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  • 8/7/2019 Chicago Malifaux house rules


    Chicago Malifaux Tournament House rules V 1.0

    General rules

    Tabled players and finishing the game

    In the event that one player complete wipes out another player before the end of the game, they will be allowedone more turn to complete there objectives.

    Example: If a Perdita crew complete wipes out a Pandora crew by turn 3. They will be allowed to completeround 4. Then the game will be finished


    Trees and Forests

    Single Trees will be treated as blocking terrain with an area equal to there base and a height equal to the heightof the terrain piece.

    Forests will be represented by a forest template(usually a piece of green felt) with some tree terrain on top of it.These forests will be considered height 5 obscuring terrain. Trees within the template can be moved andarranged during play to fit models in the area(or removed completely, they are just there to help remind theplayers its a forest)

    Windows and Doors

    Models on 30mm bases can move through doors in buildings without any movement penalty. Models on 40mmbases must spend an 1 of movement to move through a door. Models on 50mm bases may not move throughbuilding doors.

    Models may draw LOS through open doors and windows in buildings. Models within 1 of a door or windowignore any penalties associated with firing through those terrain pieces. Models farther then 1 away from a door or window may draw LOS through them but they will treat the target model as having cover as normal.

    Climbing Terrain

    Models may climb terrain as per the Malifaux rules(see the errata for the most up to date climb rules) with thefollowing exceptions.

    1) Models must be able to reach a plateau within 2 WK actions.1. Example: A model with a WK 4 may climb attempt to climb to a ledge 4 high, but not a

    ledge that is 5 or more2) Models must be able to sit on the plateau without assistance. If the model does not fit on the

    ledge then he can not climb onto it3) When a model is stuck mid climb(IE it has started to climb but has not made it to a plateau). For

    the purposes of LOS, cover and melee range they are considered to be at the point where theystarted the climb


    Proxies will be allowed on a limited basis

    1) Players will only be allowed to proxy one model or model group ineach round. A model group is defined as a group of the same type of one specific model(for example Alps). As they all use the samerules.

  • 8/7/2019 Chicago Malifaux house rules


    Chicago Malifaux Tournament House rules V 1.0

    2) You may only proxy an unreleased model. For the purposed of our tourneys unreleased models are any models that have not been releasedor have arrived at Games Plus within the last two weeks

    3) Proxies must resemble what is being proxies and the same model cannot be used to proxy different models each round. In other words your proxied Alps in round 1 can not also be your proxied Stitched together in round 2.

    4) Finally players wanting to use a proxies must create anapprox 3" x 5" card for them with there relevant rules. These cardsact like your standard Malifaux unit cards and are to be used to trackyour activations, wounds and to easily hand to your opponent shouldthey want to know a models rules