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  • newsletter Mandali Through this newsletter, I would like to inform you about new products in the store and new activities that I will organize. Background information on local products, ordering options and news from the village of Kournas will also be discussed.I hope you will enjoy it.

    If you have friens or family who are interested in this newsletter, please send it to them. At my website they can subscribe for the next newsletter. P.S. Other questions about Kournas, the surrounding area and Crete in general, I would be pleased to answer them, and maybe I can even pay attention to it in a next newsletter.

    Winter greetings from Kournas. Barbara

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    In this busy time of the year I would like to send you a short newsletter to wish you a Merry Christmas with your beloved ones. Also here in Crete, the 1st Christmas Day is celebrated, with many different Christmas cookies, an (artificial) Christmas tree with mostly colored lights, gifts and family visits.

    Christmas on Crete

    In the larger cities, the shops, the shop windows, and the streets are fully decorated. In Chania there is a particularly large Christmas tree in front of the Market hall and in Rethymnon they have created a kind of winter playground for the children. On the 24th of December, the children visit the houses with their triangles to sing the "kalanta" the Christmas songs. In return, they get candy and/or some coins. In many villages in the center there are built Christmas cribs and also on the village square in Kournas the crib with Joseph and Maria creates an idyllic atmosphere.

    Mandali, local products and more... Kournas

    73007 Apokoronas Chania, Crete, Greece

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