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<ul><li><p>1</p><p>Volume : 5 Issue : 12 December 2008 Price : Rs. 3.00</p><p>Chairmans Message</p><p>Dr. S.</p><p> 94441 89433</p><p>From The Editors Desk</p><p>H.R.</p><p>Editorial TeamMr. H.R. Mohan, Dr. S. Salivahanan, Dr. M. Ponnavaikko,</p><p>Dr. P. Suresh Chander Pal, Mr. T.S. Rangarajan, Mrs. M. Ramalatha</p><p>Dear friends,</p><p>At the outset, let me wish all our memberA Happy New Year 2009.</p><p>Let me congratulate Prof. AshokJhunjhunwala, IIT Madras, for being elevated tothe position of IEEE Fellow, from 01 January</p><p>2009. Hearty Congratulations!</p><p>I also congratulate IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society, India Chapter,IEEE Madras Section and Affinity Groups of WIE and GOLD fororganizing a special lecture on Advances in Underwater Vehicles byDr. Sergey Sukonkin, Head of Dept. of Underwater Vehicles, ExperimentalDesign Bureau of Engineering, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia, on13 December 2008. Dr. S. Kathiroli, Director, NIOT, felicitated thefunction. Prizes were awarded to the winners of the competitionsconducted by WIE. Mrs. Ramalatha Marimuthu, IEEE R10 WIECoordinator, summarized the WIE activities. A presentation followedon the WIE Sangamam Project.</p><p>The Broadcast Engineering Society (India), Chennai Chapter, andIEEE Madras Section jointly celebrated the National Public ServiceBroadcasting Day on Saturday, 15 November, 2008 at Multi Tract StudioAuditorium, All India Radio, Chennai. Mr. Chandra Dathan, Director,Satish Dhavan Space Centre, ISRO, Sriharikota, was the Chief Guestand Dr. K. Giridhan, Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering,IIT Madras, Chennai, was the Guest of Honour.</p><p>The IEEE Computer Society organized two talks in the area ofOpen Source at a meeting on December 17, 2008. The topics covered are:Open Source: myths, facts and opportunities by Mr. Jordi Mas, Directorof Community Development, Openbravo (Open ERP Company) andOpen Source Community Development by Mr. Tim Cloonan, Director,Open Source Community Marketing, JasperSoft.</p><p>The IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society, India Chapter, IEEETechnology Management Council, Madras Chapter and IEEE PowerEnergy Society, Madras Chapter, jointly organized a Guest Lecture onDevelopments at the University of Tokyo in the field of UnderwaterVehicles by Mr. P.V. Unnikrishnan, URA Laboratory, UnderwaterTechnology Research Center, Institute of Industrial Science, Universityof Tokyo, Japan, on 20 December, 2008.</p><p>IEEE Computer Society, Madras Chapter, IEEE TechnologyManagement Council, Madras Chapter, IEEE Power Engineering Society,Madras Chapter, and Computer Society of India, Chennai Chapter, willexhibit a presentation on e-procurement &amp; Material Management inRailways by Mr. B. Srinivasan, Sr. EDP Manager, Southern Railway,Chennai, on 27 December, 2008.</p><p>Dear Friends,</p><p>LINK Congratulates Prof. Ashok Jhunjhunwala,Dept. of Electrical Engg, IIT, Madras and a memberof IEEE Madras Section for being elevated as a Fellowof IEEE.</p><p>LINK also congratulates Ms. A. MaryJescintha of B.S. Abdur Rahman Crescent EngineeringCollege &amp; Mr. R. Nitin Balajee of Sri Venkateswara</p><p>College of Engineering, the winners of Info Contest 0811 who will receivea prize of Rs. 500/= each sponsored by SRA Systems.</p><p>The Nov 2008 technical meeting on Trends in ComputerArchitecture organized by the IEEE Madras Section and IEEE CS alongwith CSI Chennai Chapter was well attended. The time was insufficientto cover all the aspects of the topic. It was felt that a tutorial for fourhours could be organized for the benefit of both student and facultymembers as the topic is of great importance in the current IT scenario.</p><p>We were constrained to state that we are not getting inputs fromthe student branches on the events being organized except a lone event -Student Professional Awareness Venture (SPAVe 08) held at KonguEngineering College.