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Chiprovtsi is a small town and municipality in northwestern Bulgaria. It lies on the banks of the river Ogosta in the western Balkan Mountains, very close to the BulgarianSerbian border. The town has about 2,000 inhabitants.

There are many flower motives In Chiprovski carpets: spring trees and flowers blossom in all their beauty after the long cold winter nights.

Buds develop and burst

until they reach the mature fruit-like cluster. Or so-called branch motif with nine grains (nine cubes). This motive fields fill in one of the finest carpets Chiprovski "Loznicite."

Symbolism in Chiprovtsi carpet is old and probably at its roots lie many of the religious symbols of the Bulgars. Popular figures are Makaza (Figure of two triangles) Bibitsa (Figure of three triangles, two of them form a diamond) Kanatitsa and Karakachka.

Makaza is obtained from two triangles, one pointing down and one up, connected in the middle, which resembles the wings of a butterfly or hourglass. Indeed, the two triangles symbolize the masculine and feminine.

Kanatitsa wing means and believe that its effect is magical protection, luck and prosperity.

Karakachka means black bride, but actually one of the interpretations is that the figures represent ancient Bulgarins as in some varieties stylized human figure with headtail characteristic of the Bulgars. Figure Karakachka is formed by seven triangles that.

The number of the branches in Tree another very popular motif of Chiprovtsi carpet is seven or nine branches. Wood is a symbolic representation of cosmological structure of the world in its different levels. The symbol embodies the idea of a tripartite division of the world.

Another popular motif of the carpets is Oktsata. It is believed that it is an image of the eyes of God, the divine sight,

Some carpets have a curb, which is called Guards. Today people still believe that tissues Chiprovtsi carpets are not only for decoration and warmth in the home, but provide the house and its inhabitants protection and luck, that is the magic, magical powers. After weaving the carpet women continue performing an ancient ritual accompanied with songs, when a little girl is wrapped in the just finished carpet.

Typical composition of their curbs, orbiting rectangular field consisting of one, two or three bands depending on the size of the carpet. Fields of these rugs are several, but not build the same basic form Column or Sofrat.

In the middle of XIX century women started working and modeling Tsveteta, which later was developed into quite rich compositions. At the end of XIX century Chiprovtsi carpets presented quite different models with geometric ornamentation, influenced from Pirot.

Art materials are intended for home use and regulation of housing. These color combinations are typical carpet rug, distinguished by their decorative design and weaving technique. flowers from the garden and leaves Loznitsa.

Chiprovska scolaChiprovksa scola nearly 40 years is dealing with art depicts images of the saints in fabric dyed with natural materials and gold threads. The images follow all the canons of Christian art.

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