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Chapter Six: Weather and Climate. 6.1 Introduction to Weather 6.2 Weather Patterns 6.3 Climates and Biomes. 6.3 Biomes and climate. Climate depends on many factors: latitude, precipitation, elevation, topography, and distance from large bodies of water. 6.3 Biomes and climate. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Chapter Six: Weather and Climate6.1 Introduction to Weather6.2 Weather Patterns6.3 Climates and Biomes

  • 6.3 Biomes and climateClimate depends on many factors:latitude, precipitation, elevation, topography, anddistance from large bodies of water.

  • 6.3 Biomes and climateScientists divide the planet into climate regions called biomes.Earth has six main biomes: deserts, grasslands, temperate deciduous forests, rainforests, taiga, and tundras.Each biome has a unique set of plants and animals that thrive in its climate.

  • 6.3 Biomes and climateEach biome has a unique set of plants and animals that thrive in its climate.The Serengeti is home to thousands of predators species and 1.6 million herbivores.

  • 6.3 Biomes and climateHumidity is related to plant and animal diversity. From the poles to the equator, humidity and the diversity of plants and animal increases.

  • 6.3 Biomes and climateAt the equator, sunlight is direct and intense.As a result, the average yearly temperature at the equator is 27 C (80 F), while at the North Pole it is -18 C (0 F).

  • 6.3 Biomes and climateThe differences in temperature between the two cities have to do with water.Water warms up and cools down slowly.Regions near waterlike Portlanddo not have extremely hot or cold weather, even though they are farther north.Compare the data below for Portland, OR and Minneapolis, MN.If these cities are about the same latitude, why dont they have the same climate?

  • 6.3 Plants and animals in biomesA biome consists of plant and animal communities.The plants and animals in a community survive in a shared environment.Can you give an example of an ecosystem in the desert biome?Research an oasis to learn more!

  • 6.3 Plants and animals in biomesWhat features of this jackrabbit help it survive in its desert biome?

  • 6.3 Plants and animals in biomesWithin a biome, there are many interrelated ecosystems. An ecosystem is made up of the plants and animals that live there, plus nonliving things like soil, air, water, sunlight, and nutrients.

  • Research ConnectionDian and other meteorologists use many tools of their trade.They gather information in many different ways.Meteorologists Weather it All

  • ActivityDo some investigative meteorological work to find out why the climates of these two cities are so different.Rainy Day Mystery


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