</p><p>WIE has been active. The event to distribute the prizes to thewinners of the Robotics contest was well organized. The recently openedOES chapter is quite vibrant with two events in this month itself ofwhich one has been covered. The other societies such as Computer,Technology Management Council, Power Engineering are also active andhave organized more than one event. A report on the national conventionon Knowledge, Library and Information Networking supported by IEEECS is published in this issue.</p><p>This issue features two articles - Security Enhancement of MobileNetworks Using JINI Technology by Ms. Selva Amal Arasi of KLNCE,a philosophical article on The Powers of Optimism by Mr. Prithvin Rajendranof SSNCE. We trust the items published under Infobits &amp; Resources,Social Networking and Project Control are of interest to our readers.</p><p>Dr. P. Suresh Chander Pal, Chair, Student Activity, IEEE MadrasSection &amp; IEEE India Council, in his article, has stressed the need to joinIEEE &amp; energise the future.</p><p>Attention of readers is invited to the announcement relating IEEEPresidents Change the World Competition and to the list of forthcomingevents - workshops, conferences being organized or supported by IEEEand its sister societies.</p><p>LINK wishes all its readers A HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEWYEAR 2009.</p><p>contd..... page 3</p></li><li><p>2</p><p>IEEE-MAS Link Volume : 5 Issue : 12 December 2008</p><p>Technical Meeting on Trends in Computer Architectures</p><p>A technical meeting on thetopic Trends in ComputerArchitectures by Prof. B.Govindarajulu, Dean (CSE &amp; IT),Rajalakshmi Engineering College,Chennai &amp; Authour of the booksIBM PC and Clones: HardwareT r o u b l e S h o o t i n g a n dMaintenance &amp; ComputerArchitecture &amp; Organization was organizedjointly by the IEEE Madras Section, IEEE CS,Madras Chapter, and CSI Chennai Chapter on15th Nov. 2008.</p><p>Dr. S. Salivahanan, Chairman, IEEEMadras Section welcomed the gathering.Mr. P. Kumar, Treasurer of Computer Societyof India, Madras Chapter and Prof., IT Dept,RCE introduced the speaker.</p><p>The speaker, Prof. B. Govindarajulu,started his presentation with terms related tocomputer architecture, then briefed on the old &amp;modern processors, computer classifications &amp;</p><p>generations. The concepts&amp; techniques &amp; moderncomputer architecture werethen introduced. He explainedhow a programmer viewsthe architecture and thed e p e n d e n c y o f t h earchitec ture by o therengineering fields. He also</p><p>outlined the five major dimensions in the goal forcomputer architecture, namely - cost, performance,maintenance, capacity &amp; convenience of usage.</p><p>Prof. B. Govindarajulu, then explainedabout the multiprocessor and gave examples ofvarious types of processors such as scalar, superscalar, vector, pipelined, array processors, CISC&amp; RISC. Instruction cycles &amp; memoryorganization including cache &amp; virtual memorywere discussed.</p><p>In his talk, the pipelining concepts weredetailed out with examples. The CISC issuesand the RISC solutions were also highlighted.</p><p>The architectures of popular Pentium &amp; PentiumPro processors were discussed along with thetechniques of software pipelining &amp; parallelism.</p><p>The evolution of usage uniprogramming,multiprocessing, parallel processing, multi-tasking &amp; computer networking principles weretouched upon. Concepts of threading &amp;multithreading, fine &amp; course grainedmultithreading, simultaneous multithreadingwere briefly discussed by Prof. B. Govindarajulu.</p><p>He also spoke on the features of tightlycoupled &amp; loosely coupled multiprocessorsystems and discussed on clustering for loadbalancing &amp; fault tolerance, disk mirroring &amp;duplexing principles, server duplication &amp;clustering concepts.