red Ceder</p> <p>Sweet Ambush</p> <p>By Heather BaileyMultiple attached sculptures</p> <p>Leaping Fish</p> <p>By Justin BaileyOut of Catalpa Wood</p> <p>Idea for signs in Bayview, ID</p> <p>This was an apprenticeship project Heather Bailey worked on in Running Springs, CA. The plain sign was totally encased with Cedar sculptures.</p> <p>The Gazebo of Gazebos</p> <p>Apprenticeship work </p> <p>Entry</p> <p>7 ft bench backs all relief sculpted with Northwest wildlife</p> <p>Used as a conference/ party area</p> <p>All of the furnishings were custom made</p> <p>Moose behind Cattails</p> <p>Gigantic Spine</p> <p>By Heather BaileySigns come in many shapes, this one was for a chiropractor.</p> <p>The finished Piece</p> <p>Fallbrook, CA</p> <p>Eagle</p> <p>By Heather Bailey</p> <p>Owls</p> <p>By Heather Bailey</p> <p>Endless Ideas</p> <p>By Heather Bailey</p> <p>Love Monument</p> <p>By Heather BaileyVisitors are encouraged to etch their initials into the tree</p> <p>Pelican</p> <p>By Heather Bailey</p> <p>Totem Pole</p> <p>By Heather Bailey13 ft tall Pine</p>