</p><p>After the talk, Mr. H.R. Mohan,Chairman, IEEE Computer Society, MadrasChapter presented a memento to the speakerProf. Govindarajulu. Mr.Kumar, CSI ChennaiChapter proposed the vote of thanks.</p><p>Dr. P. Suresh Chander Pal,Chair, Student Activity, IEEE</p><p>Madras Section &amp; IEEE IndiaCouncil.</p><p>Greetings and heartywelcome to all Members and</p><p>Student Members as we step into New Year2009! Are you making a positive impact onthe world? You should help celebrate125 yearsof engineering the future. Also be sure to visitthe IEEE 125 th Anniversary Website forinformation on how to celebrate IEEEs 125thAnniversary.</p><p>As you are aware, a Student Branch is abasic operating organizational unit of IEEE, tonurture and encourage students to stay up todate in technical field, through</p><p>Conferences, Seminars, Workshops,Tutorials &amp; Meetings, facilitate online personalaccess and networking with communitiesworldwide with common interests to share ideas,methods, problem solutions and fulfill the missionof IEEE for promoting global prosperity.</p><p>An active &amp; dynamic IEEE StudentBranch can be one of the most positive elementsbeneficial to the Society and students can shapethe world free of disasters, terrorism, economicdownturn etc and energise the future!</p><p>We belong to the IEEE Asia-PacificRegion (Region 10), which has diverse cultures&amp; traditions and which is very special.</p><p>Join IEEE &amp; Energise the future(1) in having the highest percentage in</p><p>student members,</p><p>(2) the highest percentage of female membersand</p><p>(3) the highest membership of all theRegions.</p><p>In Madras Section, we enjoy theprivileged position of having the highest numberof Student Branches, in the world! The numberof SBs has increased from 86 to 129 &amp; thestudent membership from 3683 to 4776 in thepast few years! Our total Membership in theSection is 6307 as of end of November 2008 &amp;the student-membership is about 76% of the totalmembership.</p><p>The student membership did not declinein our Section despite the annual membershipfee of $25, which is considered high in India.This is a reflection of the value provided byIEEE membership!</p><p>IEEE offers Rebates &amp; Allotments to helpSBs with operating costs, based on their timelysubmission of their Annual Report &amp; AnnualPlan. Each SB is granted $100 for the startup!Sending in application forms for the numerousIEEE Awards for Students and for the SBCouncillors when they excel in performance andalso organizing Students Professional AwarenessConference &amp; Students Professional AwarenessVentures also get them fabulous Cash Awards,Certificates and Recognitions! In IEEE,</p><p>students, volunteer to do many wonderful thingsthat benefit the Society and the humanity. Theygain rich experience!</p><p>Through SB activities, the students learnabout professional development skills &amp; developcontacts with Section members andindustrialists/corporate bodies and personallygrow with active participation! The professional,technical &amp; social activities that a SB can offertranscend the boundaries of the faculties ordepartments. I make appeal to students toparticipate in the M. V. Chauhan Students PaperContest 2008 (last date: 26th Dec.08).</p><p>We have a tough challenge to retaincurrent members and recruit new members asour concerns regarding the dormant SBs are deep.To help us in this effort, a new initiative Region10GINI (Globally Integrated Network of IEEE)has been launched in IEEE Madras Section onthe model taken from Kerala Section LINKproject, by creating 10 Hubs to cover all the 129SBs, in our Section. Kindly visit IEEE Websiteto join and to know about membership benefits.</p><p>I make an ardent appeal to all theStudents in Engineering Colleges to join IEEE,immediately as member, if they have not joinedalready and actively participate in the GINIand avail the full benefits of IEEE membership</p><p>I invite your suggestions and volunteerefforts to add new dimensions for the successof our endeavors to scale to new heights and tohelp celebrate 125th Anniversary of IEEE in afitting manner!</p></li><li><p>3</p><p>IEEE-MAS Link Volume : 5 Issue : 12 December 2008</p><p>Madras IEEE Women in Engineering: Prize Distribution for ProjectContest on Society Useful Robots</p><p>M adras IEEE Women in EngineeringAffinity Group organized the prizeDistribution function for the Student ProjectContest on Society Useful Robots on 13th Dec2008 at Hotel Pamgrove, Chennai. It was supportedby IEEE Madras Section, Oceanic EngineeringSociety, India Chapter and IEEE MADRASGOLD. The Competition call was made in earlyJuly for the IEEE student members of TamilNadu and 29 papers were received for thecontest from 22 different colleges across thestate. The scrutinizing committee had a toughtime filtering out the papers since the paperswere of good standard and dealt with innovativeideas. Finally after two levels of filtering, a panelof judges evaluated the entries on the basis ofconcept, creativity, technical content andpresentation. The followingthree papers wereselected and announced as prize winners.</p><p>1. A Rescue Robot Control Architectureensuring Safe Semi-AutonomousOperation by S. Rekhah, A. Akalya, ErodeSengunthar Engineering College, Erode.</p><p>2. S.O.S - Sense of sight The audible opticsby Mr. N. S. Bharath Kumar and Ms. S.Akshaya, Meenakshi SundararajanEngineering College, Chennai.</p><p>3. Safe Drive by M. Ramya and V. Nagavigneshof Coimbatore Institute of Engineeringand Technology, Coimbatore.</p><p>The lunch was a buffet which was reallyan ice breaking session for the members fromdifferent organizations. The registration startedat 1.00 p.m. and about 80 student members andmembers registered. There was a variety ofparticipation students of Easwari EngineeringCollege, St. Joseph Engineering College,St. Xaviers Catholic College of Engineering,Coimbatore Institute of Engineering andTechnology, Meenakshi SundararajanEngineering College, Erode SenguntharEngineering College, Sri MuthukumaranInstitute of Technology, members from</p><p>organizations like National Institute of OceanTechnology, Signals and Systems Pvt. Ltd, andother academic organizations across the state.</p><p>The function started with invocation byS. Preethi of St. Joseph College of EngineeringMrs. D. Vydeki, Treasurer, Madras IEEE WIEwelcomed the gathering. Following her,Mrs. Ramalatha Marimuthu, Asia Pacific WIECoordinator gave a brief account of Madras WIEactivities. She elaborated on the Student ProjectContest, how the topic was chosen and how ithas helped improved the technical as well associal awareness for the Engineering studentsin Tamil Nadu. Dr. S. Kathiroli, Director,National Institute of Ocean Technologyfelicitated the function. The Chief GuestDr. Sergey Sukonkin, Department of underwaterVehicles, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russiawas introduced by Dr. Atmanand, Chair, IEEEOceanic Engineering Society, India Chapter.</p><p>The Chief Guest Dr. Sergey Sukonkin,gave an inspiring talk on Advances inUnderwater Vehicles. With his vast technicalknowledge and experience, he captivated themembers through videos and pictures. Heexplained about the tsunami tracking systemand earthquake tracking system, the evolutionof underwater vehicles for the shallow seas andthe deepest trenches and shared his experiencesin their design and development.</p><p>The Chief Guest presented the prizesand certificates to the first three prize winners.</p><p>Dr. Suresh Chander Pal, Student Activity Chair,and Dr. Michael N. Kumar, ExecutiveCommittee Member, IEEE Madras Sectiondistributed the certificates to the participants.</p><p>The prize winners gave brief presentationson their project. A presentation on SangamamProject was followed. Sa...</p></li></ul>